I am a bit of an AC Infinity fan. I love their stuff. I have the AC Infinity Jewelers Loupe, AC Infinity Heavy Duty Fabric Pots, AC Infinity CLOUDRAY S6, AC Infinity CLOUDLINE T4, their badass AC Infinity controller and other small things as well. If I had the space, I would get one of their larger grow tents. When my current lights go out, I will be switching to their lights. It's just good quality stuff, what else do you need.
No complaints from me!!
By far the best in the business, quality and customer service surpass any other company by a mile. If you're on the fence about which company to go with due to their being such a huge selection, trust me I know.. Look no more! Their products speak for themselves.
Best Customer Service 👌
Hands down best equipment I’ve used. Love these guys products are very reliable.
Have 2 tents 3x3 and a 4x4. Both great!!! Have a Cloudline T6 and T4, love both of them!!! Lastly I have the carbon filter for both and they absolutely filter the smell extremely well.
Very good quality in every item I’ve ever purchased including a grow tent, T6 exhaust fan, 2 oscillating fans, exhaust filter, hanging hooks and trellis nets. Recently switched from a Gorilla grow tent to ACI and I am very impressed.
Absolutely love their products! Currently have the 4x4 Cloud Lab kit with Controller 69, and a seed propagation tray with humidity dome and heat map. Everything is high quality and excellent instructions in the owner's manual. Excellent customer service as well. They truly exceed the customer's expectations!! Thank you!
Absolutely love their products!! Everything down to the way they package the product. Even the plastic covering the manuals are high end. Second to none!!
you want to have 5 star grows than get the right equipment, AC INFINITY will get you the results..
I use inline fans for the money they are great ! Got a couple of t-6 that been running for almost 3 years strait !

I also use a 4x4 tent and would def buy another , I have a much more expensive gurilla tent and while they are awesome I would rather use the ac infinity based on function ! So much easier to open and use
Aqua Man
Use their cloudline fans. Best bang for buck on the market bar none. Cant count how many times I’ve recommended them
Big fan of all ac infinity products from the tents to fans and carbon filters.
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