ViparSpectra - Reviews

Going on my 2nd grow with the KS300 and couldn’t be happier!! It’s a perfect fit for a 3x3 and it really is the perfect light for all cycles. I personally stage my driver outside of the tent, but if you’re in a colder area it could help keeping the driver in the tent. All in all a 5* light!
Doing my first indoor grow. I managed to purchase a new ViparSpectra XS1500 Pro and I am in love with it. My plants look incredible and the heat sink really does it’s job. The light is even all over and has everything your plants need from seedling to harvest. I am now a fan of the brand. Thank you for an awesome product!
Had reflected xs and pros now on the ks bar range 6 years of outstanding innovation that just gets better and better
Have had great experience with this brand, cost is good quality is good. Definitely recommend
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