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A strain called pitbull 37-42 days flowering 33-36% thc? Anyone

Discussion in 'The Breeders Lab' started by Monkeymonk840, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. robz


    I just finished a test run of a free clone I got in PDX from a patient- friend of Pitbull & Cripit & I agree they need to change the names on both to Bullshit! It's a nice looking plant that flowers fast once she decided it was time to 2 &1/2 weeks into 12/12 after she stretched 2 fucking feet! Then she went mad & flowered fast & heavy. Last week of 12/12 she was the only plant out of 12 with 3 different strains that threw Nanners! I chipped her & hashed her all! The hash was mediocre at best. I'll post up some pics of her later. Cripit was better but still not a keeper. All that being said I have grown worse plants from seed companies with more Rep. Jock Horror or anything from Scamsterdam is Junk! Let's not bash too hard on Stony Girl. She's local to me so I've gotta represent a lil bit. Her genetics are good they just need more work. And more truthful advertisement
  2. Yeah how she advertises them has got to be a little off but I just scored male cuttings of cripit and wrex I will do a couple crosses with them and see if they are legit or not.
  3. i am from oregon, i got it from one of her "verified" lol breeders and it is JUNK! it doesnt produce and 37 days my ass more like 8 week, and i have heard it hermmis if you let it go any longer. she recomends harvesting based on hair color rather than tric color. and she says there is only 1 pheno of pitbull out there, this bitch doesnt know anything!
  4. T.O.C.



    well I suppose I should have searched the farm first but just spent $60 on clones from a Dispensary or (Donation Center) as well refer to them in OR on these miracle clones.... but from what yall r sayin one puff of this stuff and I'll be the next UFC Champ, Super Bowl MVP and possible the next President, with 2 or more hits I hear you will fall into a coma and wake up with a pack of every OGR strain there is. YEA BOI

    Well they say theres a sucker born every minute, I guess it was my hour. :makeup
  5. Bigry



    I have the pitbull. I got it from Stoney girl herself.
    So far it takes a lot more time to finish then what they say but I took babies off one of them and finished it about the time the other ones were finishing because i had to use tfat room to veg. I think i veg them to long. I'm still trying to figure out the strain but it might be a pretty fast finisher afterall. Still think 37 days isn't true. I did get 3/4 a pound off one plant!!
  6. Stoney Baloney is what we call her in Oregon.
  7. Bigry


    Hahaha yeah I think I wasted a lot of time with pitbull overall. I just got deadhead og though, anyone ever had it or grown it? Hopefully it's good, or atleast better than pitbull.
  8. that s**t was funny! If 37 days produces 30%+ THC, why would anyone be growing sativas?
  9. "The Pit Bull is mite resistant, easy to clone and easy to grow."

    I hate spider mites.

    Complete Information on Pit Bull:

    Pit Bull Mother: P-91
    Composition: P-91 Mother: G-13; P-91 Father: Bull Rider
    Geographical Origin: Southern California

    Pit Bull Father: Sugar Plum, First Place Oregon Medical Cannabis Awards 2003
    Composition: Mother of Sugar Plum: Hawaiian Haze Plum; Father of Sugar Plum: Berkeley Blues (Berkeley and DJ Shorts Blueberry)
    Geographical Origin: Both the Haze Plum and the Berkeley Blues were created in Oregon by Oregon breeders.

    Strain Type
    Indica dominant

    The story of P-91: We traded some Berkeley Blues seeds to the University Professor who created this genetics. We were told that this was the government’s latest G-13. This came from a program at a Southern California University that supposedly did not “exist”. BTW he (the professor) really liked the Berkeley Blues.

    I need a nap
  10. [YOUTUBE]_a5Mvw0j1rY[/YOUTUBE]
  12. dirk d

    dirk d

    Ya she is out of oregon and im constantly reading about her getting in arguments with everyone. if there was a strain that finished in 37 days i sure as hell wouldnt want it. i won't grow any of her stuff. there are a lot of complete morons telling all these new medical noobs a bunch of bs and they just dont know better. she's the evangelist preacher of the mmj world. lol.
  13. Capulator

    Capulator likes to smell trees. Supporter

    Is that a young steven segal?

    I think kids just took a few bong loads of the pitbull.
  14. hehe, what a joke. who is she kidding? I guess she charges pretty outrageous prices too
  15. TreFarmer

    TreFarmer Guest

    Ok my fine friends, I gotta tell you. I was gifted some finished Pitbull from a cut obtained strait from Club Pit himself (Mike himself). I was called by my buddy who said "It's sooo good it tastes like Bubba Kush but on steroids!" As anybody that knows me I am a picky. Ill smoke meds from "clubs" to test em but usually never buy the same thing twice. (Quality blows locally!) BUT, I DON'T CARE HOW LONG IT TOOK (PROBABLY 52 DAYS FIRST TO FINISH EVEN BEFORE HIS BUBBA) THIS REPLACES BUBBA FOR BEST FLAVOR. I will do a profile when I get my computer back up. And the high is great. Its like Bubba with a sweeter purple flavor, with a concord grape undertone to the smell. I am adding it to my arsenal!
    Let me say however, you may have to go through hundreds of phenos to find this one, but I have seen it three times, two from seed this one from clone. Each one was really nice looking and really similar but I don't know how stable or how close the phenos pop out all the time. I have also seen about half go male, good or bad that is what it is.
    Long story short. Incredible smoke! Iffy seedstock, have nothing to say about them as a club, never met them personally.
  16. stoney girl will tell you there is only one pheno of pitbull lol thats how much she doesnt know
  17. SSHZ

    SSHZ Guest

    Sound's like a DOGGIE NUT'S strain.......LOL

    It's physically impossible for pot buds to have over a 26-27% THC......... If someone claims to have something higher, it's bullshit.
  18. Texas Kid

    Texas Kid Some guy with a light

    Thats just not true at all...the cannabinoid profile starts out at 100% the the thc is just one of the 60+ traceable/mapped compounds like cdb, cbn, thcv, thca, etc.... So in the overall profile the thc could be 1% or 60% it just skews the overall ratio of the total cannabinoid profile. There is absolutely no logic at all to there being a higher concentration of thc against the other cannabinoids in the profile and that somehow kills a plant or causes somekind of toxicity in plant.

    This is just a bit from an interview with the infamous Dr. Watson about what they were doin for GW pharm

    Okay, so you got the seeds you wanted. How did you then grow plants that were genetically consistent -- a prerequisite for producing medicine?

    Cannabis is normally a heterozygote, which means it has two sets of chromosomes -- one from the mother and one from the father, and they vary. Through a proprietary technique we developed called selfing, we became the world's first breeders to develop homozygote cannabis, in which both sets of chromosomes are identical. We then mass produced plants with just the one cannabinoid profile we wanted. We grew plants that were 98% THC, or 98% CBD. And that's what Geoffrey Guy [founder of GW Pharmaceuticals] was looking for. He wanted different cannabinoids -- THC, CBD, CBC, CBG -- which he could then blend in different ratios and explore them for their medical efficacy. We were the only ones in the world who had what Geoffrey badly needed.

    Here is a link to the entire article....

    Reality and what people want to believe are two different things. I like how the testing centers have employees tellin people its impossible to get high numbers as well, like they know what it takes and how it all works..

    Read up, im just sayin

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  20. Medusa

    Medusa Trichome Engineer Supporter

    Rumor is all her strains like to herm . And they are franchising there name pitbull club for big bucks to a bunch of people opening clubs telling them how to do it, It is'nt legal to here and they are getting busted!