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A strain called pitbull 37-42 days flowering 33-36% thc? Anyone

Discussion in 'The Breeders Lab' started by Monkeymonk840, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. lets see some full plant and bud pics to back up these testimonials!!
  2. TreFarmer

    TreFarmer Guest

    Stay tuned with Hydrus or my threads... I can give a shit to prove my testimonial.. I got it simply for me... and everybody is in complete agreence... CHRONIC KUSH!!
    My reason for posting is balancing the hype and the shit talk...
    It is bomb as a cut, this cut!! All phenos by seed I have seen is Blah in flavor, this cut is like Katsu... you could fuck it up and still be blessed with flavor.

    BUD PIC...
    Clone cut..
  3. HeLLMuTT

    HeLLMuTT Thinks of Stinks Supporter


    Good to know I'm not the only one that does that... ;)

    I just tried the PB for the first time recently and really liked it. Taste awesome and was a nice strong ass high.

    Smelled like sweet kush. yummy
  4. damn that's some straight up bud porn *drooling *
  5. Hhhmmmm , usual controversy with Stoney Girl. As Tres has pointed out , if you wish to select it out or you just get lucky there is *a* pheno that works on the PitBull.

    At best the rest of 'em are J.Y.A.K. ( just yet another Kush) , at worst..well I'd say that's been sufficiently commented on.Suffice to say that one had best be wearing hip waders if one has to endure listening to their claims.

    And they evidently actually believe there own bull****. Quite remarkable really. I'd turn down more cuts , even though they'd be free again. Not worth the time and effort even with the clones for free.

    By the way , y'all check out the end user licensing agreement on her seeds. That crap ain't agonna fly...........
  6. Stoneygirl is full of shit on her harvest times. I think most of us know they effects of premature harvests.

    Didn't see it posted but this is her reasoning behind early harvests. I don't give a shit about her tests. Was the bud cut 3 weeks premature cured to perfection? How about the plants that went the full cycle? Did they get a good cure?

    That said I am at day 39 with 2 true pitbull cuttings in 5 gallon pots all organic mix. They have a good 2 weeks to go. Nowhere near harvest yet. On the other hand I am growing a few Green Cracks that somehow are just about finished by ANYONES standards. Been growing 21 years and I have never seen a plant finish so quickly. Could harvest now if I want to keep low CBD, but I'm down for couch lock. 3 more days is all I give her. Will post pics of the harvest.
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  7. Horse shit.
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  8. First photo is Green Crack day 39 from 12/12

    Second photo is Pit Bull day 39

    Same soil mix, same feeding regimen.
  9. Goldenrod


    pit bull is bullshit from all ive seen. claims to be part SD Bullrider so i spoke with my friend who created the SD Bullrider & he even says pitbull is bullshit. 39% is easy to achieve if the test samples are wet still. i have a cross called lockjaw which is pitbull x bubbashine made by a private breeder. whats up trefarmer. dont see much of you around anymore. just my 2 cents worth on the pitbull.
  10. The strain seems really good. Good resin production and big buds. Just not the 5 week flowering time claimed. Calyxes are just now starting to swell.

    I'll know what it's like when its pulled.

    I haven't had any good pitbull either, I didn't originally want the strain but it was highly recommended by a grower I trust and knows what I like in a product.
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  11. There is some Pitbull makings the rounds in Portland, rly good. Super dense & potent, smell and taste not so much. I'm told it yields very well.

    Reading the breeder description is pretty funny though.
  12. Finishes in 29 days, you won't believe it--12 pounds per plant!!11

    200% THC holy shit, buy my stuffz plz.
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  13. 29 days?...pffff

    21 days, 13 lbs, it's one giant nug and looks like an Obama Chia Pet.
    Street value 33,000. ;)
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  14. Sold.
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