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Aliendawg Crosses (from V1 Aliendawg)

Discussion in 'Grow Diaries' started by Mainemedz5, Aug 12, 2018.

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  1. Hey Y'all I wanted to post a journal on here for my 2 Aliendawg Crosses I was Lucky enough to get seeds for &
    This Comes From Aliendawg V1 pollen (the original)
    The Crosses are
    Blue Dream x V1 Aliendawg
    GG#4 x V1 Aliendawg

    I have a friend that was sexing a bunch of F2 seed plants from V1 original Aliendawg stock & while removing the males from his room some of his pollen made Its way to one of his LED rooms And
    Lo n Behold !!! Seeds !!!!
    Out of 33 Total Seeds found from the Whole Room 24 were GG#4 x V1 AD & 9 Were Blue Dream x V1 AD
    I Received 9 GG#4 x AD seeds & 1 Blue Dream x AD Seeds

    Because of All the Hate I'm sure to receive on this , Any negative comments or trolling will not get a response
    This is a Grow diary not a Debate !!!
    That being said I'd Like ANYONE With Experience With Alien Tech Phenos I may see in these plants to Chime In As I Plan on using some of these Plants to Breed with as I'm Waiting On V1 Aliendawg (clone) , East Coast Aliendawg ( ECSD x V1 Aliendawg ) & f2 seed stock of V1 Aliendawg.

    I'll Be Posting Pics as Things Progress & this thread will be for the V1 Aliendawg crosses
    I'll be Creating separate Threads for the V1 AD , & ECAD

    These will be Planted in Dixie Cups in Pro mix BX & placed Under LED for Veg
    Nutes will be Soul Synthetics

    I'm Looking forward to all the responses and feedback as I'll be taking y'all from start to finish on this one so Buckle in !!!!!

    Blessings yall
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  2. Just curious (and maybe naive) but why would you get hate?
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  3. I Always have Breeders trolling me trying to discredit me because they sell seeds on here as well , plus people seem to think The Original Aliendawg is So Rare but its a Staple Here

    Not only that but people don't seem to agree with me that the original Aliendawg is not the same as the V2 bullshit (which contain no Original Aliendawg genetics)

    Among the fact that a lot of people on forums are just trolls and or haters haha

    Thanks for stopping in though
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  4. The v2 is alien kush x chem d,so u are correct there is no adog v1 in it,the adog v1 is bomb,but ull already know that.76
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  5. NHWhites


    Looking forward to some alien action
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  6. Also u can tell the phenos by the tech phenos have a bit more leafy buds;still solid(though not as solid as the chem leaners!)and a strong smell that i dont know how to describe(some say ether) and also the plants with 13/15 fingered fans is said to be a tech trait too,iv also heard some of the tech leaners can be runty or slow in veg but iv never found good to see what u find.good hunting.76
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  7. IMG_20180812_110101.jpg
    Got em in the Napkins !
    Fingers crossed !!! Let's Pray for Some Fire !!!

    Sprouted The Blue Dream x V1 AD
    & 5 Of the GG#4 x V1 AD & Unfortunately lost one of those Seeds ☹️
    So I saved the Remaining 3 GG#4 x V1 AD seeds for the Future !!!

    Gonna be Transplanting in a Few days ! Can't Wait
  8. Stay tuned my friend

    Well maybe you could offer some assistance along the way ? I'd greatly appreciate it man
  9. G gnome

    G gnome

    Name one breeder who sells seeds on here whos been trolling u. That never happened
  10. Mr Bee

    Mr Bee

    the a dawg cut u sent me smelled like someone had crossed chem d with a Turkish delight-the red one.i think its rose flavour.
    i ran your a dawg (chem d x alien tech not chem d x alien lush) alongside the actual chem d cut and in my opinion it the A dawg was a far superior had that exact same chem d stank but with that subtle Turkish delight in the back ground plus it yeilded much bigger more resinous and more dense nugs.i think aligee did a great job breeding breeding a higher yeild and better structure wen he took em to f4
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  11. I'll let everyone else decide lol

    Thread is Next Level Genetics (1st drop coming soon)

    I'd say being followed around by you & your cronies & harassed & trolled every thread would qualify correct ?
    Or rushing me to post pics that no longer exist & strains I lost in not one but two raids to satisfy your ego because y'all run warehouses ? & I'm starting from the bottom up once again with 4 smallass rooms while I work out my larger space not knowing I'm recovering from Cancer & can't just live on the fucking internet to satisfy you ?
    Yeah sorry I was slow on posting/responding but I've been very busy working my own shit out

    And not gonna debate with you cause you have a personal issue with me @G gnome

    Point is you clearly know who and what I'm talking about

    Was it not trolling ?
    Coming at someone sideways , following them around the forums and trying to discredit someone & bash them isn't Trolling ????

    I really must be insane
    Cause Your Trolling rite now by trying to start an argument
    & not actually showing genuine interest in the thread and only Popping in to start shit ?

    I really must be Insane
    Like I said before , negative responses/posts will be ignored as this is a journal not a debate
    Those are Coming soon Aliendawg V1 vs Aliendawg V2
  12. Hey @jumpincactus You Wanted to be tagged in this ?
    Here it is Bro , Enjoy

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  13. jumpincactus

    jumpincactus Premium Member Supporter

    Will be riding along amigo. :D Damn yankees gotta stick together lol
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  14. jumpincactus

    jumpincactus Premium Member Supporter

    theres ole 76 @william76 setting the record straight :D good to see you man.!!!!
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  15. Yes we do brotha ! Seems like all the west coast guys think they're the only ones with some Fire ! Not only that but us East Coast guys don't get the credit or recognition we deserve!!!

    Its good to have you here for the journey & I hope you like what you see !

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  16. jumpincactus

    jumpincactus Premium Member Supporter

    yea I hear ya, but lets stay away from statements like an east coast west coast thing. It could get out of hand too quickly. Walk softly brother and know your own truth without rattling any cages. This site doesn't need anymore drama. Lets just spread the love and teach other how to do that by living by example!!!!! peace and thanks for the invite. :D:smoking::fire::fire::fire::fire:
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  17. Yeah The Debate thread I'm starting is coming soon so be sure to tune in !
    Aliendawg V1 vs V2 Fakeass Aliendawg

    Shit Our East Coast Aliendawg is More official Than That V2 bullshit
    Might as well release the EC.A-dawg in fem seeds and call it V3 Aliendawg lmfao at least it would have Real V1 Aliendawg in it
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  18. Completely agree but not everyone sees stuff like we do
    And I wasn't trying to rattle any cages bro just saying there's fire out here too !
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  19. Hey @thunderfudge You Want In On Some Of This Alien Action ? We all know you Love Anything Alien
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  20. @Mainemedz5
    You'll be happier with paper coffee filters instead of paper towels or napkins..I switched long ago and never see roots sticking to the paper..:)
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