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Anybody seen these? Gold Caps?

Discussion in 'Smokers Lounge' started by TrichromeFan, Aug 20, 2011.

  1. Found this on another site after a buddy told me he heard about them.

    The text and pics are borrowed.

    "Pure gold consists only pure cannabinoids refined from hash oil.Pure gold is not an "oil". Hash oils typically contain 40-60% contaminants that include solvents, pigments,waxes, tars etc. Pure Gold is made with a complex but natural scientific process that uses high heat, frigid cold and pressure to remove the hash oil contaminants.... To this we add 5% Limonene a natural terpene in cannabis."
    Each one of these capsules contains 25 mg of THC and NO plant matter.
    Thc gold is
    74.45% THC
    2.91% CBD
    2.76% CBN
    12.11% Other Cannabinoids


    That is a whole new revolution in meds. Easiest edible to deal with ever. Nice going guys.

  2. intresting
  3. crazy for me theres nothing better than smoking herb
  4. mack 10

    mack 10

    looking good, easy to handle oil type meds:mad:) how strong are they?
  5. can you vape or smoke them also or are they just edibles?

  6. motherlode

    motherlode Moderator

    wheres my crack pipe?


    sounds to good to be true
  7. I have had pills similar to that years ago in the bay area, not sure if its the same people but the ones I took worked well for the price, iv seen them in clubs around sac but I prefer smoking when ever I can so I haven't tried these out yet im curious if they are any good seems like every edible/drink/pill in clubs today are so watered down now it seems like a huge waste of money to buy them.
  8. I think that they are just an edible item. I always prefer smoking, but there are some times where edibles give me the relief I need better. To think that you could have that in a little inconspicuous pill is awesome news. I think that will be the wave of the future where edibles are concerned. I'll gladly take that, then eat a really tasty brownie instead:D

  9. motherlode

    motherlode Moderator

    looks like a fish oil cap - hopefully it dont give you fish oil burps
  10. Will that make me more regular?
  11. they have a full page advertisement in the new Kush magazine

    About Gold Caps

    10mg/25mg THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol)

  12. Good find mastacheeser!

  13. I thought this was going to be a thread about mushrooms...
  14. you need 2 of them to feel it
  15. Well, at least the ad was truthful in saying that you do need two for regular tokers.

    Well Dizzle, how was it?

  16. I use Gold Caps to refill my omicrom vapo pen. They are surprisingly strong!
  17. Lmao me 2 :D
    there should be a section
  18. I got my hands on some finally from Harborside. $20 for 5. Potency was decent. 1 was mellow but nice. I'm sure 2 is a little more heavy duty. I like them big time. Best edible ever for me. An inconspicuous pill that looks like a dead ringer for a vitamin E. So easy to take, and so predictable. Love it.

  19. dude u in the bay? hit me up!

    ive got to go to hs to check these out... might need to try 3 though...
  20. Correction...
    My bad… I thought I used Gold Caps for my pen but I don't. I was picking up a refill(at a fine SJ dispensary) and realized that I actually use Pure Gold. I guess it easy to confuse the two… especially when you LIFTED on homegrown!:bong-hits: