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Are You Familiar With Either Of These Strains?

Discussion in 'General Indoor Growing' started by sweetolmaryjane, Feb 2, 2019.

  1. Hey again guys, i have 2 strains im working with now, both are new to me. 1 is a classic, the other i believe to be fairly new.
    First off is THC BOMB. i liked what i read about this strain. but i have yet to find a bad write up on a strain on the website it is being sold on so i turn to you. Have you grown it before, if so what can i expect as far as flower time, THC and CBD content, smell taste. anything you could tell me about it would be great.
    The other is the classic ol White Widow. I recently bought some of this smoke from a dispensary and i gotta say, it zonked me. i do realize the % chance i end up with the same pheno type that i smoked, or even the same pheno type that any of you may have grown, is slim. I still am eager to learn any and all you have to tell me about growing this strain.
    Thanks in advance
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