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Buchner Funnel Questions?

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by ForrestGUMP, Dec 14, 2017.

  1. So I've been having trouble getting my bho stable. I was wanting to try winterizing with Ethanol and running it through a buchner funnel. On there is options for both a fritted and non-fritted buchner funnel. Which one should I get and why lol?

    Also if anybody has any advice to make my stuff "shatter" I would appreciate it. Im using a best value vac 1lb closed column extractor. I boil off the excess butane in a water bath and try to keep temps below 100 def f. Then I put it in a vac chamber with a heat jacket. Ive tried temps from 90-110 deg f. My pressure gets between -28.5 and -29 hg. I'm usually using a mix of close trim and small lower buds. Sometimes I trim fan leaves and run the whole plant. I let the tube sit on dry ice about 2 hours before blasting and I have been getiting around 10% return.

    I was trying to purge for longer times in hopes to make it stable. Is it possible to over-purge lol? Sometimes it seems like my slabs will be see through and slightly stable like "snap and pull", for the first 24 hours. After another day or 2 it seems like it sugars up and turns slightly opaque. Final results are like crumble. I was thinking it was a strain thing but it seems like every strain comes out sticky.

  2. Fritted

    And use media filters along with the fritted top portion.

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  3. What's a media filter lol ?
  4. Dunge


    I had the same question.
    Coffee filters don't work, and I have trouble buying sized paper rounds.

    And any thoughts on how to clean a cintered filter?
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  5. Would acetone be safe?
  6. I've just always used the lab filters off Amazon. Cheap af
  7. My best advice would be invest in a oven
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  8. My buddy has a nice oven that he let's me use. I get the same pressure as him and the end product looks exactly the same.
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  9. shatter is what happens when u over purge and take out all of the terpenes. when vac purging ru getting the extract to 110f or whatever or just the chamber itself cause that could explain it. and a media filter is a powder like celite that acts as a filter instead of a paper filter
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  10. I guess im not sure if the extract is the same temp as the vac chamber. I will grab a laser thermometer for the next batch.

    Where can I get a media filter? I typed it in on Amazon and it looked like something for a furnace lol. Best value vacs has these filter papers although I'm not sure what size to get.
    ...are these what you mean?
  11. What does winterizing do to the consistency?
  12. search for celite instead.

    ive heard mixed things about this company but i bet this product will work too
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  13. Interesting stuff. I tried doing an Amazon search for celite and didn't find much. I did find a buchner funnel that comes with filter paper though.
  14. haha what? shatter is not over purged or lacking in terpenes. I vac at 80* for 5 days, last test came back with 6.2% terps and 18ppms of residual solvents.
    most likely you're temps are too high. start your temps at 80 and go from there. if the muffin doesn't drop at a full vac, raise temps a little. I had the same problem for a solid year. I tried EVERYTHING including winterizing, you just lose terps with secondary solvents. all I did was drop my temps and boom....stable shatter everytime. I also started single solvent dewaxing which made everything even more stable but thats another topic.
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  15. Thanks man. I just ran a batch and it's been at 90 degrees for about an hour. I'm gonna turn it down to 80 right now lol.
  16. monoterpenes make ur oil liquidy removing them and butane makes it stable. im not saying ull lose all terps but u will lose some. but i agree that after five days in vacuum it should be pretty stable
  17. thats sounds lik something called buttering and its from tiny air bubbles trapped in product
  18. Could this possibly be from me peeling and flipping the extract every few hours while it purges? My buddy told me to lol.