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Coconut Oil Tincture For My Uncle's Dying Dog

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by DemonTrich, Sep 14, 2017.

  1. So the last 2 weeks my u clean been talking about his terminally ill 13yr old golden retriever. He has a soft ball size tumor on one lung. He's been taking some of my uncle's oxy, and steroids from the vet. Vet said a couple more weeks to live.

    SO I figured why not make the dog some coconut oil tincture to make the dog feel better twords end.

    .75g darlins net and gg4 bho mixed to 7.5ml/coconut oil. Nets 7.5 x 1ml 80mg (+/-5mg) doses. Given 2x daily to see how the dog responds. I make my uncle a similar recipe.

    Decarb bho in shot glass at 293* for 9.5 mins

    into triple broiler for 20 mins to fully incorporate the bho into the coconut oil. I only let the temp get to 135 max when doing this step!
    Let cool, then into the vials.

    Forgot to snap a pic of the bho in shot glass before the decarb.
    20170914_085557.jpg 20170914_085614.jpg 20170914_085704.jpg 20170914_090059.jpg
  2. Pic of finished product in the vials

  3. I told him to try .5ml 2x daily to start.
  4. PharmHand


    Dosing w dogs is tricky. I dumped some old shrapnel/mids in the bush in our backyard and my old bull mastiff found it and ate a bunch one night. Didn't notice anything that night but the next morning when I went to feed him he could barely walk. Not knowing he had eaten it I started googling and came to the conclusion my dog had some kind of brutal disease. I took him to the emergency vet they shined a light in his eyes and asked if there was any chance our dog had gotten in marijuana to which my girlfriend replied "I suppose anythings possible". Vet said they see several dogs like this per week lol. He was fucked up for almost three days they gave us charcoal pills to help absorb what was in him. Might not be a bad idea to have some charcoal pills on hand if you're unsure of dosing. Good luck man and my condolences for your uncles dog
  5. His dog weighs 130lbs.

    I'm hoping a .5ml dose (40mg +/-) would be ok, but not too much.
  6. We've found a dog's response to cannabis to be similar to that of humans, if you consider it on a by pound basis.
    About 10 mg THC is a good place to start titrating to the proper dosage for anxiety, and for cancer dosage, the only dog we've treated was Buster, a 130 pounds American Bulldog/mastiff.

    In his case we gave him a gram a day, in three doses, but he weighed as much as some diminutive guys and a fair number of sister women.
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  7. Nice
    her have him a .5ml dose yesterday, about 30-40mg. He said the door just chilled on the couch
  8. Any update?
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  9. Well, he said he didn't notice any changes after 1 dose for the past 3 days. So he stooped giving it to the dog, and my uncle decided to take the meds I made for himself. I told him he needs to dose the dog 2-3x a day every day for it to start working.
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  10. the reason I'm asking is because I have a couple of dogs that are elderly and have some arthritis issues. I was wondering if the oils were working.
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  11. fatawa


    sucks about the dog but if ol yeller is doing oc's then a heavy dose of tincture wont hurt him either..lmao.what worse case senerio he sleeps alday?good looking out for the dog d
  12. If any animal has an endocannaboid, it can and will effect them. If an animal does NOT have an endocannaboid system, it will do absolutely nothing.

    My uncle may have thought it was an instant fix-all vs a gradual helping.
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  13. I believe all mammals have an endocannabinoid system
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  14. Wait... I thought the .5ml or 40mg dose was oil not Oxy.... Either way keep the stuff away from the Uncle that oil was for the dog.....
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  15. .5ml = 40mg of my edibles/tincture/etc
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    ol man was sharing a lil oc(im assuming very small pc)with his pooch.
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  17. Yeah, it eased the dogs pain a bit. I'm gonna take the dog in next Thursday to have him put to sleep. My uncle is on 24/7 o2 and is hard to get this dog to and from.

    I told him I'll make another batch of meds, but the dog can be the only one that uses it. Poor dog can't even get up 3 steps from the grass onto the deck w/o help.

    But the dog is not whimpering or whining. So I don't think he's in terrible pain. But with a softball sized tumor on a lung, arthritis in both hips, I'd be crying and whining.
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  18. man, sorry to hear that {:-( the two elderly dogs I have can't make it up the three stairs in my back yard either, I had to make a ramp and they seem to be ok using that
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    thats suks
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  20. Sorry to hear this... We have four dogs and my whole life I have just gotten so attached to certain ones.... We currently have a australian shepherd that is really special. Not sure what I would do if something happened to him... well yeah I do I would just fall apart...
    The oil certainly is helping your dog so your doing a good thing there man... :)
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