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D9 Thc Isolate

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by EugeneOregon, Dec 2, 2018.

  1. FACF5663-41BC-472D-99BA-996A90DA201E.jpeg 9EEEAE17-B74B-445D-BE9D-4F7325FFCF1F.jpeg
    D9 THC isolate just minutes out of deep vacuum where it was refined to this purity. Shown is the cold finger of a cryogenic sublimation apparatus. Final pass through this apparatus took place at 127° C and ¾ of one micron nominal. THC is subject to oxidation into CBN and so time outside a vacuum chamber is kept to a minimum else the pink then red visual indications of this degredation manifest much more quickly.
  2. Not really sure exactly what I am looking at, but I presume it's a bit out of reach of most home users?
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    Damn bro always looks so good!
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    Tell us more! (Go Ducks!!:))
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  7. Hard to say what other folks call affordable or not. My rig operates atop an Amish built buffet table. The cryogenic sublimation apparatus costs between $400-$500 dollars depending on where you get it. The vacuum pump must be able to pull a vacuum down to mean free path conditions (MFP) to replicate what I do but there are many models of dual vane vacuum pump able to do this available. I got mine used for $1000.

    Shown here are the heating mantle and temperature and pressure readouts. The heating mantle is a sweatheart of a unit and cost about $300. The PID control for it was a DIY unit I spent $75 on. The vacuum gauge is high end and based on a Pirani sensor and by itself is hella spendy however a spendy digital system is not a requirement. A guage with sensor and operational electronic vent valve will set you back $1000+ although I got mine on sale at Amazon for $300 for the gauge and meter and another $300 for the vent valve. Knowing what numbers to run in the sublimation apparatus and precisely how to prep the compound is critical of course but the prep uses a buchner funnel ($120) for the filtrations I do and also a seperatory funnel ($80) for the Liquid to Liquid Extraction (LLE) I do involving methanol, water, and hexane which removes the bulk of the terpenes (critical to do in a sublimation apparatus. Note that the sublimator is not actually sublimating anything at all the way I use it. I use it as the ultimate short path simple molecular distillation system with a true single plate theoretical distillation "column". The stir bar mechanism was about $40. Vacuum hose between the stainless steel vacuum lines and the glass is $17 per foot Nalgene and I use just over one foot.

    True it was prohibitively expensive taking the few years it did to refine these procedures and to obtain the actual numbers to use but once past the learning curve it now takes no more effort or expertise than running a blender really lol. There is a ton of hands on effort done this way but losses are a bare minimum with this device used in this manner. By my estimates a high end professional gaming PC one used to render video costs about the same. I use no additives like carbon or Cbleach or any such other protocols and only ice water for cooling.

    My protocol as a private party with zero aspirations to commercialize the process was to keep costs to a bare minimum and procedures to a bare amount of technical expertise. The unit can run unattended during "distillation" without negative consequences.
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  8. By leveraging the inherent low temperature design for this used as a SPD I run mantle temperatures typically up to 100°C lower than a vertical more traditional SPD which affords a tremendous advantage when it comes to fraction rejection rates between fractions. These are very low temps to see when refining the compound amd these temps avoid the myriad problems associated with mantle temps that exceed the smoke point of the compound which is typically 170° C or so for most extracts I run into.
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  9. Damn..I have trouble making Ice Water Hash when I am stoned..I can imagine what I would do to this..LMAO <price is way less than I had imagined>
    Thanx a lot for your time and explanation..excellent read!!
  10. This is dope my man!
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