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Elephant bud!!

Discussion in 'Basic Growing Information' started by TrailerTrash, Dec 25, 2008.

  1. What kind of sense does that make? If it's really good and you can afford it then who cares what they say?

    BTW my other clone guy fell off the planet. Doesn't answer his phone or E mails. Found another guy, also with some elephant clones. Same price as any others so I'll give them a shot. They sound a lot like the strain I'm finishing now. I had a tragic clone death so I'm stuck without any clones of that strain until I harvest, reveg the lower part of the plants, and start over.
  2. ya what the fuck kind of low motherfuckers are charging 500$ for some seeds.... :) ... az
  3. An old thread but I'll ressurect it. I am just now harvesting some of this Elephant Purple, and I have to say; it just may be the best I've smoked. It is definately in the category of "Best Ever", thats for sure. Buds are HUGE, and beautiful. Powerful as hell. I think I may just grow this exclusively for the forseeable future.
  4. roflmao!i like bjs breakfast and a bitch that can roll a blunt. peacentreez

  5. lets see some pics
  6. Is this the one from seed or did you get a clone? That same friend in boulder, CO finished his out at a whopping 8.5 ft tall or more and 4 ft across, and got maybe a 1/4 lb of popcorn. Now as for the smoke it was good, very flavorful and had a nice uplifting high. I would never grow this strain. As far as I am concerned it is jst shy of worthless. I have grown equally good herb from bag seed Mexi from back in the day. Just my 2 cents.

  7. My buddy bought that $500 ten pack a year or 2 ago. Said that out of the 10 only 2 germinated. He contacted the company and they sent him anther 10 for free.(I think 7 or 8 sprouted) He grows White Elephant and also grows TW. The white elephant looks nice but personally I like his train way better. Supposedly the elephant has some crazy high thc content but honestly I cant see what the hype is all about. He told me his TW plant usually produces more to but idk. Just what he says. Don't get me twisted tho, its a nice strain just definitely not 1 of my favorites.
  8. xX Kid Twist Xx

    xX Kid Twist Xx Premium Member Supporter

    best kept secret in cannabis...elephant bud
  9. Well I never said that the claims the people selling these seeds made were not laughable. Nevertheless here are two shots of the White Elephant...

    White Elephant 1.jpg
    White Elephant 2.jpg

    And here is Purple Elephant. It has no purple in it and is obviously not related to the real Purple Elephant from Jojorizo. I have verified this with Gage Green.

    Purple Elephant 1.jpg
    Purple Elephant 2.jpg

    I also kept the Blue Elephant. The blue and purple yield very large in my experience. The Elephant was a GIANT afghani plant with dinner plate leaves but didn't get to stay in the stable. I tossed the White Elephant too. Nothing to special here but it smells like fruit punch with a dank undertone.
  10. Haha yup. The white elephant reminds me of mexican bagseed. Same with the Jedi and Vampire. It is most likely what those guys were selling for $500 and up...
  11. I grew elephant and it was the best strain my late wife and I have ever grown! we grew it from 09' until my wife passed away in 2017 bob