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Extreme Grow Room Makeover- 8430w Of Scrog

Discussion in 'Grow Diaries' started by Chowfarms, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. Hey y’all,

    I’ve been lurking for a few months now, decided it was finally time to make a journal to document this next round and to hopefully get some pointers from some of the OG’s on here(I’ve learned so much in such a short amount of time, this forum is the shit)!

    For this next round I’ll be running some very special genetics that were gifted to me from a good friend of mine.

    Papaya Cake- papaya x wedding cake
    Bop Gun- papaya x dosidos
    Strawberry Guava- papaya x strawberry banana
    Tropic Truffle- tropicana cookies x mint chocolate chip

    All of which were created by Oni Seed Co(my first time running Oni’s gear but everything I’ve encountered so far has been some of the nicest herb I’ve ever seen). Needless to say, I’m very excited

    I have three rooms to work with, all of which will be redone as soon as my current round is done(day 28/60-70, didn’t want to start a journal on those since they’re halfway through flower lol).

    My main room is roughly 18 x 13’(I’ve been working for almost 24 hours straight so I don’t feel like getting up and measuring), 8’ ceilings with a 10” exhaust and 6” intake. It has a window that I built a box for so the intake comes in from there. The exhaust goes into the window box in room B. I was rushed to throw it up so I could flower out this round so the walls need to be taken down and redone, everything needs to be insulated, painted, caulked. All that good stuff. I honestly can not wait because how it currently is kills my OCD on a daily basis.

    My second room is a perfect 10x10x8’ but it has a little 4x3’ space coming off of one of the corners. Window box for exhaust/intake.

    The last room is just a little 5x8x8’ area that I walled off and plan to use for mother’s and clones. Right now that is where I have the yung’ns. Under a 600w HPS(haven’t had a chance to grab a MH yet but plan to). Stays between 78-82 in there without exhaust but I have a couple of maxfans(8” and 6”) laying around that I plan on hooking up.

    Still trying to decide how I’m goibf to utilize the two larger rooms. I just transplanted the Oni’s into 1gal smart pots a few days ago. I’m going to keep them in the small room until they’re ready to go into their 3’s(~2 weeks), then I plan on moving them into room B.

    I have a growbeast that a friend gave me, brand new with bulbs and a phantom ballast(my friends are pretty dope ). For those that don’t know, the grow beast houses a 1000w DE bulb(powered by the phantom) nestled between two 315 CMH’s(ballast built into reflector). I’ve read that this bad boy will effectively cover a 4x8’ footprint, so I’m planning on using that for half of the room. Going to be using the 315’s to start and as they grow bigger, work in the DE starting at 600w.

    The friend that gifted me the clones also gifted me a brand new never opened 1000w phantom package. I’m going to use that and one of my 1000w setups I’m currently using(hortilux gold ballast, subsystem reflector, ushio bulb) for the other half of the room. 8” exhaust, 6” intake for this room.

    Alright I just realized how much I just typed, the ice cream cake(gelato x wedding cake) gets the best of me every time lol. I’m going to go take some pictures and report back. Hopefully someone reads all that and if ya do, I’m open to suggestions so please feel free to speak your mind!

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  2. Kepster


    subbed, get it brudda!
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  3. 2C7AE652-536D-48C0-A40C-334E6369FF72.jpeg 0918FBAE-1801-47B5-9648-D119C011E224.jpeg 8FDB8C47-7B97-49D2-A79A-D7DD1220F1BF.jpeg 19E5774D-7C72-41F5-A49E-8573E143DDC0.jpeg 5A7D9937-75BF-4BE2-A6AD-FE36DCDAE048.jpeg BC9A54A0-0C5B-43D1-8203-D5E37C768D37.jpeg D6ADFCE9-53A7-45FC-8567-2DC87C3C7CDB.jpeg
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  4. Thanks mayne!
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  5. 2C77BC5C-6521-4106-8D21-CEB050ADDBFA.jpeg
    One of the Bop Guns

    Strawberry Guava.

    Papaya cake :D

    A young Tropic Truffle in her natural habitat.

    I can’t wait for these ladies to adjust to their new shoes and start flourishing. I raised the light after taking these. Some of the other one’s leaves were tacoing and I noticed so chlorsis on a few. Looks like I’m installing that exhaust fan tonight

    They’re in botanicare coco, nothing added. Watered em in with pure blend pro grow and bloom(soil formula), vitamino, hydroguard, calmag plus, silica blast, fulvex, and pure blend tea @ 330ppm, 5.8 pH, and 67 degrees(f). It’s been 5 days so going to hit some of em with their first feedings :D
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  6. Still gettin the hang of this. Don’t know how to delete the last two pics lol those were accidents. I’ll get it down soon don’t worry
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  7. OCD is the best bro. I'm the same way and once I start something it's hard to stop. I have a completely sealed room , insulates, caulked and almost the same exact dimensions as yours. Those strains you mentioned sound delicious and frosty btw, I can't wait to see this diary in full effect!. And yeah you habe some bad ass friends bro . Good stuff I'll be watching ! 10 yr dirt grower now entering the hydro scene .
  8. It’s definitely nice once you’re finished but man, I catch myself spending way too much time on the most insignificant things. Very seldom do I complete my daily checklist and it’s always because I wasted a bunch of time trying to make something perfect
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  9. E6A356E4-0086-4CE2-B66A-1DABF7353E45.jpeg Here is a shot of a stardawg top day 28 from the current round...
  10. Healthy, hairy she should get dense and frosty at the end . First time running those genes ? Do you pheno hunt and keep those phenos as mothers ?
  11. Some shots of veg from the current round. Didn’t take many pics of these. I got them in early October and a few days later went on a 20 day “vacation” () so I had a friend take care of them while I was gone and he did what he could. I didn’t have a room setup for them so just stuck em under a t5 after I transplanted them into 1gals from solo cups. They looked so bad I almost scraped em. Sure glad I didn’t though . So two months later was finally able to flip them. One month to go till the finish line! First grow in 3 years, good to be back at it :)

    F17F6651-B71D-43E5-9791-19D40648EE58.png D1523711-5D60-4BC1-AFA8-DACFD332ADFE.jpeg 6834C578-BDCF-44C9-8210-965FC88C4D9C.jpeg DB8C077C-D5C9-43D1-A5D0-1CA8C99E4F6E.jpeg
  12. Thank you!! It is my first time running all of these. This is actually my first run in 3 years and first run at this spot. I do not pheno hunt, I leave that to my friends with much larger spaces lol. I only keep mothers of my favorites , I like to keep my count low. I’m not keeping any of these that I’m flowering now. I can always get them again from that friend. Stardawg, pura vida, and Clementine. The stardawg is super dense and bushy. Topped it once and it just exploded laterally. Not really a fan of how bushy it is. Had to defoliate them a shit ton. Same with the Clementine except the Clementine isn’t as short and the bud structure is terrible. Makes great hash though. The pura vida is the only one that I have no complaints about. Absolute monsters, nice piney smell to em. Will probably end up running it again in the future. I’ve hit 30% with pura vida with BHO. Great hash strain
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  13. 07DB26C4-BCBC-426E-94AD-842EE2B3E35E.jpeg
    The strawberry guavas have it the worst. Probably gonna pull them out from directly under the light for a bit and see how they do. Poor girls..

    Papaya cake seems to be handling the heat pretty well. Really need to get this room setup

    Bopgun. Bit of canoeing on these but new growth looks to be doing alright.

    Tropic truffle

    Update on the kiddos...

    Transplanted half of them 7 days ago and the rest 5 days ago... watered them in until 10% runoff. Watering the outter rim as they dry out(until the top surface drys, not until they’re bone dry). Some new growth on the ones that have had they’re first feedings, the others are showing signs of what I believe to be heat stress. My friend who was just over said it looks like root aphids, hoping he’s wrong lol. I raised the light a bit more and am keeping the door open while the flower lights are on..
    Also need to go get some ultrasonic foggers and get the humidity up. Barely pushing 35% and temp is between 80-82 at the top of the canopy. Gonna foliar feed shortly with some liquid karma and some pure blend tea and try to raise rh a bit. Until then, anxiety
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  14. FE5855D2-36ED-4346-AE3D-76CD6E223B2C.png
    Wtf is going on with these clementines??? They look super far behind for day 30. Are they gonna explode soon or did I stunt them some how? This is a cola as well...about 16” from a 600w hps. They smell amazing just look so far behind the SD and the PV...

    Pura vida. Why couldn’t I have just done the whole room PV

    Star dawg starting to pack on some resin. Had to do a major defoliation on these. Seem to be happy. They smell amazing

    The stardawg canopy post-defoliation. Still have to go through it more there so many budsites not getting light

    By the way, this is my first time running coco, first Scrog, first time running botanicare and first time running these strains. As bad as I want to maximize my yield on this run, I’ll be happy with what ever I get. Canopy management was so terrible. Learning so much this run though, cannot wait to implement what I’ve learned on the next run...

    PS: tropic truffle is by exotic genetix. Not oni. My b ‍♂️
  15. Looks good. I’m trying first scrog too but a tent scrog. 4x4 blotto ogk mosca. Coco too. As for the clementine
    is that also a new strain to you? Looks healthy might just be a low yielder. Little dark green but could just be the pic. But pistils look healthy. I’d think stress would show. You got 100% white healthy pistils.
    I wouldn’t worry much. What’s the flower time on clementine ? That stardawg canopy is 30 days in. If so the really jumped all over flower. I’m at day 44 now no colas like that. I got a stardawg crossed with dj short blueberry going in there too. Just 1 plant of it. Xbj16 They call
    it i back crossed it n got seeds of next gen.
  16. Thanks you. Yes all three are new to me. I know the Clem isn’t the best yeilder but I. Hoping it starts to stack a little soon lol. Probably all gonna goto hah either way there’s no way it’s gonna have any bag appeal. My buddy that gave it to me ran it 10 weeks but if I can I’m gonna chop it closer to 8-9. The stardawgs did take right off. All three are 30 days in. I just wish the stardawgs wasn’t so god damn bushy. I’d probably keep it if it wasn’t. Hopefully yours start to fatten up. I grew dj short’s bb and it had fattys
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  17. Nice plants. My colas aren’t connecting solid. Rock hard buds but I can’t get the damn nodes spaced right. They didn’t really start flowers til 2-1/2 weeks in so I’ll be pushing em a little longer.
    N I know what you mean about bushy. Here’s the stradawg x dj short blueberry I backcrossed. She went in on 12/17. Really dusty strain. I mean like a lot of sugar in the bag after bagging it. Trichs all over jar. Probably be good to make hash or extract.
    There was broad mites in veg box she came from but she was treated multiple times n scoping clean before flowering. But leaves show damage n twist on older ones and I think she’s overfertilized they don’t eat much n I been hitting her with the scrog feed 26CD5850-A246-42C1-A26C-A13DF1380860.jpeg 4A32B1FD-93AB-4850-A716-BD133FE6CE01.jpeg
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  18. Looks dank! Heard broads are a bitch and a half. Still haven’t had to deal with them thankfully (knock on wood lol)
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  19. Picked up a little humidifier from Walmart for the veg girls. They seem to be doing better now. It’s helped keep the temps slightly below 80*. Im going to keep these four for mother’s and flower out the rest of the bunch.

    68BD181E-1D42-4435-A539-D2B7D010154E.jpeg A9EF2D4D-2F18-4D63-98B3-025E1084BABD.jpeg 5300CF9A-ABB0-4E5B-88BA-EACDC6900F39.jpeg 6C4B9992-3B92-4AF2-A4EE-C7E10895CECE.jpeg

    Can’t wait to get these on an automatic drip so I can start getting some sleep . Hopefully today I can wire another 240v outlet down there so that I can use the two 315’s I have collecting dust. Cheers
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  20. Yeah broad mites are no good for sure. Lot of work
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