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Federally Legal Marijuana: The Legendary Old Miss Pot Farm (VIDEO)

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by Cali smoke, May 8, 2009.

  1. May-07-2009 07:27
    Fox reporter shows the world the incredibly large amount of high grade pot that the feds have been growing for years and years.

    It's a mixed up nation that we live in. The federal authorities like the FBI and the DEA have repeatedly stated in unequivocal terms that there are no federal laws sanctioning the possession and use of medical marijuana.

    What they should have said was, it is legal for a publicly funded state university in Mississippi to grow it in amounts that would truly make the most hardcore drug dealer pale.

    Not only has there been an ongoing medical marijuana program for federal patients, but the University of Mississippi has been growing it for years.

    Numerous types and strains of marijuana are grown in their large indoor facility. The pot is grown, harvested, dried and broken up, at which point it is used to fill cigarettes or joints, which are distributed to the patients.
    This image apparently predates the current indoor facilities, US National Institute of Health, University of Mississippi marijuana plantation site, showing variation in plant size. A tall fiber-type of hemp plant is shown at left, and a short narcotic variety (identified as “Panama Gold”) at right.

    There have been so many victims of the DEA's overzealous persecution and blatant disrespect of state laws that it would take a long time to just count them. The herb is natural in every respect and widely accepted by society, especially when considering the results of a Zogby Poll released yesterday, indicating that 52% of Americans want to see marijuana decriminalized.

    The DEA has earned a nasty reputation over this harassing police work that sick patients won't likely forget any time soon. There is footage on YouTube of a DEA agent that a crowd has trapped at the top of a set of stairs in Los Angeles. His partner actually gets in the car and leaves. They didn't threaten the agent or assault him, but he looked mighty uncomfortable.

    So the federal government, as it has ruthlessly at times gone after after dispensaries that are legally operated under state law, has had, all of this time, millions and millions of dollars' worth of marijuana growing and stored at the University of Old Miss'.

    And now as neighboring Tennessee considers legalizing medical marijuana, FOX takes a look inside the University of Mississippi marijuana farm:


  2. If it's legal his fed. funding will be cut or gone all together.
  3. THC Suppository....hahahahah
  4. Texas Kid

    Texas Kid Some guy with a light

    I like to keep my weed way away from my

  5. LOl where did suppository come from? I wish there were a civil war and we could over throw the govenrment we need some new age thinkers in our government not some old republican farts that do anything for money. we cant grow it, but they can? wtf
  6. Nuglover

    Nuglover Guest

    Males have more THC than females?...really?...really?..and the male plants cause allergies?...really...really? Don't you just love reporters?

    And of course he says it's addictive...he doesn't want it legalized. He said himself, if it was legal he would be out of a job.

    At least the senator from Ten. has some sense.
  7. From 1:53-1:57 of the video.

    "Male plants have lower THC and can cause allergies to users"
    What is incorrect about this statement Nuglover??

    1) Male plants do have lower THC than females.
    2) Male plants release pollen, pollen is one of the main causes of allergies... Are you saying that marijuana is non-allergenic???

    I'm gonna make another bold statement!
    Marijuana reduces comprehension skills in certain individuals, especially when utilizing the wake and bake method.

  8. Nuglover

    Nuglover Guest

    Slow your roll bro. ! I misheard what it said. I thought it said male plants had more THC than bad. 2.Most people knows pollen can stimulate an allergic reaction in SOME people. But It does NOT cause them.That's not how it works. Coming in contact with an allergin doesn't cause you to devolope an allergy. Coming in contact with an allergin helps you develop immunities against that particular allergy. If you have an allergic reaction to something it's because you were already allergic to it. Pollen exasterbates preexisting conditions, it does not cause them.
  9. boxmunch9

    boxmunch9 Guest

    marijuana is def addictive, otherwise I wouldnt smoke before church and job interviews
  10. Nuglover

    Nuglover Guest

    It's only mentally addictive. You get addicted to being happy. That's why you can be cranky when don't smoke. It's not physically addictive like tobacco or even caffeine which can have unpleasant physical side effects when you detox. Sounds like you have a self control problem...not an addiction.
  11. lonewolf99

    lonewolf99 Guest

    The Fed program was growing mostly Mexican strains and it was said to be pretty poor quality too, I read an article on it, I forget where now.
  12. g13

    well...isint the big bad g-13 from here...anyway...ive met and seen the tins and the weed from the gov farm...very dry..small stems..leaf..mabie 3 percent thc..harsh and even mexican brick is a little better.:sad0071:
  13. don't matter they still growing it its hypocritical and there's a ton of garbage weed around compared to good high grade weed so what's to say its not coming from them then raid seize houses cars and any money found the shit will only change if everyone marches to the white house door and don't move until somethings done as a country not a state if the whole country legalized it then there's no way the feds can do anything to any one and as far as the guy who claims he's addicted do heroin for just a month then try to stop now that's addiction not weed
  14. Attis


    LMAO... that was funny! but kinda harsh. I like how you noted the time of the post.

    On a lighter note, I may just be high and by so caused me to see the conspiracy of it all but... did anyone else notice that the scientist admitted that if MJ was legal that he would be out of a job? Could this be incentive to prolong legalization? Oh yeah, didn't they also say that they test the DEA confiscated evidence? Hmmmm, so could it also be that they were going after dispensaries even after the AG said they weren't in order to get as much "testing samples" as possible. Seems like a complete conflict of interest, you have the people who test it and the people who are in charge of policing it all in the same bed together.

    I realize that this has been known for a long time, but this is the first time I think I have ever seen the media portray it so blatantly.
  15. thunder

    thunder Guest

    yea thats the place G13 was supposed to have originated...
  16. From what I have heard G13 came from there, I agree. Just imagine what a top class breeder could do with the genetics that they have accumulated over the decades!
  17. Kalcu


    I read that there is an international treaty that the US signed that each country agrees to only have one cannabis center for growing.......for research purposes. I have heard a really good rumor of another one that grows fine herb.
  18. Ole Miss MJ farm

    They were doing this in the 70s and probably before that. You used to be able to go to Johns Hopkins and get on the test programs for weed and speed(stronger soldiers for VN) and they had OK pot but in that era you could get the really good slab, hand pressed afg wafer that would put you out and leaf that was grown in the mother earth in Panama(not gold, RED) and the punta roja from columbia before they tried the powder for income. It was nice to see that old broad saying that medicinal marijuana was a doable thing. It used to be you had to hang out with the jazz musicians or in the projects to even find weed. You had to go where the hop heads go. Great stuff always like to reminisce. Boy, stuff sure turned around....for the better! old Ford
  19. Actually the way it works is that you develop an allergy when coming into contact with an allergen if you're already predisposed.
    Example: If you're an allergic and buy a rabbit you might not be allergic to it in the start, but repeated exposure to the dust it creates might make you develop an allergy to rabbits too.

  20. They forgot to mention that this plant was used by our ancestors thousands of years ago and it's medicinal effects are only new to scientist that have nothing better to do than to be hypocrites and make their money and own rules.

    he'd be out of business if others grew it legally? doubt it.