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Flowering In 2 Or 3 Gal Pots

Discussion in 'General Indoor Growing' started by MetalGear, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. (7 GMO cuts 40 days under a 250mh / flowering will be 1600 watt hps )

    Just thinking I let my veg go a little long and have 2.2 ftr’s In 1 gal pots that are going to stretch like a MOFO! These things are 40 days in to veg ( promix , bat guano , FFOF and perite ) and I’m wondering if i up pot them to 2-3 gal pots if I’d be able to pull a fat yield like coco. I have been giving them water once a day which they are loving just have always done 5gal soil when flowering.

    Any luck of getting monsters in small gallon soil pots? if i keep up the watering frequency I’m assuming it should be to the benefit like coco where the plant will metabolize more or will i have issues once these bitches get super thirsty and pounding out the buds?

    Good vibes
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  2. honestly I dont think you can do organic that way because you would be washing out all the nutrients. maybe if you were using something like age old at a low ppm....
    go 5 gals with soil and water every other day to every day.
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  3. GT21

    GT21 I like soup Supporter

    I use 2 g pots
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  4. Think I’m going to give 2 gals a shot then - it’s a first but looks like it will keep stretch down and the buds fat!! My fingers are crossed LOL

    GT - you ever done a coco/soil mix? I remember 1-2 runs back in the day we did that and got some good 5-6 oz per plant yields
  5. Gtek


    If you go all organic it will be very difficult to get optimal yield.
    Bigger root system usually equals bigger yields if all is done correctly.
    Yeah you can use smaller pots it all depends on your style of growimg