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Goodcat's 6000w 8-plant Vert Grow

Discussion in 'Tree Farming' started by Mr.GoodCat, Dec 5, 2015.

  1. Hey farmers how's it been going? Been a bit since I posted. Been real busy with all kinds of stuff but figured I need to get my head out of my arse and start cranking out some dank again. Been a bit since I've done a proper grow.

    About the grow:

    8 Plants 9 lights
    3-1000 and 4-600 vertical bare bulbs and 2-300 watt over head LEDs

    I picked up some strains from my homie because frankly I didn't have any. So I'm going to be running blue cheese, amnesia, train wreck, fucking incredible and lemon skunk. I don't have any aaa+ gear at the moment but just popped a pack of exotic genetics kimbo kush I have been hoarding for about a year. I will probably do a seperate log with that strain.

    Here's a quick picture. Lights are off so I didn't want to disturb them too much. Today is the first day of 12-12.
    Just going to keep it simple. Fed them flora nova grow about 600ppm through veg and just upped the nutes to about 900ppm for transition. Just going to feed flora nova bloom through flower and boost with hammered head and some carbs. image.jpg
  2. Subbed and good luck brother. Is the room sealed and how are you cooling?
  3. @dexfarm no the room is not sealed. I'm not running co2. Not until I can get enough cashoula to drop a big ac in. I'm just cooling with passive air flow. I've got 1 intake fan and 2 exhaust fans. Room stays 72-77 lights on and 60-65 lights off. I'm in a very cold climate in a concrete basement so temps aren't an issue. Only issue is rh. It drops down to as low as 25% somedays, but now that the plants are in flower and they are growing by the day the rh is pretty steady 35-40. I would really like to get that number up around 50 in flower and 65 ish in veg. All in all though no complaints. I'm just going to do this run and see how it goes. Make adjustments next time. If I get 8 per I'll be happy. More pics in a few days -GC
  4. Well it's been 5-days since I flipped and I'm thinking I flipped at the right time. The plants are filling the space nicely and should be about perfect once they complete their stretch. I'm kind of confused by this blue cheese cut that I'm running. She loves the good especially the cal-mag. I had to boost her up to 1200ppm to get her to green up good for me. All the other girls are content around the 1000 mark right now. I'm really liking the structure and growth characteristics of the blue cheese though. Anyone that has seen my grows before knows I'm a huge fan of mono strain growing, so I think I'll be running the blue cheese exclusively next run. I should have her pretty well ironed out. Here is a quick update picture. Until next time-GC
  5. I'm with you on doing one strain per grow room. Makes it way easier as far as feeding and keeping everything on the same schedule. As well as harvesting and dealing with everything at the same time
  6. Update. Just added another 600w vertical to hit a few more sides. So 6600w total now and these things are beasting big time. A little over a week from flip and the tomato cages are getting gobbled up. I don't see any reason why I won't average 1+ with the way things are shaping up. Update pictures Friday at the 2 week mark.
  7. Well I'm 2-weeks into flower and I've got the ladies pretty well dialed in. I'm going to start boosting with hammerhead for next few weeks until they fill in pretty well then I hit em with overdrive the last few weeks of flower. I don't really have a feeding plan just look at what the plants are doing and adjust to them. I'm figuring probably another week of stretch then they should start filling in nicely.

    What do you guys think? I have 2 blue cheeses in the middle that are getting 4 sides of light. They are in beast mode. They are over 4ft tall by 4ft wide right now and they are stretching the most. I'm guessing they will be pounders? Here are some pics from day 14 flower. Btw ordered new thouies today haha.
  8. embaks


    Yeah your set up for a very decent yeild my man
  9. Sweet bro. It's been a while since I've done a vert grow. Did a 12 plant 18k a couple years back but got burnt out. Just running multiple rooms for years gets the best of ya. I'm glad I've caught the grow bug again because I really like it and it's therapeutic for me. I can't remember what I yielded but I think it was over 2 per but I vegged them a little bigger with bigger centers.
  10. Well done! Couple thoughts...

    What LEDs did you pick? My setup is much like yours and I need low heat supplemental overhead too.

    Also, Blue Cheese is what the fk is UP. That and Violet Delight have always been my favorites to run.
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  11. Don't know the name brand on the led lights but they're 300w panels. I will look next time I'm in the room. Mainly just use for supplemental spectrum as the intensity is sub par.
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  12. How are your LEDs on heat? Yeah I'm like you just looking for decent, low heat overhead supplemental on approx 15 plant sites.

    Gavitas would be overkill and too hot. 315s or plasma seem better but a cheap / decent / low heat LED might do the trick.

    Blue Cheese + Violet Delight are full of win, bro. Your BC is RockNRolla
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  13. Led are easy on heat. They come with cooling fans built in. I'm sure you can do some digging around and see what the best bang for your buck is though. I just use mine for supplemental. I good rule of thumb is 10:1 for every 10watts of HID supplement with 1 watt LED. Works for me.
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  14. Looking good Mr. GC!........ You gonna pull hard on this one brotha..
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  15. I'm hoping so bro! I need to get me some of that aaa+ and throw her in here to see that she does.
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  16. Wildill


    Looking good bro glad to see you back I just started back up my self what size pots are you using?
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  17. 7-gallon smarties
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  18. A little 3-week update. Starting to develop. Really starting to fully develop bud sites. I will get in the room and start taking better pictures when they start stacking good.
  19. Srenots


    Looking awesome....
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  20. Thanks man. They're stacking good now. Started to tie them up. I think that's going to be common practice in the next few weeks
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