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kelp 4 less

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by fstate559, Oct 1, 2014.

  1. Anybody familiar to kelp 4 less products?
  2. I got some yucca and rock dust powder from them not too long ago. It was clearly labeled and shipped fast
  3. Yeah they were super fast in sending and packaging was top notch. I bought some mycos and enzyme's just curious if any one has tried there all in one veg base. It looks good...and easy Lol
  4. cannapits

    cannapits Original Swamp Fam Supporter

    kelp4less and buildasoil are two excellent places IMO.
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  5. I hear it's the Beezneez from 2 gardeners words I would take.
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  6. Bought some fish and silica powders from them awhile back, definitely have some great prods and fast shipping!!
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  7. Thanks for the input im gonna check out their extreme blend for foliar it has what I'm using from advance and more without a dozen bottles. And the price is good also
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  8. i run a few of the items from kelp4less, all of it is working out awesome! no more watered down, high price bull shit for me. the enzyme is one of my favorites. it works out to like 4 cents a gallon or something like that. for some base type stuff i run is the 30-10-10 and the 4-18-38 and the MKP. Here is some mexican weed fed with it….. and of course Caps. microbes. photodsffsdfsw.JPG photo.JPG
  9. i buy their kelp....enzymes....fulvic/humic....excellent source...
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  10. Bumping it for those who don't know about K4L.
    This place is the jam.
    I use their kelp & fulvic- super high quality.
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  11. Now a question- has anyone used their base nutes? Early bloom/mid bloom/late bloom etc?
  12. Example:
    A brief description of ingredients from their early bloom:
    Npk 6-18-18
    1/2-1 tsp gal

    Calcium (3 Forms)

    Magnesium (2 Forms)

    Micro Nutrients (8 Forms)

    Macro Nutrients (all NPK's)



    Amino Acids


    Yucca Extract

    Molasses Powder


    Beneficial Bactera


    pH Acids
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  13. HeLLMuTT

    HeLLMuTT Thinks of Stinks Supporter

    Good products from a good company. They have a lot of great stuff.
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  14. i do use their base nutes but in singular form to make it easy to to target your ppm's for each base nute. i use the protein based nitrogen which is organic and very water soluble. 14-0-0 it has a bunch of amino acids to aid with the uptake. mono ammonium phosphate 12-61-0 i don't mind a little nitrogen in this because IME a little nitrogen through bloom is a good thing, and then potassium sulphate 0-0-50. i have broken the dry weight down to 1 ppm for each. protein nitrogen- 1ppm=.0062gm.
    mono amonium sulphate- 1ppm=.0150gm.
    potassium sulphate- 1ppm=.0050gm. here is some wifi with kelp4less. I'm a fan. FullSizeRender.jpg
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  15. anyone who buy the humic and fulvic from them know how to keep that stuff in a powder? this stuff always seems to harden and rock off and get stuck. let me know! kelp4less has great products too. but that's my experience with the humic and fulvic. everything else is pretty cheap. love being able to buy stuff in bulk. all salts no water. no "fluff"
  16. Oom pah pah

    Oom pah pah Loompa Farms

    i know the subject is nutes here so feel free to pm bu tell me about your mexican if you got a minute
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  17. I used there veg pack A&B with the ezyme powder, inoculant powder which a little goes a long way. With k4l cal-mag since I'm running coco. Bloom packs are nice and I thought at first they were missing something but really packed on weight the last 2 weeks, just me over reacting. Use there mpk with the mid bloom pack. Kelp 4 less kicks ass for me, its simple, cheap but super effective. Used advanced nutrients full line for 5 yrs but won't run it again after using this stuff. There customer service is really helpful as well. Sorry for the long post. Good luck!
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  18. FiveAM


    Anyone have a coupon for the site?
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