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Mother of all blooms!! Who has used it?!?

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by EastCoastGrow, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. i just got this and put it in my dwc bucket. check my grow out on my thread, but anyway i got the powder MOAB at my hydroponic store and was told it will do all these amazing things. can anyone vouch for MOAB?! :rauch08:
  2. I'm using it 4 the 1st time & my buds r plumping up really nice.. It's great stuff
  3. any pictures??
  4. I got a grip of pics posted on my thread.. I don't no how 2 add the link.. My thread is in the breeder sec. In OG Raskals page.. My thread is called WiFi #1 round 2.. Here is 1 pic..
    This is WiFi #1
  5. goottttt dammnnnn, how dense is that baby if you dont mind me asking and what other nutes do you use and hydro or soil??
  6. Coco I use Flora Nova with AN additives & MOAB the last 2 weeks..
    Peep this Angels Kush
  7. that is very pretty and its nice to hear your not using 20 different bloom enhancers and nutes like half of the people i read about. what watt light you flowering under and i assume hps of course? and i used flora nova but couldnt test ph because it turned the water brown, do you have the same problem??
  8. I still use a grip of nutes I juss named the basics..I use a whole lot of Advanced Nutrent Additives: Bud Blood,Big Bud,Kushie Kush,OverDrive,Bud Candy,B52,Wet Betty & also Rapid Start,Silica Blast,Drip Clean,Liquid Karma,Hygrozime.. With my MOAB & Flora Nova.. But not all at once I use everything at the rite time in growth not 20 different nutes but damn near.. I also grow under a 1000 watt digital HPS
  9. My nute mix turns brown but my meter can still read the ppm & pH
  10. shitttt well i only have used power plant by botanicare but i vegged them for about 2 months maybe less 24 hours under a 8 bulb t5 high out put light, i also just put in today what i said the MOAB, power flower by botanicare and blast off a bloom enhancer by botanicare, but i have her under a 600 watt hps 12/12. think nugs will be fat, i know you dont know for sure but with your experience, you would know what to expect alot closer than i would.
  11. I veg under the same kind of T5.. & I used 2 use a 600 watt HPS.. I also used the botanicare full line up the pure blend pro base.. & I had killer results with decent size buds.. botanicare nute r real good & the 600 will do the job but the buds won't get as fat as a 1000 watt light can pull.. 1000 watt lights make alot bigger buds.. But the 600 will still produce killer Dank.. Here is my WiFi #1 grown with a 600 HPS.. Notice how it's still mega bomb weed..
    It's juss that the 1000 watt makes more mega bomb weed
  12. goddd damn thats pretty, ive heard molasses, and i have my grow in my bedroom closet.. a 1000watt would also raise my electric bill noticeably...i think, and it would probally turn my closet/room into hell
  13. Oh yea ur bill would really skyrocket & the heat would really get super hot.. A good inline fan plus AC would b a must..
    600's run a Hell of a lot cooler.. U will get some good buds off that 6..
    I'm trying out molasses with my flush this time but that stuff is hard 2 mix & I don't really like the smell.. I'm using Earth Juice Hi Brix molasses & it smells ugly.. I like Bud Candy better it's eazy 2 mix & smells way better.. I'm going back 2 bud candy.. Good luck on ur grow
  14. Mother of all blooms is the shizzznitt, I use it every grow, I dont use 20 additives in my nute line up also. I have been there done that with all of the additives that are out, now I know better and stick with what works. If you notice all the bloom boosters that work are just increased amounts of p&k, I have noticed that these are the only nutrients that really give you bang for your buck if you want increased bud growth. I get a real natural flavor taste in my bud that I like, when I used to many additives the bud seems to take on a certain taste across the board no matter what the strain. I use H&G aqua flakes that is a real clean base, H&G bud xl, AN hammerhead, MOAB, Great White, Aqua shield, Silica Blast, H&G roots excel, Botanicare Cal Mag. I think thats it, but anyways I got alot of bases covered with my lineup and it runs real clean with great tasting,huge,frosty buds, that burn clean and leave grey ash not charcoal black.
  15. i only have power flower moab and blast off = / under a 600w hps though so i hope its enough for fat buds
  16. bumbb
  17. Its surposed to be mega potent this stuff isnt it? what concentration per litre are use using?
  18. tablespoon per gallon
  19. US gallon or UK gallon?
  20. U.S