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Outdoor Farmers When Ya Hacking And What Ya Hacking???

Discussion in 'Smokers Lounge' started by chickenman, Oct 8, 2015.

  1. chickenman

    chickenman Premium Member Supporter

    Hacked a Gorilla glue, coupe days ago will start in tomorrow on Willies g13 hash plant, dawgs waltz, Natural therapys og, all looking way close...
    Localgrowguy is headed to farm to help snip snip snip away.
    We set up shop in the man cave, keep the LPs spinning and lots of good feasting and fireing...
  2. Innana


    Chopping down some chemo and blue dream. Last too fall this year hoping for no bud rot....
  3. gravekat303

    gravekat303 Premium Member Supporter

    Hey cm if ya need anymore help my trim bin is clean and ready to roll lol
  4. outwest

    outwest Premium Gardener Supporter

    Not soon enough! Looks like almost everything comes down next weekend with the rest a few weeks after that, weather permitting. Looks like we're in the clear for the next 10 days or so weather wise. I'm really digging all the purples and maroons coming out in the plants right now. Durban, Thai Panda, Scott's OG, Tora Bora, and one Blueberry in round 1. Mango Haze, Cookies Kush, and the other Blueberry in round 2.

    Wishing everyone a bountiful harvest!

  5. chickenman

    chickenman Premium Member Supporter

    Took a close look will do some now some later thrikes are mostly cloudy, some ambers buds about 75% firm, better to wait then too early looks like weather will be perfect for full on next weekend
  6. NaturalTherapy

    NaturalTherapy Lighthouse Supporter

    @chickenman @outwest FYI you guys are running the same Scott's OG cut. Chickenman be prepared to fall in love with that white g13/hp.

    Glad to see the cuts I shared with you guys are producing well for you!!
  7. chickenman

    chickenman Premium Member Supporter

    Thanks very much, the Wg13/hp can go 1 more week, monsters...
    See farmers this is what is all about, sharing, caring, meeting and making good friends...
  8. outwest

    outwest Premium Gardener Supporter

    @NaturalTherapy @chickenman sounds like we need to have a taste test of the Scott's OG some time soon. Mine is finishing up quite righteously as is the Tora Bora. Nicest plants in the garden actually.

  9. frebo


    It has been a great year so far. It looks like next weekend we will start. My Purple Hindu Kush and Honey Bear are looking incredible. I have had no bug issues until yesterday when I found two of those ______ bud worms on one plant. Can't wait for trimming to be over.
  10. Innana


    Well sadly I got some intense rot and pm....fucker bye.
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  11. Took down some Fruity Pebbles and Green Crack on Sunday. Had a little bit of bud rot on the FP. It always gets a little due to the density of the buds. If it was not so good I would not keep it around. Only other plant that had it was WFA cross. Taking down a bunch on Sunday, Super Lotus, Bubba x Goji, Wi-Fi, Golden Triangle, Heavens Mountain, and a few others. Synergy still has 3 weeks and Silver Mountain still has a couple of weeks.
  12. Bags are packed, snips are sharp, can't wait for scissor hash and live sift and food.
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  13. chickenman

    chickenman Premium Member Supporter

    Hurry up!!!
    After robbing a dispensary, grab some BHO while you at it....
    Get in car, drive 100 plus miles per hour, crash thru road blocks, just do not stop,abandon car bottom of hill, hide out will meet you at 420 am and we will get started...
    Just kidding, take time enjoy the ride will kill the old red rooster when you come...
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  14. 20151010_121502.jpg High times harvesting with ChickenMan, green thumb per usual. Getting ready to chop some Dawgs Waltz. Have to sharpen the axe for these trees out here. Lol bountiful doesn't do justice to what these fine folks around here are able to do. I'm getting high sniffing this glue. Gorilla glue.
  15. scoop


    Playin with these here. All from seed. (no offers to share means you do what you must)

    Romulan Kush from Picses- the bulkiest bitch of the group. Earthy grape dank.
    Cherry Slyders- 3 en total. One is that Cherry girl. The other 2 are nice but just haven't developed the same smell
    Purple Urk/White - Always a fav, especially the Urk side. Fat nugs and tight buds. There's a few of these as well.
    Hawaiian Webbies Indica - Slow to bud but starting to really put it on. 2 of these
    Sour 13 - bulkin well....this one seems more 13 than SD.
    Stardawg/Amnesia Haze- Homegrown STS action on these. Packin it on. Leaning to the AH side.
    Purple Tahoe Alien- own S-1's. Smells like intense baby powder.
    Purple Cheddar - This one is a GDP leaner. All grape. Getting low on these seeds.
    Al Walker - from an accident.... not a star but might be interesting just the same
    2 that lost their labels...LOL.... pretty sure one is a P-urkWhite and the other is another P cheddar.

    Nothing is that huge...all 3-4 ft....untrimmed/etc. 2- 7 gallon pots. The move/house sale/the construction projects and all the rest of the shit that came up had everything on auto-pilot this season. It's also been a weird year in that this is the first time EVER that I've had a slew of workers/County inspectors/other people etc. onsite and walking right past my patch. So good.... uhhhummm... fuckin weird though... this "legal" shit...

    Next year we will be ready to drop the hammer HARD. Puttin up a 26 ft dome greenhouse here at the end of the month. Cleared 30 cottonwood trees out in August to open things up. Have a real nice spot now......gonna cook a shit ton of soil and get started in a timely fashion.... as well as do a mid-winter bloom of a few in the dome.

    This warm Fall weather is incredible. Only a touch of frost so far....and lookin like another 10 days at least of that mid 70's/low 40's action that they seem to love so much...

    Best of luck bringin 'em in folks

    "warm as the mountain sunshine...
    on the edge of the snowline...
    in a meadow of Columbines..." NGDB
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  16. markscastle

    markscastle Well-Known Farmer

    Try spraying with one part milk and four parts water. Wash buds off with clean water before drying them. Works better before plants go into bud. Keep it at bay and it doesn`t get into the buds , even if you never fully cure the mold from forming on the leaves. Just spray at first sign of mold or mildew and every 10-14 days up to a week before harvest. wash any residue off of the buds before drying them.
  17. chickenman

    chickenman Premium Member Supporter

    sounds like you did real well from if you don't have enough to do.
    trimming is taking forever, slow and steady wins the race, luckily I got Localgrowguy who gleefully and I mean gleefully helps not only on the trim but with farm chores, he loves it here and he is now part of the family....
    Cant handle more than 10 hours trimming daily enough enough..
    Keep the scissors clean and sharp. This year seems stickier than ever can not even go 1 LP length without washing up hands gloves if won and scissors
    The White g13 girl fron Natural therapy is insane like snow on buds a white frost, thus the name...
  18. Wa hoo! I'm getting ready.
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  19. Most of my plants finish around the same time. So decided to harvest each strain with early, proper, and late harvests. So in other words, I have three Goji Og's going. One I harvested on the blood moon, one I am about to harvest today or tomorrow, then I will wait another couple weeks for the last one.

    I have too much to harvest at once, so I have to stagger my harvests. Only taking large nugs also, leaving second cuts till Nov.

    Goji Og
    Ancient og
    Blue Dream
    GSC forum
    Sunset Sherbet
    Jack Flash
    GSC fookies
    Blue Moonrocks x NL # 5 sativa pheno
    Black yeti

    Haven't touched the Blue Dream, GSC, Sherbert, Milado, Jack flash, GDP's yet. They are in the small greenhouse, and I am letting those go as late as possible.
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  20. chickenman

    chickenman Premium Member Supporter

    What a good m mess to be in....
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