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Phosphoload, Gravity, Bushmaster, Topload, and Flower Dragon are TOXIC!

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by logic, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. logic

    logic Administrator Staff Member

    thanks to dizzlekush from icmag for the post below

    To this day many nutrient manufacturers have not disclosed the active or "secret" ingredients of their questionable products. We are told this is to keep any trade secrets from getting out but its fairly well known that any 'secrets' in this business are old news in the horticulture/agronomy department. People are buying products without any knowledge or concern of what said products contain. I know too many growers that moaned when Phosphoload was banned and when Gravity was taken off the shelves. Whether you use marijuana for recreational or medicinal use, its ridiculous to take a largely harmless plant and spray chemicals on it that are not allowed on food crops that can make your plant harmful if consumed.

    Im a bit of a Blackstone libertarian in that i think if you want to hurt yourself, you can go ahead and do it as long as you harm no others. However many of the people buying these products and spraying their plants with these harmful chemicals DO NOT grow for just their own needs. Many provide to dispensaries where their chemical sprayed product is SOLD AS MEDICINE, or to an illicit market where unsuspecting buyers are consuming a product that's more harmful than they've come to know. Marijuana is by astronomical proportions the most consumed somewhat-illicit substance in the world, and that's because its comparatively a harmless substance with many [potential] health benefits. But once you start spraying your cannabis with some of these plant growth regulators/retardants (PGR's) and systemic fungicides and insecticides (but that's a whole separate discussion), you're creating a potentially harmful product and providing it to a large group of consumers/patients who are unwittingly consuming marijuana that's now more harmful to consume than in the history of its existence.

    We've all heard that nobody has died from smoking weed. Well, with a new standard of harmful PGR's and systemics sweeping through the growers community, i think that might change soon. there has already been a medical marijuana/AVID related death. Its just a matter of time before peoples health starts getting compromised form the consumption of these mystery PGR products and systemics.

    The following attachments were provided to me by G. Low, author of Integral Hydroponics and the co/owner of and, with the expressed permission to post said given attachments. The attachments are lab test results of PGR concentration of different "mystery" growth regulating products like Phosphoload, Gravity, Flower Dragon etc. Thank you G for all your personal endeavors in fighting the good fight against the PGR Peddlers

    Lab Testing Results courtesy of
    Bushmaster: 271ppm Paclobutrazol
    Gravity: 516ppm Paclobutrazol
    Flower Dragon: 18,400-18,650ppm Daminozide, 30-46.3ppm Paclobutrazol
    Phosphoload: 17,800ppm Daminozide, 20.6ppm Paclobutrazol
    TopLoad: 3,467ppm Daminozide
  2. logic

    logic Administrator Staff Member

    WOW not 1 reply............
  3. Green81

    Green81 Premium Member Supporter

    lol Logic, I'm ere. Very informative bro. Mystery ingredients + very toxic. Seems to me the horti regulators needed to tighten up their belts.


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    I'd like to see studies done that show how much of these poisons are still present in the plant after a full flower cycle. Phosphoload for example in most cases is only fed to the plant for 3 days in early flower. How much of these "poisonous" chemicals are present in the plant after 50 gallons of nutrient solution has been fed to the plant after the 3 feedings of Phosphoload?

    Not trying to justify the use of these banned substances. Just trying to say I question how toxic something given in such small quantities (early in flower) can make something not safe to consume? Especially with a good long flush.
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  5. leadsled

    leadsled GrowRU

    Maybe because this topic has already had a few threads... Thanks for sharingl The more people that know the better. Unforunately many dont give a fuck and will continue there ways.

    OGONLY - The labs can detect the presence.
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  6. We call that attitude "whistling past the grave yard". This information broke last summer, there are many threads out there with links to scientific papers associated with agricultural use that answer all of your questions. The smart people who read those study's are the ones who forced these products off the vendors shelves.

    There's nothing wrong with listening to good advice, there is something really wrong with the person who would continue to use/produce these products with this information.
  7. tattoojim

    tattoojim Guest

    if i was not a member of the farm i would b using gravity on my girls, thanks to the guy at the hydro shop. i bought a bottle and then started reading the threads here at the farm. needless to say i have a 35$ bottle of that shit,that i dont even want to dump down the drain. thank you logic and all other farmers that have made all the informative threads on pgr chemicals..
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  8. thanks a milli for posting this logik hopefully this changes sometingz
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  9. I have discontinued use of Phosphoload in my garden, however I am a skeptic. All the studies I read had absolutely NO conclusive data to suggest that Paclobutrazol is harmful. Everything reads that it MAY be harmful.

    I have issues with a Government that allows Monsanto to run full steam ahead and GMO's are found in nearly everything and NOTHING is labelled. It's all about MONEY folks and I would not doubt for one moment that this was pulled off the shelf not because it is harmful, but because people weren't paid off when those studies were done.

    Please people, don't take this as me advocating the use of these products. They may very well be harmful. I'm not a biochemist. All I am saying is to do your own research. As stated previously, there is NOTHING in the research that says that Paclobutrazol causes problems. It states that it MAY cause problems.

    EPA Study on Paclobutrazol
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  10. How sad products like these are still for sale even.....I think it says alot about any store owners that still carry these toxins for sale on there shelves....
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  11. mars


    Hey do you know if XTREME NUTRIENTS : Early Turn A/B , Power Rock, as well as their Grow Excellerator are toxic also.
    Thanks, mars
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  12. opt1c


    i think any product on the market that works like products we know have pgr's in them probably have pgr's as well.... only exception i can think of is sea green but who knows whats in that stuff for sure
  13. Illmind


    i actually used bushmaster a few times and i can definitively say i can taste difference. goes down a bit rougher n makes weed stonier imo. not in a pure way tho. great post im pissed these cocksuckers got me lol. all nute comps should by law have to disclose all ingredients period.
  14. Good info Logic
    It should be a sticky
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  15. Capulator

    Capulator likes to smell trees. Supporter

    You dont need PGRs to get stinky dense flowers. Focus on the environment first and stick with basic ferts and no additives. Once you get your environment dialed in, and your nutes dialed in strain specific, you will see the light.
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  16. I've been running og's for awhile I think I can dial in a og ,have defiantly noticed the difference in bud size and frost. And plant size. Wish they made a product like phosphoload that was safe.
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  17. Thanks for posting, Agree 100%.
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  19. taz5260


    SSU and Crystal burst

    What is the consensus on these two products SSU and Crystal Burst?
    Do they contain any PGR's or any other toxins?
  20. I have heard alot reguarding this and hear in Michigan many of these products are still on the shelves, the thing i'm curious about is that i read that the study conducted was directly feeding gravity and other products directly to rats as a part of there diet, in which case doesn't convince me, because common sense would tell you that ingesting these chemicals would not be safe, and as most farmers who have any experiance with gravity in particular know that ingestion, or even spilling it on yourself can be incredibly detrimental to your health, however when a plant breaks it down, would smoking the final product still be dangerous? Because the manner that the plant breaks it down would disable alot of the chemical reactions from these products (post breakdown). I'm not disputing the results, i'd just like more information!
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