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Post Your Weight Loss From Wet To Dry

Discussion in 'General Indoor Growing' started by Mr.jiujitsu, Aug 22, 2018.

  1. i have never done wet weights on my outdoor, and never did on my previous indoor grows. I would like some posts from people who cut, wet trimmed, weighed and then weighed after dry. I am curious to the ranges people get.

    Thanks in advance

    -submit the world
  2. 75%
  3. The stuff I cut earlier I did find retaineded 1/3 of it orig weight.
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  4. He says 25%, you say 33%. They both sound right
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  5. I never weigh wet.
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  6. It’s not somthing I have done in the past, nor will do in the future just curious what people experience for numbers
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  7. I hear ya.I did it once some years ago and just decided I wouldn't be counting my chicks any more until they hatched.Lol I have heard some say 1/3 loss,50%,and 75%. I'm sure there are some variables in the process but 75% is probably the best percentage to expect as you won't be surprised at final weight except for possibly doing better than you had expected. :)
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  8. That’s what I had thought generally
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  9. gwheels


    I think the tough part is i dont hang buds wet. I hang plants wet. Then i trim off all the crap after 5 to 7 days and that is what i weigh in. Then i burp in quart jars until they are about 55% RH and then i let them age a bit.

    I usually have 12 1 cup jars i use for personal (4 jars per strain) and then i bust out a quart as needed to keep them nicely fresh. Tangent i know but i meant i cant weigh it then its curing in jars.
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  10. 79 grams partially wet to 51 grams fully dry. I’d guess they were close to 100g wet.

    I’m about to harvest the rest of my plant so I’ll do a true wet weigh.
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  11. I only weighed wet maybe 3 times but everytime it was right around 75% loss
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  12. I hang full plants for a week,trim and into paper bags(grocery type)for about 5days and then into jars.Burp a couple days then plop in 58% Bovedas but I'm thinking of dropping even more from 58%.
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  13. gwheels


    I cracked a fresh 1 cup jar last night. I found one that is all top buds from that train wreck scrog. 55% RH in the jar and the bud cracks in half and is sticky in the middle. Smells like heaven too.

    I think curing is the single biggest area you can really make your grow stellar. Slow and steady and it will not taste like hay. It will smell like it should and taste amazing.
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  14. I've found around 75% 80% of you try speeding up the process
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  15. I harvested my RQS Diesel auto 4 days ago. Wet wet was 168g and after 4 days of drying it's now 55g. It won't lose much more weight, maybe a few grams but thats a 67% weight loss.
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  16. When I used to weigh wet vs dry it was always 20%-25% when properly dry.

    This is exactly as was described in multiple Grow books.
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  17. Last sour bubble run 7280 g wet 1456 dry. MD
  18. 5 oz dry was 22 oz wet
  19. thunderfudge

    thunderfudge Breeder

    12 -15% bone dry,manicured,and cured from wet plant day of harvest
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  20. This is the correct answer
    I do it every time and it's always between 20-25%.
    I grow perpetual also 24 plants on different days
    I do each one individually
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