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rick simpson oil

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by JUNGLEOFEDEN, Jul 7, 2009.

  1. hey every body im going to be making oil today ,i use this oil as medicine and i eat it [well i put it in gel caps ] im new here and qwas wondering if any one here has herd of rick simpson if you have not check him out on youtube ,so the oil i will be making today is done with 99% iso and is going to be made with bud only 3 oz to be exact and the strain today that i will be using is grape fruit kush one of my own creations so stay tuned and i will get some pics up...peace for now
  2. hey buddy, good luck with your operation
    and i hope we gotta see some pics!

    keep up the great work
  3. yeah, i've heard of Rick and the great work he is doing up in
    Canada and all the trouble he is getting from the government
    up there too.

    anyway, here is a link to his site and anyone who wants to
    can go and download his video, it's well worth the bandwidth!
    and it's free as well, in fact, he will mail you a copy on disc
    if you e-mail him and ask for it, but he is strapped for cash
    now with legal fees so just download it, lol. (and make a donation!)
  4. ya rick is trying his best to get this info out there,and i will be posting my pics as soon as she is done cooking ,i have just started the cooking process so i will have pics tonight or tommorow morning...peace
  5. yo JOE

    Just watched the video and wanted to say thanks for telling us
    Its just wonderful and recommend everybody to wathc!
    This motivates to fight for our passion and healing. :damnhippie:

    de cane
  6. here are the pics i promised ,this batch turned out pretty good ,very very strong stuff i smoke a lot and this stuff just puts me down ,it puts any one down for that mater ,a freind of mine turned green from 1 bottle toke lol
  7. Directions ?
  8. Good luck with that, bud! Would like to see pics and step x step instructions
  9. lol, go to the link in my last posting above and download the directions
    from Rick, lol.

    btw, when you're done, pass it on, ...and go make a donation,
    they're trying to put the guy in prison man!
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  10. yep i was getting to that i had to get my thc levels up:rasta:step #1.... for this batch i used 2 oz of bud and 1 oz of leaf ,now rick says to use the best material you can get so i use bud and through in some leaf just to get rid of the stuff lol,so i take my cannabis and i chop it a bit i then i add it to my bucket step#2 so you have added your cannabis to you bucket i then get out the 4 bottles of iso and add those to the bucket[now i could of used a bit less iso but what the hell the stuff is cheap the size of bottles i used were 500 ml.... step#3 its mixing time now this part varies i mix it for any were from 5-18 min or so untill im sure that i have removed the thc.... step # 4 filtering i dont like this part much lol i use a coffee filter and it works well only thing though is that it takes a while for the liquid to pass also dont forget to sqwezz out your cannabis to make sure you get all of extract ..step#5 once your done straining you stuff your now your going to put it in to the pot that you are going to use for the cooking process,for cooking i use a coffee maker or a small hot plate you do not for any reason want to use anything with a open flame i can not stress this enough you will :mad0233: you do not want to cook it on a high temp just enough to have a bit of a boil .....step# 6 once most of the iso has burned off you now stop the boil and turn your heat to ass low as it goes ,you can also use the coffee maker hot plate for this it works very well ,at this point you want to keep your eye on it cus its almost done at this point and it doesnt take much to burn the crap out of it ,a good rule of thumb is wene you stop seeing bubbles its done ....step # 7 remove it from the heat source and i take a small fan and and set it on low to cool it down and i leave it for about a half hour ,now you dont have to do this part but i do this to ensure that all the iso has evaporated ...enjoy JUNGLEOFEDEN
  11. sorry abou the delay it takes a while for my posts to go through cus im new here ..peace
  12. Cool thanks man, faster than just letting it evaporate!
  13. oh ya for sure but you could just let it evaporate but it would take a while im sure
  14. ive heard that leaving it in the iso for anything over 30 seconds with one destroy the thc and also dissolve some of the plant material making the oil you think leaving it in the iso so long has any ill effects?
  15. Texas Kid

    Texas Kid Some guy with a light

    Ya cooked it, way to hot on your evaperation process..try using a a double boiler to bring it down slow without the oil solidifying in the takes me about 8 hours solely on the evap and you have to agitate constantly, non stop at the very end, a small wisk works great

    Don't use the Nepthane that Rick Simpson uses, matter a fact don't try and make your oil based on what you see in his videos or you will screw it up and make a hard candy block that you can't really do anything with or a chemical laden paste.

    100% ISO works the best but you have to pop it with a few drops of water right at the end to break off one last little binder in the alcohol that won't relase without it..

  16. Whats the least you can use to get a usable amount, and how long does it last the patient? I know numerous cancer patients that would be willing to try this (as well as other medical ailments), but I don't grow enough to use a pound each time!

    Jungleofeden- how long does the 3 oz. batch last you and at what rate do you consume?

    If I'm not mistaken on the vid he says the 1lb makes a 3 month supply for cancer treatment? But I'm thats using 2-3 drops, 2-3 times a day....
  17. Texas Kid

    Texas Kid Some guy with a light

    60 grams is a single treatment for cancer patients, I think he even says it doesn't matter at what rate you take be cause everyone absorbs it at different rates but you are really trying to boost the cannabinoid levels in your blood up to crazy levels for a bit and then maintain.

    I put them in 1.5+/- gram vials which are the 1/3 dram ones if your buyin them and fill them with big ass cattle syringes when it warm and viscus.

    The nepthane is cheaper but it doesn't vape off the same as the iso does and at the very end it acts way different than the iso, it has a real sweet smell and flashes off quick but still is not as good a process as the iso.

    I put a drop on just about every rip and it takes about three total per day and I am toast for the duration, orally I ate alot a couple of times but not for any long periods, I smoke it to death though, love it..

  18. Thanks Tex, you are constantly a wealth of knowledge my friend. A couple more questions I'll put out there instead of PM'ing...

    Have you made this for any cancer patients with success? I try to convince folks of this all the time, but really only get to hear stories from 3rd parties that really don't know or heard online..etc.. Would love to hear if this actually works, or at least works better than any traditional meds on cancer patients...

    And two- How many ounces do you find on average it takes to yield that 60g dosage for a patient? Is there a general idea/ratio of quality bud used to yield in grams? Or is that dependent on cannabinoid concentrations of the plant? Sorry I've been growing for a hot min now, but have not done any iso or oils/hash, so I really have no frame of reference.
  19. slightly over 1 pound ,that how we do it any ways ,rick says about a pound but the last time we did a big batch it was just over a pound and we got back 64g of super potent oil
  20. the last batch will last me till tomorow so wene ever this post was started til now is how long it will last and i only take a small amount 4 times a day ,im making a two pound batch this weekend for a person with cancer ,i can only say this about the oil ,i was a sceptic and ,i am 100% sure it works becouse im alive and doing very well better every day actully and the doctors are shocked i left 1 doc totally speachless ,so if you try it and im sure you will be nothing but 100% pleased ,its the best thing i have ever decided to do in my life :sun after about 1 week of taking it my apitite was getting better a week after that i was out of bed ,walking doing stuff not just lying in bed !! and a week after that i was looking and feeling so much better and now i have been on it for 2 months or so and i feel so good i almost want to cry ,i havent felt this good in over a year :happy,:sun:sun