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Rollitup Is A Joke

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by JingglerHARD, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. It is probably the most POS site I have ever been too. They banned me for rule violations after trolling advise anyone here to steer clear of that rathole...

    Hopefully this site is better..

    Hi im Jinggler
  2. Yah man no one would do such a thing here
  3. Nice to hear Honestly I dont mind trolling in good ol fashion fun but they Troll the fuk out of you slur you degrade you they talk so much shit then when U talk shit bak they ban you I want Unclebucks Head
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  4. Lol,Shit happens everywhere but this isnt the place to be mad about it,leave it there.
    Trollitup has just as many people there that have been banned from here,you would be suprised,that said there are some good threads there and at IC and others,just take the good and leave the bad.
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  5. Very well said
  6. I mean I guess but I still feel pissed lol . Those guys are serious pricks
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  7. Hey i feel your pain,ive been banned from everywhere over the years,sometimes my fault sometimes not.
    No one can ever take anything away from you besides access to your acct/pics really,like water off a ducks back!
    You can be back there posting in an hour if you want,they cant hurt or stop you if you know how to go about it.
    Uncle suck is a member here too or was,a glorified house cleaner over there who works for free,as far as i know he doesnt own the place,hes the owners bitch so dont let him get under your skin!
  8. Lol fair enough im going back there soon to kick his fukn ass sometimes I can get thru wit a new profile
  9. There is nothing wrong with RIU,I would be butthurt if they banned me also I guess. Ive been there for awhile and there pretty much no different from any other forums/info site.Im not sure why THCfarmer attracts such good people,but this site is a step above most others I guess that is why I keep coming back
  10. I dont think theres really anything wrong either except for the fact that they ban "Rulebreakers" even tho their admins and uncle buck troll and degrade everyone...then ban u. Im for everything but the ban if your gonna say somthing mean dont expect a christian response I told all of them they were Biznatches thats just 1 thing lol...cant say the others...its mainly the politics section that gets u banned
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  11. GT21

    GT21 I like soup Supporter

    We only do that as friends here
  12. Well you guys definitly make me feel like family Im glad I found this place.
  13. 420mag (i mean mars hydro) has banned me 3 times I'm still there lol.
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  14. Well Ok lets just say I been banned alot of time s...but on roll it up they completely lock you out.
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  15. Your just as much at fault as the trolls that are harassing you. They baited you into replying to their comments and you fell for it. Now your going to open another acct on there and become one of them.
  16. Yeah we go to grasscity for troll fun.
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  17. the mods there are just as nub too. heisen and I were spittin truth at this clown and a mod came and deleted all of our comments lol.
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  18. Well I gotta the things they said ... never in my day....
  19. Dude Thats exactly what Happend I posted a graph with real info like 4 of there mebers actually liked it then a troll came on talkn shit I returned fire and woke up to a ban rite after I was awarded the welcome to rollituptrophy
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  20. HAHAHA yup
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