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Rso Oil

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by 1diesel1, Jan 25, 2018.

  1. give me your best recipe. EA76427D-C3C2-4D69-81CD-7D10D303705D.jpeg
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  2. Two.Bears


    only use Everclear or 99% ISO
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  3. I always use everclear or a cheaper brand. What is your process?
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  4. Two.Bears


    Yes you can use Everclear.

    however a better process is 99% Isopropol. you get about 75% more yield than Everclear.

    what I do is freeze everything. swirl the solvent and plant matter for 85 seconds

    Quickly separate the liquid and stick in the freezer for 6 hours or so.

    Filter the liquid through coffee filter in the freezer.

    after filtration pour liquid in bowl

    Diet bowl near open window with a fan to blow over the liquid and the fumes out the window.

    When 95-98% of the liquid is gone scoop it up on parchment paper and purge at 110-120 Fahrenheit.

    First test is the nose. do you smell alcohol?

    When there is no smell of alcohol get s tiny amount of the oil on paper clip or similar and burn. if you see sparks or it pops purge it more. When it bubbles with no pops or sparks its ready.

    I usually get 17.2-24.5% yields Everclear will only give you 12-14%.

    once I got 26 grams Northern Lights that was dry and powdery WAY PAST ITS PRIME and crumbled to powder. They gave me 4.4 grams fantastic medicine..a yield of 16.9%.

    now Northern Lights only has 17% THC and 3% CBD. those buds had to be 6-8 months old NOT COMPLAINING.

    In a thread here I posted a few pictures of my extractions.
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  5. Feel like its been a long time since ive seen you around, how you been?
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  6. Seriously. Don't use iso, use everclear, or a different ethyl. If your actually trying make something with medicinal value..
    Don't get me started with QWISO.
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  7. Thats the second time ive heard you say it. Kinda want to get you started on qwiso
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  8. Two.Bears


    I have made and used both. Everclear and with 99% ISO.

    I will take the stuff extracted with 99% ISO EVERY TRIP OF THE TRAIN.

    1. much higher yield
    2. Better appearances
    3. the effects

    QWISO has one concern. make darn sure it is completely purged which can be easily done

    I have vaped

    weed extracted with 99% ISO, Everclear and Butane.

    the BHO has better flavor
    but I would rather vape the 99% ISO.

    The effects are much faster, and stronger than the others as well as being much less harsh on the throat and lungs.
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  9. Two.Bears


    Especially QWISO that is made correctly!

    99% ISO is less harsh to throat and lungs than QUEHO (Everclear)

    the effects are much faster much stronger than either QUEHO or BHO

    AND 99% ISO extracts slightly more than Butane, and 80-90% more than Everclear.

    What I do is use two three methods of extraction.

    1. dry sift buds
    2. Press the dry sift into Rosin.

    then the trim and hash pucks are stripped with 99% ISO.

    this gives me the caviar to vape and other medicine to put in edibles

    Don't touch BHO now.

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  10. Here's the deal. You won't be able to do dick all with iso unless you boil off all the terps. Bho is 30 degrees is it's boiling point
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  11. GT21

    GT21 I like soup Supporter

    It makes a great chaser
  12. GT21

    GT21 I like soup Supporter

    If youre trying to boil iso youre gonna burn your house down hahaha
  13. Just easier to purge with an organic solvent with a low boiling point. Terp preservation is what I'm about.
  14. Two.Bears


    I mean no disrespect but your post REALLY hit a nerve!

    I am kind of the quote from the movie "Roadhouse" . "Be nice until its time not to be nice."

    If you're a fragile snowflake STOP HERE!

    Because the rest of the message I let the Grizzly bear side of my nature come out to play.

    I get sick and _____ TIRED of people parroting the Meme, "ISO WILL KILL YOU!" without even considering ways that ISO can and are used safely

    Apparently you are unable to read too!

    I stated CLEARLY that I pressed the dry sift to Rosin. so most of it is caviar or best you can possibly get.

    then the hash pucks and trim has the remaining cannabinoids are stripped with 99% ISO. This i use in edibles!

    Rosin can be used internally as RSO too. not only that but the best RSO you can get!

    excuse me but what do you think happens to terpenes when you decarboxolate the plant in a 240 degree oven or in a 350-400 degree oven when baking edibles?

    Let me guess. ah; Ahem, Um "the terpenes have left the building?"

    by the way I have safely removed the 99% ISO at temperatures below 130 devrees and vaped dozens of gramsyoc QWISO! Chew on that for a while!

    You drink 99% ISO and it will kill you DEAD!

    What do you think happens to the remaining molecules of 99% ISO when baked in an edible at 350-400 degrees? they leave the building too?

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  15. Two.Bears


    I don't boil 99% ISO. I spelled that out clearly when I gave my method of production. there is at most 5-10 drops of ISO left in the hash oil before I ever apply any heat to it.

    if you make RSO according to directions it won't have any terpenes in it either!

    That's why I press Rosin from dry sift to get the BEST I can get then use the QWISO Method to get the remaining cannabinoids.

    yes I could bubble hash then press the bubble hash to Rosin but I would still be throwing away medicine so since I would have to use the same amount of alcohol so I just QWISO all the trim and hash pucks.
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  16. Okay so your talking a out two things out of order. QWISO removes a shit load of terps if your properly trying to purge your solvent. That's a fact. That's where terps come in, not about rso. If iso is not to be ingested, how does dabbing parts per thousands of iso or parts per hundred as you said with 99%. Im not here to strike nerves, talking about snow flakes, your the only one triggered..
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  17. Two.Bears


    Im not triggered. if I were i would look you up and correct the situation.

    2nd Dan in Tar Kwan Do.
    purple belts in Aikido, Ate Waza, and Jiu Jitsu
    Brown belt in Karate
    Zhan Zhuang Qigong master.

    I wasn't triggered. Frustration from someone repeatedly unwilling to even listen. Forget Learn!

    I dont recommend RSO for much of the same reasons I refuse to recommend pressing buds into Rosin.

    1. RSO only gets about 57% of cannabinoids. Pressing nuggets only gets about half of cannabinoids.

    2. BOTH methods introduce a lot of contamination to the hash oil.

    3. RSO has the following things you dont want in it!

    Plant material.

    YOU WILL FIND NONE OF THEM in Rosin pressed from dry sift, OR properly made QWISO!

    I carefully looked at all of the down sides of the extraction methods available.

    I wanted to get the BEST AND SAFEST way of obtaining.

    1. The best quality
    2. the most cannabinoids possible
    3. the SAFEST for extraction(s)

    For me that is pressing dry sift to Rosin following by making QWISO of the hash pucks and trim.

  18. Let me run this buy you,
    I soak my dry trim in everclear for 3 hrs. Then filter the trim out.
    Simmer the liquid on conduction heat with a piece of neoprene covering the top. Simmer for 1 1/2 hrs with ice constantly melting on the neoprene while simmering. Finally poor liquid In to deep fryer boiling out the everclear. Once I’ve boiled the oil to the point the bubbles are the size of a quarter I’m told all the everclear is boiled off. Give me your honest opinion of this process. Or anything I can improve on.
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  19. GT21

    GT21 I like soup Supporter

    My bud likes making it more than i do

    Soak trim for 1 week... Room temp dark place
    Throws in a crockpot outside and lets it cook.
    Then draws his syringes when cooled.
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  20. Two.Bears


    THIS _____ING autocorrect is getting old!

    That was Tae Kwan Do!

    I clearly posted the directions. Read it again.
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