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Sixstrings Led Cob Builds

Discussion in 'L.E.D Grow Lights' started by sixstring, Nov 12, 2016.

  1. Ok so i figured i would start a new journal here just for my led stuff since it has taken over about half my grow now lol.
    I been using the info gained from supraspl,growmau5,tags420 (greengenes707) and to build a bunch of diy cob light bars.also shout out to bobbyg who has answered alot of my silly questions as of late :)
    These cree led are turning out some fanfuckintastic plants and i plan to move towards a grow room with 80% cob lights and 20% gavita fixtures with both mh and hps lamps to cover all the spectrum.
    Anyhow heres a few pics to kick it off and now that winter is here i should have more time to document whats goin on.
    20161106_182026.jpg 20161031_200429-1gg4.jpg 20161027_191141.jpg 20161021_174408.jpg

    Plus I'm trying to finish building my new spot, been a busy summer so this pretty much sat idle :(
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  2. SpiderK


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  3. I feel the need to pay it forward so if you have any questions feel free to ask,if i dont have the answers i can prob direct you to a good place to look.
    First pic is kinda old now,its bigger with 7 tubes laying idle....dead soldiers lol
    20160925_220634ds.jpg 20160925_220533new30.jpg 20160827_215150.jpg 20160829_202835.jpg

    Masterkush likes cobs :)
    Corn on da cob.jpg
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  4. SpiderK


    lots of pic's of the buildout / info on led's, build ect ...please lets make this a good one .... :smoking:
  5. yeah i will take lots of build pics,if i can ever get my ass going on it lol.thanks for takin a looksee spiderK :cool:
  6. need to get @AvidLerner to build me some led dimmers for the new shop so i can do sunrise/sunset the same way i do with gavita controller hint hint ..
  7. So it looks like your building mostly 5 cob bars?what are you finding as far as number of cobs to replace Hps lighting?what is the cost difference?where is the best place to get the parts to build these lights?do you still hunt or do you just sit in a little room soldering?lol.
  8. im headed north to hunt tonight :)
    yes motly 5 cob bars based on driver eff and me liking the 1050ma meanwells.i have some vero 29 gen 7 builds coming soon so some will be 4 cob builds,some will be 6
    i think 450w cobs kills 600w hps and my 540w are spanked the 600w badly lol.cost dif is hard to figure,for me its a huge savings on lamp replacement and a/c bills
    i will list lins to buy this stuff later ,,mama said get offthe pc haha.

    no soldering if you dont want to,everything can be bought plug n play now.i will list those parts aswell.peace
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  9. Pm me and I can help you out. Nice build love those lights.
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  10. Fuck yes they do.
    Good to see you around again. Good luck on the hunt...
    Haven't made up my mind if I will hunt or not this year. Getting lazy in my old age.
  11. yooper420

    yooper420 Curmudgeonlander Supporter

    Your LED`s be looking kick ass.
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  12. Still interested in the startup costs of building a replacement for Hps,if a 450 replaces a 600 that's a savings of about 25% so pretty close to 315s?
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  13. Well start up costs could range from about 450 on the low side to about 550 on the high side.just depends how you build it and how efficient you want it to run.i built for for over 50% eff and it cost me a little more up front. But my 535w setups smoke any 600w hid setup.i have dropped my total lighting power from just over 12kw to under 10kw now and haven't lost a gram of weekly yields, in fact they are going up. My ac is running less now and shorter cycles so i know im also saving there.
    But im not sure if I understand your question about 315s ?
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  14. jumpincactus

    jumpincactus Premium Member Supporter

    Hey Six, I have a question, do LED's run as cool as the industry would want us to believe? I am subbed to follow along on this thread and so badly want to make the move for many reasons. So if you'll have me along for the ride I will have lots of questions . I hope ya dont mind. :)
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  15. Lots of questions lol. Look out for Jump.
  16. some do some dont haha.the mars hydro panels dont run cool at all,but some of these new cob setups driven softer like 700ma and 1050ma run very cool if the proper heatsinks are used.and yes if you run them properly at high eff # you will see more lumens and less heat watts then you can get with hid lighting.been a minute since i did an update here,brb
  17. This fuckin rumble needs to wrap it up .this girl is under the 2700k bars @ week 7 as of yesterday :)
    20161118_224801.jpg 20161118_224748.jpg

    Couple lil mk's chillin out under some newer setups using 1400ma and a few less cobs. Seems legit
    20161118_224839-1mk wk 2ish.jpg


    La con from a few weeks ago is yummy :)
    20161106_182026.jpg 20161106_181849.jpg
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  18. So as soon as i get some time i will be doing a build with these new square heatsinks from northern grow lights and the bars i have been working on. These bars have had some changes since the first set and i changed how the plasma cutter runs around the plate so it spends more time cutting and less time moving from hole to a found a guy that can bend 1/8 in and 1/4 in plate for me so i made another tweak to this design this week,just waiting to get those back from the bender.should be kinda cool looking but heres the new heatsinks robinn @ngl is selling
    20161105_155844.jpg 20161105_155611.jpg
    For now i will prob build one out using the prototype bars since i still have a few laying around here that need to be drilled for these.
    So it will look similar to this^^^ but different heatsinks and i plan to use the vero 29 gen 7 cobs on them.stay tuned
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  19. Rootbound

    Rootbound Moderator Staff Member

    Looking great sixpack! On average, wouldnt it cost about $2 per watt to build these? I think thats what some want to know.
  20. Well for 2 bucks a watt you can have a kickass fixture from pacific lighting can build your own for a little less like 1.50 per watt
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