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"Smart" electricity meters can ID your lights

Discussion in 'Security' started by Herbiraptor, Feb 12, 2010.

  1. Not hide the load but very likely hide the "signature" of a particular device.
  2. Hey lost I think this guy was talking about a special operation the popo did in Alberta with an Ammeter(sort of like a multimeter), skimming the info for a really big grow op. They did it without a warrant and it got thrown out.

    The Smart Meters are a digital replacement for our spinning wheel meters.

    The only thing, but our privacy, to be discussed is whether these are meant to save money by being efficient or to help install new energy taxes.
    I've concluded that it is both.
  3. My reading, admittedly by a non engineer type, leads me to conclude that this info will be fed into the power company's computer in real time.

    I would think it would be fairly simple for LEO to create a monitoring program that even if you could filter the appliance signature that the constant load signature (18/6 or 12/12 of x number of watts on a daily basis) would be pretty easy to flag for follow-up and might even convince a judge it is probable cause for a warrant.

    There seems no doubt that the meters are going to become compulsory and unless the ACLU or someone similar can write some tough safeguards into the law it will be very easy for LEO.

    If someone can invent a device to foil this info without bypassing the meter they will make a mega fortune.

    Either way IMHO I think it is an issue that we should be interested in and should bring to the attention of NORML and the Hydro industry and maybe even get a bit active about.

    The big growers can always set up in an industrial area, it is the hobbyist and med user that will become very vulnerable.

    It logically follows that this will be a big boost for the big boys and organized crime and once again our medicines will be controlled by thugs who put money over safe and effective products.
  4. I don't think so. There are a lot of varibles in play when it comes to the amount of electricity a home can use, which should make it difficult to target you soley based on your load patterns. Additionally not every grower runs the same set up so each individual garden will have a unique load. Add that to central A/C, a plasma tv or two each one uses about the same power as a 400W light, computers, DVRs, XBox, PS3 etc and since your garden won't always being running while nothing else is, the load on the whole house will vary based on what other appliances you're using when your garden is drawing power.

    There are so many reasons to have a higher electric bill than your neighbor that power use alone can't be used to obtain probable cause.
  5. In norcal they have already swapped out most of the meters. Check yours and you will be surprised. They are mainly to shut off/turn on power remotely as well as makes it possible to read your consumption from a hub.

    additionally, i believe they could make it safer because you wont have the pge or other utility company on your property as much! targeting growers because of power usage is a trend that seems to be fading fast. i dont know of anyone that has been busted based on this.
  6. They can't use it to bust ya, but they use it to find ya. Then they focus on gathering other evidence by staking you out, send narcs to try and purchase from you, etc. again, cover yer butt.
  7. I think it might be possible to mask or camo grow light/pump/fan usage by a homemade device, untill someone comes up with a commercial unit,by using a series of computer power sources mated with digital timers to turn on & off at various random times during the day.Make the power units differing voltages,a 250,a 400 & a 600 watt units all coming on & off for short periods of time in a random pattern.I know this will cost but it might cost less than getting popped.
    Just an idea off the top of my head so,if you think it sucks,don't be afraid to say so,lol.
  8. Crackerass

    Crackerass Premium Member Supporter

    in my home town they swapped out the old meters with the digital ones to save money. instead of paying a bunch of people to go out and read your meter every month... a few hundred people got fired. its a bullshit job anyways. the suckers are huge though, if you have a couple panels in your house they stack like two of them together. so instead of the normal meter they clipped on where the old one was. this allows them to just monitor your meter from the electrical company. they have better things to do than trying to pin point a few grows. just pay your bill and you have nothing to worry about.
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  9. this is just a whole bunch of horse shit hype over nothing. talk about

    the new smart meters are as said, they can be read over the power line, without an employee having to drive to your house to check it. for each employee off the role, they save about 50,000 dollars a year in vehicle maint.,salary, benefits, gasoline, insurance etc. etc.

    now if it could read your house. watts is watts. no matter what is drawing it. a hot water heater draws more and runs constant on electric. clothes dryers, washers, microwaves. plenty shit draws high wattage.

    running your room during the day, would be at a higher peak time, costing you more money over a year, but hiding night time consumption. one option.

    if you have a 400, i would lose no even a few four hundreds, or a couple of 600's or even a couple of 1000w isn't putting anyone off the chart. LEO doesn't have the money or manpower anymore to chase bullshit like this. too hard to prove.

    now if at the same time every day, your meter looks like it just got jacked by a football stadium in the middle of sunday night...yeah. if you are the only one in a neighborhood with a 3000 dollar light bill, and all your neighbors is 300....well stupid is as stupid does.

    as was said before. don't run a commercial grow op where you live. unless you want your next place to have bars.
  10. its true my uncles's bill is like 3gs a month and he doesnt grow. he is just a power whore, heated pools, hot tube, a/c, 5 flat screens, 5 personal computers ect. they just want the bill paid, and if you read most power companies have a bit on privacy and will state that they will not give info to a third party without a affidavit, so unless your already caught your bill is your bill
  11. doogle


    The best way to overcome all these electricity problems is overide the meter completely.People are breaking the law anyway growing so you might aswell go all out and then you dont have to worry about any lighting being to much.It is safe as long as its done right ive done it for years.Happy days
  12. Worst.


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  13. some things you just don't post online
  14. doogle


    Believe me it isnt.

    Do you guys think you are being good by not working that way.Most people are growing for a bit of personal and to earn money.Why mess around with silly little lights that yeild half the amount because you are stressing over how much electricity you use?

    I notice someone else said somethings you just dont post online.What!this is a forum for growing weed???
    Im sorry if i offended all you:angel

    I say it how it is!:devil
  15. Seamaiden

    Seamaiden Living dead girl

    Joking, incredibly stoopid, or law enforcement. Or a troll. I mean, with a grand total of four posts I think we can all look to this guy for fantastic advice, right?

    What's the difference between a forum for growing weed and telling people how to steal? I call it "Jail Time".

    LMAO! Yeah...
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  16. doogle


    you go to jail for growing weed?
  17. doogle


    If you dont take my advice then you will probably stay where you have stayed your whole lives.Good Luck!
    I dont want to offened anyone but i have read through a thread where everyone is trying to find ways round things etc.You are waisting your time if you want to grow a bit more than a bit of personal thats all.
    Its frustrating that certain guys on here really think they know what they are doing.I have put a bit of input that is not the norm and everyone is freaked out!
    It makes no difference to me what you do but if you want to make some serious money its the only way.There are people who log on reading these threads and who want to make money and they are reading what you small growers write and thats fine if they only want to grow a small amount.Yes if you steal electric you get arrested but you also get arrested for growing weeeeeeeeeed.
    Alot of you probably dont know what i know because you are doing it your way fair play but your way isnt the only way.
    15+ years growing! made more money you knowalls could ever dream of!!:harvest:
  18. Seamaiden

    Seamaiden Living dead girl

    If I am then I'm doin' it wrong.
    Bullshit, you absolutely intend to offend. Not to mention maybe get the site shut down. WTF?
    You have specifically given the type of 'information' and "knowledge' that will absolutely guarantee not only investigation, but jail time for more than just growing some weed. How big do your panties have to be for you to know at least that much?
    Many of us are indeed small growers. Many of us are not. Just because you're growing weed doesn't mean you're automatically going to be arrested, or are you going to sit there and insist that it does?

    Now, why haven't I been arrested for anything yet...?? Oh yeah, because I know how to keep my nose clean.

    What's next from you, openly trying to beg genetics off people here?
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  19. doogle


    Calm down dear!

    Of course i dont mean to offened or have the forum shut down.
    You are not getting it.

    Just giving tried and tested advice that works to this day.
  20. Steve Z

    Steve Z Guest

    this is the worst advice i have ever heard. if you cant afford electric your doing it wrong. if your on the radar your doing it wrong.


    just pay for your lights. my APARTMENT has 100 amp service. you do not need more than that.

    doesnt matter if YOU HAVE been stealing power for years, that is horrible advice. it may have worked for you but for 99.9% of people your are setting them up to get busted with that advice.
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