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Squiggly Moves To Colorado

Discussion in 'Smokers Lounge' started by squiggly, Mar 15, 2019 at 4:23 PM.

  1. I finally made it out of the Midwest! Hoping to settle into something lucrative out here before long—but for now I’m just enjoying being out of the temperate zone.

    I wonder, how many of the old guard are still out this way?
  2. Hey there old timer! Welcome back. Glad your here :)

    I def always enjoyed your suggestions and posts on here. Hope you stay for the ride!
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  3. Rootbound

    Rootbound Moderator Staff Member

    Guess you are no longer my neighbor now :(. Good to hear about getting settled out there. Still waiting for them to legalize here!! Its on the table, the new governor is all for it :).
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  4. Dirtbag


    Good to see you on the forum, I enjoyed reading through the chemistry question thread. Although I have to admit most of it went over my head lol. Several gems in there though.
  5. Unit541


    Welcome home brother... lemme know when you find the "lucrative" lol.
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  6. Welcome to Colorado dude. If you're looking for really good clones in the Denver area go to medicine man Denver location. Or Denver clone store.

    Medicine man gives you almost established plant like clones pretty big in size vs most stores.
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  7. You waaaaaaaay late to the party dude, green rush is CO is over. Ya missed the bus, oh yeah.
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  8. Yeah welcome to Colorado man. Fashionably late, but that's ok!

    May I ask what part of CO you are in? I'm in the South, South East part of the state, relatively close to Pueblo.
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  9. Last time I was in Denver Clone Store they had spider mites on every plant. Will never go there again. Anyone who tries to sell spider mite infested clones should have their license taken away.
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  10. Not sure if that was recent. But I was in their store about a year ago. And they had some decent stuff. But I've been getting most of them at medicine man they're a lot bigger in size and same price
  11. Highkev


    What happened to the green rush why is it over?
  12. At this point it's a lot harder to get into the legal side of the business. The market in Colorado has gone way down, as well. County and city municipalities have made growing harder. In El Paso county, CO for example, you cannot grow more than 12 plants even if you have a license to grow 75, unless you live on agricultural-zoned land. I've heard Denver you can only grow 4 plants.

    Basically there's a lot more red tape than there was a couple years ago and with legalization it's a lot harder to make money in a legal operation. When dispensaries are selling 50 dollar ounces it makes it a lot less profitable to grow out here now. Most people having to resort to black market sales, shipping their flower out of state and getting busted by the DEA in return.
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  13. Yeah this was a year and a half ago, maybe 2 years ago. They may have changed their ways but I pointed out the spider mites and they just said "Oh that's just Colorado, everyone has spider mites there's nothing you can do about it, it's no big deal..." .. .. .. So based upon that statement alone (hope they fired that person) I walked out and never looked back. Why they would even attempt to sell clones that I can clearly see little red dots crawling all over the leaves, is beyond me.
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  14. Yeah they were trying to get rid of their problems by giving em to you
  15. Rootbound

    Rootbound Moderator Staff Member

    Lol, he's a few pay grades above the cash croppers. No bus needed for squiggly ;).
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  16. Hi Sqiggly, welcome back. You helped me with a few questions back in the day. Not too many of the old crowd around anymore. Good luck in Colorado. I imagine someone will appreciate your knowledge. Black Lab
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  17. Unfortunately I have sold my soul to pharma. Well, sort of. When federal happens I’ll be well situated for that green rush (no matter where the hell I end up).

    By all means, if anyone in the canna industry out here knows of something lucrative/intermediate-level for a chemist to step into I am all ears, but for the most part I know what’s available to me there.

    It’s not zero but it is sparing. My cards are, as ever, mostly close to my chest on this one.

    I’m in Aurora :)
  18. Hey Lab! I remember you.

    Appreciate, yes.

    Compensate, we shall see :)

    Appreciate the well wishes my guy.
  19. Thanks man. Inbox is always open if you’d like any clarification. I haven’t been active on the forums but I have been back for about the past year or so getting into the inbox periodically. Goes for anyone, always here to help a farmer in need.

    Appreciate the tip man. Currently whoring myself to various conferences looking for a foot in at some pharma company. Once I’m established I will probably just pop some of the beans I got here that I’ve been holding for years.

    Remeber Eskimo Kush @logic ? :)

    These are just facts. The major thing keeping me out of canna industry isn’t my lack ability to succeed there, it’s that they won’t be willing to pay me what I’m worth by and large.

    Again if anyone wants to prove me wrong you’d be doing us both a favor, but my experience wont command a premium in MJ business until the FDA gets involved.

    Then I’m basically made of gold.
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  20. Got you fam lol