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Surviving The Game...

Discussion in 'Activist Corner' started by KC Dreamer, Jan 17, 2019.

  1. My state recently legalized MMJ and while I am happy for the progress and as I should be, ecstatic about it, I can't help but wonder what will become of the small time basement farmers who depend on their grow to maintain the income they need to support their families. In my state the laws are written to benefit only those with deep enough pockets to put up HUGE application fees and capitol to support the start up cost of expensive facilities for farming, processing and dispensing. Caregivers will be allowed to grow for specific patients but not to unload extras to the dispensaries like they are in other states. How will they survive? How can the small guy keep his lively hood in tacked amidst the changing tides? Right now things seem very uncertain and I am not sure where it is all leading but I am trying to keep the hope that it is all going to come together in the end...
  2. Unfortunately for people like us the purpose of what they call legalization is to eradicate any and all black market as you are taking their tax dollars. And this is what the majority of people who vote yes want out of the monopoly.
    And the other states like Michigan and Oregon have now eliminated buying from care givers and Michigan has exiled anyone from the caregiver market of past from even applying for a license.
    They used the caregivers to get everything in place so the rappers, sports athlete etc. can put up megagrows and control the monopolized market. Now they are kicked to the curve.
    If your in KC your good for a while as only med is legal, it’s when rec. comes the shit hits the fan.
    Your best bet is to get elite strains and grow them to the best of there ability..
    Eventually you can expect a G per unit. Peanuts I know.
    And don’t expect sly loyalty at all, people love to shop.
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  3. Thanks for the response, this is what I am feeling also. I will ride the wave until it breaks but life will go on. I started farming just so I could have quality nugg for me and a few buddies and I guss eventually that will have to come around full circle and go back to that.
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  4. That’s why people need to get around to de criminalizing the plant. Legalization only opens the doors for control from the top.
    In a perfect world we would be able to take our extras to the farmers market with the other bearing fruits. The shit growers would vanish and people would have real homegrown quality cannabis and the people that got us here would have a chance to make a living.
  5. Thats Truth right there... All the new laws have done is make it to where the little guy gets fucked and the deep pockets get deeper...
  6. This country loves money it didn’t earn that’s for sure. If not for taxes no form of marijuana would be legal.
    I’m gonna move to japan where an ounce will land you more then $500, just do not get caught.
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  7. 3 balls

    3 balls

    I agree 100%, that the more people having access to "Gods Medicine" the better. I live in one of the first states to go recreational though. The first line of the initiative to legalize recreationally might as well have read 1. F**k over the little guy. It took a couple years to really go to shit but it did. I underestimated rock bottom for sure, thinking it could never go lower than 1k per. Right now I'm happy to get 800 for FIRE. If you have problems or get poor results from a new strain and it's doesn't look diamond frosty or smell as strong as a dead skunks butthole- 300. Without sugar coating it, my advice is figure out a plan B before the next recession hits.
  8. I feel your pain. I went to school in KC and worked there for almost 10 years and moved up here for the weather and the MJ. Ideally I wanted to have an op setup so I would've been able to collaborate with friends by the time it was legal there. I couldn't get enough capital build anything beyond experimental stages as I was just doing it all myself. Even seeing what it has become up here you have to have some real money just to get a house/land and finding people that are willing to work with you that you can trust is slim to none. Even so working for someone else is a joke because they either don't pay you shit or you have to have a certification or degree in genetics/cultivation, so I'm still just doing closet grows trying to get experience and doing the grind until something comes along. Is it just medical in KC, MO?
  9. Y’all should see how Canada is doing it. At least y’all got some years. They are giving massive crooked companies long headstarts before approving any micro cultivators. Product costs twice as much though legal stores as black market. Idiots man. Buying shakers to get the seeds out of massive garbage crops, while good small batch guys are sitting on their thumbs or breaking the law.
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  10. :cry: Canada is so far behind in the weed game yet they blindly pretend they are inventing the wheel. Some of the articles I have read are just ludicrous!
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  11. Ya man. Bunch of morons that know nothing and want to shun the culture that made cannabis available to every whining bastard that judges folks that made it legal. Well if it’s a high cbd strain in ok with it. Thc is evil tho.. sips tea in perfectly clean half million dollar condo. “Be careful of those “street” genetics.. lmao. Oh did Justin Trudeau breed that kush?
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  12. Edit * oh did Justin Trudeau breed that kush.. BITCH!?
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  13. Huh??? what's going on? I would figure just about every country or culture has some master growers somewhere. I think we can all agree that governments in general are not perfect and full of greedy people just as much as the streets are.
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  14. Hahahah Canada has some of the best growers on earth. Your naive or poorly informed if you think otherwise. That being said I would attest that there are some of ha best growers in the world in many countries through out the world. Let’s not be ignorant to think we are some how gifted or ahead of the game.
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  15. JWM2

    JWM2 Premium Member Supporter

    Imo there’s always a market for good growers who produce good product.

    I know a guy who is driving across the state 2 hours to get bud from a small craft grower when he can get it cheaper where he lives. He lives in a major city and knows several commercial growers and yet chooses to make the drive every couple weeks to stock up on better stuff that costs more money. And it’s not even for flavor of the month strains either, it’s for tried and true classics grown organically in soil.

    There is a difference and some smokers will gladly pay a premium to have it. It’ll take time but eventually when the new car smell of legalization is gone the real growers will rise to the top.
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  16. I completely agree. I still of places where people are still smoking brick weed. The best way I can think about it is how this country has gone from having prohibition to having 3 micro-breweries on a block. If you can just stash seed until that happens. By that time lights and just about everything else will be 10x more efficient and you won't need the experience. Personally I'm doing both as I value the experience and joy of growing now, and hopefully someday it will actually be profitable for me too.
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  17. I do hope you are right. It’s just ‘inconvenient’ that small craft growers can’t even legally make a little bank before the big guys have driven down the price. I’m bitching and moaning about the legislation, but hopefully the dumb bastards will surprise us all and open er up for the folks who care about quality, and and want to do what they love legally. They are just dragging their asses atm it seems. But whatever. It is more important that the people can legally grow 4 plants. I don’t really see why anyone keeping it within reason should even follow the plant count rule anyways. We all know you can get more off 4 plants than 10 if you get crazy with it.
    Not saying at all that is Canadians are better growers at all. It’s always annoyed me when the west coast bastards assume nobody anywhere else in Canada knows how to get good seeds and grow em out right lol. Good smoke can be grown anywhere.
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  18. JWM2

    JWM2 Premium Member Supporter

    There’s a big difference even in craft brews for example between those who do it because they love beer and they love making beer and those who just want to cash in on the fad. Those who really put the time in and love learning every facet of the craft are able to continually produce new product that the public loves. And in reality they wouldn’t even care if they profited from it as it’s a labor of love. It is what they were meant to do.

    It takes a special person to learn the plant, history, genetics, tricks, methods, styles, fads, taste, effects and so on. Those who just want to get a buzz will never comprehend it on the same level but those who put in the effort and take the time to perfect the craft will always have people lining up to share in that joy.

    It’s like the old Italian pizza shop owner who loves what he does and everyone loves him for it. He is passionate about his pizza and it shows. Sure you can buy dominoes, Pizza Hut, papa johns or whatever but why would you? He makes the best pizza in town and loves doing it. Sure the guy who owns the pizza chain might be rich but he will never make a pizza at scale as good as the Italian who still tosses and stretches his dough.
  19. I was always told Americans can’t grow and don’t know good pot. Just being honest.. anyways after joining the farm I think those guys that said that were all mixed up... they must have been thinking about your weak beer :D:p cause Americans can grow I can tell ya that fer free
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  20. JWM2

    JWM2 Premium Member Supporter

    Good weed follows good growers. It’s just that simple. Good beer follows good brewers. Good pizza follows good (whatever the hell you call a pizza maker, lol).