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You guys are funny! The main reason people still buy from homegrowers is the use of pesticides/fungicides on larger grows”approve or not”. You can’t isolate massive grows like you can a grow in your basement. It’s either spray or lose large profits from the likes of blood sucking thrips white flies spider mites, not to mention pythium rootrot etc. Everything needs sprayed and treated.

Not always the case. You could get some ladybugs and/or lacewings to combat most if not all mites and other pests and the rest is pretty much up to environment control. I still consider myself relatively new in the grand scheme as it's been 10 years since I've really grown anything so I prefer smaller grows. Even so I think smaller growers a farmer is able to pay more attention per plant and thus quality more closely monitored, however in a perfect world this should/could be scale-able.

The benefit of the corporate involvement is they will insure it's flexibility as they bastardize the hell out of it for profit, however real aficionados (stoners or seasoned growers) will always want the best that can be procured/cultivated and the underground market will always rise to the top. Then again who knows, maybe Coke will be a contender at CC, but I doubt it. Corps will want to use chems as they don't give a **** about environmental balances as they aren't cheap to maintain, so you can also count on them making some bunk. Taxes suck yes, but I suppose we have to pay the people for the stamped paper somehow and be honest (and this is just comparison) do people go out and get a license every time they make their own booze and oddly enough there are people that even steal cable still. Just imagine, once it is legal, all the people in prison that were involved in a life of crime or got caught up because of MJ and how they're all going to free and out of a job. So there are several phases of this that we have even yet to see. I think growing pot will be so common place in the future that more people will realize that right now it's just it's toddler years. Just protect your neck and keep doing what you want to do knowing the pros and cons are. If anyone wants to collaborate I'm still trying to shake the 9-5.


Imo there’s always a market for good growers who produce good product.

I know a guy who is driving across the state 2 hours to get bud from a small craft grower when he can get it cheaper where he lives. He lives in a major city and knows several commercial growers and yet chooses to make the drive every couple weeks to stock up on better stuff that costs more money. And it’s not even for flavor of the month strains either, it’s for tried and true classics grown organically in soil.

There is a difference and some smokers will gladly pay a premium to have it. It’ll take time but eventually when the new car smell of legalization is gone the real growers will rise to the top.

This is what blew me away coming to a rec/med state. The black market they are trying to get rid of is as strong as my home state. As long as you are on your game there will always be a market for your warez. Heads always want to smoke heads. Period. I just think it's a lot easier for us fellas that have been around and doing this long before the rec/med since we are doing the same shit we have always been doing and not skipping a step. If you are newer to the game I can see where it might be a little harder for you to read the market and get caught up in trends and what not thinking that's the golden ticket.


I like to call Free market not black market. I appreciate transparency of legalization, testing, standards, ethics etc. It allows oppurtunity for those of us with experience in vastly growing markets. The overhead is and margins are shrinking when taxation are involved. I'd like to see rather than choose sides, think of a new movement together. Personally I'd love to see us win the next battle not for commercial interest but community. We won medical, then recreational but what about spiritual ? Separation of church and state!!! We need to activate our right and time is now. Tax exemption for promoting spiritual experience with cannabis. From seed 2 smoke in the air theres a deeper connection majority of us feel. There's strength in numbers! Commercialization of this as commodity can divide us from economic standpoint. We should all work together to liberate us and the sacred herb!!!

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