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Use Phosphoric Acid To Ph Down Is Safe?

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by nikson, Aug 27, 2018.

  1. nikson


    can i use Phosphoric acid to ph down ?
    Is there anything special I should know?
  2. Yes you can but I would not recommend doing so. Phosphoric, nitric and sulfuric acid will all work as ph down. Food grade phosphoric acid is the best choice when using DIY ph down for consumed products. I cannot remember 100% but I think most ph down is majority phosphoric and some nitric acid. Make sure it is Food grade.

    What strength will you be using? It is imporatant to wear proper PPE when handling these products and I would suggest diluting it below 30% with distilled water for storage and handling. The lower the better for not only safety reasons but also so you don't burn your roots if you adding it directly to a reservoir. It's very important to add the acid to water as it can cause explosions, very rapid high heat, and toxic fumes. DO NOT ADD WATER TO ACID.
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  3. nikson


    Ok . thank you very much! :)
  4. Don't forget that phosphoric acid contains phosphorus.
    I don't know whether a plant can access P in the phosphate ion, but if so, it could produce phosphorous toxicity.
    I wouldn't risk it. Plants seem to be able to get the N out of the Nitrate ion.
  5. What??? are you kidding me?
    GH uses food grade phosphoric acid in their PH down its the main ingredient at somewhere between 10-30%. Look at the last page on this link. I cannot remember where I found the info on the concentrations since it was forever ago. None the less concentration really doesn't matter as once you reach the PH you want the same amount of total acid is used no matter what it has been diluted to.

    Phosphoric acid is by far the best option of any acid. There is some evidence that sulfuric acid is carcinogenic, nitric and citric acid do not hold PH as stable or as long as phosphoric acid but can be used.
  6. Thanks for the correction.
    Evidently the plants can't access the P from the phosphate ion.
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  8. Vinegar? I heard to use it for cleaning my ph pen. Jw if it works in a pinch
  9. It will work in a pinch but will not hold ph stable in my experience for more than a couple days if that.
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  10. You def can but you are going to want to dilute it first in water.
  11. So for a nute solution that sets at 6.6 after prepared and to be fed daily in Coco, can I lower it with vinegar without problem?