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Discussion in 'Cannabis Infirmary' started by CALI FARMER, Feb 6, 2019.

  1. Hello farmers,This is my first grow. I got this seed from a batch of jungle cake about 3 months back. Strain is jungle cake, about 2 months old. Growing in grow chunks from Gordon. In veg
    Tap water @0.6 E.C
    Veg+bloom @4grams per gallon,
    Life @0.4grams per gallon,
    calmag @2.5ml per gallon,
    Total E.C 1.8
    I thought that was too high of a E.C so I deluded it to 1.6 E.C and [email protected] 5.9. Now I think that was still too high. Some leafs have burnt edges,spots some curl up some curl down.
    E.C in @1.6 [email protected]
    Any help will be appreciated thanks.
  2. Spotty, so that usually means something was sprayed or dripped on that leaf. IMO
  3. And your tips are clawing, which means a nutrient problem.
  4. I spray them with push every 5 days or so. If the leafs are clawing does that mean too much nutrients?
  5. Nugg


    1.6 ec sounds high for 60 days...or that plant.. depends on your scale..plant that small I'd run like .6 on a 700 scale..your tap water is .6? That's crazy high..imo anything over 200 ppm.should run though ro.
  6. 3 balls

    3 balls

    I run V&B at just about the same dosage and I use a little more calmag than they recommend but I start with RO water and don't use push. Imo, considering your starting water, you should be at nearly zero calmag and using push sparingly. I remember the instructions on their website not being super clear when I started with V&B, so if I were you I would start there and make sure you really understand the protocol.
  7. @3balls what dosage are you using and what’s your E.C if you don’t mind me asking, I’m using the Tap/Hard Veg+bloom. Water quality between 0.3-0.7 E.C. Im running my tap water through a filter now the E.C has dropped to 0.3 I lowered the veg+bloom dosage to 1.1E.C. And PH @5.8 and I’ll try less calmag. The runoff was 1.1E.C and PH 6.4 is that ok?
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  8. 3 balls

    3 balls

    thunderfudge Breeder
    @3balls I'll give u the recipe bro
    from day 1 of bloom
    Base 6g per gal
    LIFE .2g per gal
    3 ml cal mag per gal
    Add SHINE at day 10 ,1g per gal
    You should be around 1250 ppms
    Day 35
    BASE 3g per gal
    SHINE 2g per gal
    LIFE .2g per gal
    CAL MAG 3 ml per gal
    That's about 800 poms
    Day 42
    SHINE 1g per gal
    Day 49

    That's an 8 week schedule.for 10 weekers I extend the 1-34 feed until day 48.
    What to expect ? Alot of stretch the 1st 2 weeks,huge roots,and the need for almost daily feedings.The later flower thing would be how explosive that shine is when the base it cut.

    Veg is...
    BASE 4g per gallon
    LIFE .2g per gallon
    CAL MAG 2-3 ml per gallon
    I've had great results with the Thunderfudge recipe. Keep in mind I'm in RO water so my minerals are stripped and need replenished with calmag. RO water is 0.0 EC and takes +/- 1.33 ml per gal to reach .03EC.
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  9. Thanks a lot @3Balls with the RO water at 0.0 EC, Do you add calmag first to bring RO water to 0.3 EC? Then add 4 grams of base,.2 grams of life correct?What is your EC or ppm after you mix it together? I did almost the same dosage but with tap water @0.6 EC and my EC was 1.8. Maybe with RO my EC Would be at 1.2.
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2019
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  10. Push is calmg from what remember. Most likely water schedule.
  11. Yup It’s Silica and Calcium
  12. 3 balls

    3 balls

    I "structure" the starting water to about .9 by adding 3ml per gal CM then let is mix about 10min. Then add base and Life. This formula is about 3 times the amount of CM as recommended but I don't use Push, I do add a little silica. Your plant doesn't look horrible, given your hard tap water, my suggestion would be following the Thunderfudge recipe but going 1.5ml per gal CM opposed to 3ml and stop using Push.

    Keep in mind V&B has a higher EC/PPM than what you might read about as being typical. I wouldn't get too caught up in that. You might take a look at the thread Veg+Bloom Switch, What Should I Expect? and or Hydroponic Research Users Thread
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  13. Really appreciate the help @3balls, I will give the thunderfudge recipe a try with lower CM. Today is feeding day so we’ll see what happens. Overall the plant is looking better now, it still has some spots and some leaves with slightly burnt tips but they’re not too bad. I’ll post some pictures later. I just want to avoid any future problems with nutrient buildup. Thanks again Farmers
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  14. Here are more pictures of the Jungle Cake. Still in veg, It’s looking a little better now. Gonna try the thundrefudge recipe but with 1.5ml of CM. And hold off on the push to see what happens. Thanks for the help 3balls & Thc farmers.
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  15. Dirtbag


    If I had to hazard a guess I'd say the 0.6 coming out of your tap contains a lot of calcium and that's binding up with potassium and throwing your NPK out of whack.

    Also, if you feed full strength balanced nutrients with RO you shouldn't need to use Cal mag at all, quality nutrients have enough of both already. I haven't used that stuff in over 15 years.
  16. Yeah I agree with the 0.6 tap water is a issue. I started filtering my tap Water down to 0.4ec now, might be still too high. I watered last night with of v+b 0.2gr of life and I left the calmag out. Starting water [email protected] after adding v+b & life ec [email protected] [email protected] and the runoff was 1.8 & [email protected]
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  17. Dirtbag


    Sorry I must have misread the first post, you were also adding calmag to that already hard water? I would totally stop doing that for good. Thats almost 100% your problem. Cal mag is really only for use with RO and only if you see a deficiency, but again that should be rare with a good nutrient.

    Not sure if its feasible but If I were you I'd think about cutting your water 50/50 with store bought RO or rainwater so you can get more fertilizer in your nute mix. Ideally start with water that's 0.2ec or less. Pretty sure what you're getting is potassium lockout from too much calcium.
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  18. Thanks dirtbag, I’ll give that a try next feeding. 0 Calmag. I’m using v+b tap/hard it says for water between 0.3-0.7EC Would it be a problem to go down to 0.2 starting water?
  19. Dirtbag


    Hmm yeah if your using a hard water specific nute I wouldn't cut it too much or you will offset the balance. It would be nice to know exactly what is in your water though...
  20. I looked up my city’s water report but it doesn’t say much about calcium or magnesium just says N/A on those categories. I’m thinking best bet would be RO water and bring it up to 0.3 with tap water does that sound right?