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What's the Best Spidermite Fogger?

Discussion in 'Cannabis Infirmary' started by G Star, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. G Star

    G Star

    The title says it all.

    I just lost my crop to Spidermites and I never want this to happen again.:character0029:

    my room is actually a garage (no walls, exposed wood studs and stucco exterior walls)

    i'm spraying with bleach and water everywhere, but what's the best fogger to use to eradicate any residual mites and bugs? There are no more plants in there, so which one is the deadliest?


    Hot Shot?

    Dr Doom?

    I'm aware that I will have to do 3 treatments of whatever bomb works best
  2. P-Bomb, IMHO. In SoCal I've seen them laugh at Dr Doom.
  3. G Star

    G Star


    Pyrethrin Bomb? What brand is the best?

    I agree, Dr. Doom fogger didn't do a darn thing for me when I had my plants in there, cant really see it being effective in my room now
  4. I have lost nearly an entire crop to spider mites. I decided to learn all about them, and googled info for hours. Then on my future grows I wanted to be very pro active, and I bought a 30X portable microscope. I washed my grow room down three or four times with bleach water. Finnaly after 2 months I started another grow.
    I started to inspect my plants regulary and sure enough I saw the dreaded 2 spotted mite using a microscope under one of my leaves, I could not see it with my naked eye, so I ened up going with this organiac oil, liquid ladybug, which is mostly peppermint oil, and leaves no residue, but kills the mites by suffocating them. Clogs their respiratory tracts. A completley natural way to get rid of them. Safe all the way to harvest and wont effect the plants or taste, although hopefully the mites are not up to your buds anyway. You dont need gloves mask nothing.
    Now it does not kill eggs, so you need your microscope to watch for any new hatched eggs, and spray.
    Spider mites start at the bottom of your plants, and thrive in the lower foilage, you want to keep them in check, becasue they breed very fast and then if unchecked they just work their way up your plant until they are up to your buds spining webs. if that happens you have a major infestation and are pretty much screwed. if you are watching for them with a microscope you can catch them at the bottom before they do serious damage.
  5. looks like good stuff reloader, you ever used it to knock them out, or just as a control.
  6. TacomaComa

    TacomaComa Guest

    Liquid ladybug when used in conjunction with SNS 217 and Azamax is a effective way to kill mites and their eggs
  7. Pyrethrum TR are best bombs to use......Here is a pic...They are 10X stronger than Doc Doom

    They are outlawed in cali so you gotta order them from the net....
    Floramite is the best insecticide to use while your plants are still growing up to about the 3rd week of flower ....It is a 30 day systemic foliar spray that completely knocks mites out and you are protected for that thirty days. It works by getting inside the plant and poisoning the mites when they eat....This is the only complete knock down that I have heard of...They will be dead in a few of days and your plants stay medicated for a month afterward..If you are worried about reinfestation you can medicate every new batch of babies.....Do not use Floramite if you are within 30 days of harvest as the poisons will still be in the plant and could be potentially unhealthy.....I only had to use this product once and my problem was gone....The dose is 30 drops per qt of foliar spray.....We would order the giant bottle at the shop I worked at and sell small tinctures. You don't need much...All of our custys who used it had no further problems with mites.........Good Luck
  8. Them 3 ^ products will work for sure. pretty sure SNS217 kill eggs too, by dryn um out.
  9. At the moment I think it is just control, but I plan on knocking them out. I am 4weeks into bloom and I have contained them to the bottom leaves of my plants, with little or no damage.
    It takes a lot of time. I have a few days off work here soon, and I plan on taking each plant and looking at every leaf and spraying if I see a mite. the liquid ladybug does kill them, I have rechecked with my microscope. I just inspect every leaf with the scope and spray if I see one.
  10. every bomb i've ever used was a waste of time. i used the dr doom and its a joke ive also used the pyrethrum tx and it was a waste of time also and it has 10x the amount of active ingredient (4% pyrethrum vs .4% in dr doom).

    imho i would get floramite and forbid. those two in a 1 2 combo would be the best method for under $50. you can get 10ml of forbid and 1 oz of floramite on ebay both around $20.
  11. In the garage id just use raid or what ever you can get, And leave the garage empty for 10-14 days they should die from lack of foods. Id be more worried about your veg room, or where you get your clones from, every guy that sells clones says he dont have mites, and most of them do, lol Some guys sell clones because they cant grow for shit.
    You have to have your own veg, get the cuts you want get your veg clean with a miticide and dont bring in any new cuts unless you quarantine them and treat with miticide. Dont use any miticide for 2 weeks before you flower, and youll be good.
  12. cool cool, trying to find something i can run deep into flower, and pepperment oil might be that thing. heavy leaf trimming combined with azatrol sprays works for the most part, but it will effect taste spraying late.
  13. if you are not checking the underside of your leaves with a microscope, you will not know if you have mites until some damage is done. I am telling you that you cannot see them in their infancy stage, or spot eggs without a microscope. it is only later when they grow bigger and cover your buds that you can see them. They spread so fast, an unchecked crop can be taken over in a week.
    Liquid ladybug is the best product I have found to spray into flower. It is totally safe to spray on fruit vegetables and right on your buds if you need to.
    This is the microscope one I use
  14. bluedog


    Attain TR and Azatrol

    Attain TR bomb once a week has knocked them out for me in bloom. Veg I use Azatrol spray because the Attain can burn delicate youngsters.
  15. On a couple other forums, I read that the SNS 217 is nothing more than pure rosemary oil(rosemary essential oil) and can be had at a fraction of the cost at GNC or most health stores. Look into that to save yourself some coin.

    The below post is not mine its a copy from someone else. It belongs to: IncredibowlBoss
    Thanks!!!!!!! IncredibowlBoss

    I had some mites on a clone and started doing some horticultural research and came across essential oil of Rosemary as an effective organic mite treatment.
    Here's an excerpt from my grow blog:

    Now, I'm pretty dedicated to natural and organic methods (for myself and our plant), so my first thought was to look more into Neem oil (which I had laying around the house). While I was searching online, though, I came across this post describing how to use rosemary oil to get rid of spider-mites. I was intrigued (mostly because I think Neem oil stinks!), and did a little further research. First, I found this page on spider-mite control from the University of California - Agriculture department, which recommends rosemary oil for controlling spider-mites on organic strawberries. Then I found this 2005 University of British Columbia graduate thesis on using rosemary oil to control spider-mites - on page 30, the author states "Rosemary oil is relatively effective against insect and mite pests. The aromatic vapor of rosemary has ovicidal and larvicidal effects on several stored product pests and the two-spotted spider mite.". Apparently, the smell can repel thrips, too. The lethal concentration for mites was found to be 13.19 ml/litre. The author, Miresmalli, concludes "that rosemary oil can be considered an acaricide/ibsecticide against the two-spotted spider mite," which, given all the data he provides in the 107-page document, is good enough for us. There's some indication that eucalyptus or peppermint oil could be up to 30% more effective, and if the buggers come back, we'll explore those routes.


    To make the rosemary anti-mite spray, I mixed 10ml rosemary essential oil into 710 ml distilled water with 2 drops organic dishsoap to help the oil emulsify with the water. A note: the lethal concentration according to the study would be 9.3649 ml oil/710 ml water - I erred on the side of killing the hell out of these pests.
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  16. SNS 217 works great but if you are in veg or early flower you might as well have a complete knockout with floramite....why fight them? One spray and you are protected for a month...done deal..It's simple....They can't eat.....If they take one bite of a medicated plant, the mites are poisoned and die for a month with one application..I used floramite twice...the initial treatment of infected plants and a follow up on the babies so they were medicated just in case.....Never saw them again......and this rings true for anyone I know who has used it........Why keep spending money fighting when you can just nuke their asses......seems like a no brainer to me........Good luck