Why does it smell like hay/grass after it is dry

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  1. shortylo959

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    i have been doing 2 strains electric fruit punch,black pearl both after it drys smells like hay but it smell so good when its blooming EFP smells like frutty pebbles,and BP smells like paint thinner but i like strains that are skunky exotic with grate tasting smoke ive been smoking for about 23 years and i want some grate stuff can anyone help
  2. Texas Kid

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  3. Calimad

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    he really didnt answer your question , but good info if you didnt know...

    but regards to that smell your talking about , i know what you mean..... happen a few times to me,, all i can say is when your hanging them , and brown baggin them, try and make your temps in the low 70's... my had that smell cuz it was dried out TOO quickly.... hope that helps in anyway..
  4. sour power

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    agreed^^^^i think the slower you dry the better the smell.it takes me about 7 days then in the paper bags for about 3 then i start the cure
  5. massqwon

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    how does your herb taste? like grass/hay or does it taste like dank? whats it look like...nice and frosty coverd it trichs or flat and no frosty goodness? what was said above about taking your time to dry is important? but so is the strain(s) thats picked..i have never grown either of what u said your strains are....but starting out with good genetics is key is growing dank...starting with good beans/cuts makes growing good smellin, good tasting, nice stoney dank way more probable...good luck on the grows!!!!
  6. Calimad

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    that smell is not easy to forget. it doesnt matter which strain it is.... dry and avoid it from drying out to fast and keep it in good temps if you could.......

    sour power gots it down good :damnhippie:
  7. cain23456

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    I agree. You can also put it in a closet on a hanger with a small fan blowing in the opposite direction. It will take about 7 days to dry and it shouldn't smell like hay. I think that was the hardest part of growing for me, drying and curing. Good Luck!!!
  8. ReelBusy1

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    growing is the science, curing is the art.
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  9. Calimad

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    i had it hangin in closet and what not but the issue was it was fuggin a million degress outside and ac was out that week , still strong smoke tho, just a lil on the hay side tho
  10. xX Kid Twist Xx

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    How long did you let it go before you chopped it down? if you chopped plants to early they will end up smelling like hay/grass also. Next run you do with them try letting them go 10-14 days longer see if this helps with the smell.
  11. shortylo959

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    when i smoke it the tase was like hay grassy taste but i think i pulled it out to fast lost track couldent find my book i did similur strains EFP and it was a knock out of the park but i am kind ah in a jam right now i had to shut it down cuz the city wants to look at my place but i am going to move any way so i am giong to start back when i get my new place i had my friend hold some chem08,strawbery sour deaisl clones got them tuck away but i want to make a order from you guys holla with info
  12. justanotherbozo

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    this is all the answer you need, although you'll have to
    actually read it in order to learn how to not fuck up the
    final product. ...the secret is, the slower you dry and
    cure it, the better it'll be in the end.
  13. CheebaMonkey

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    I had that same hay smell but after 2 weeks of curing the good scent came back.

    I had them in my basement which is ordinarily cold but when the furnace kicks on the temperature spikes to 80F. That might have been the cause but no matter they smell fine now. Hope it works out for you.
  14. SweetIndica2

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    Couldn't have said it better myself.
  15. kushpheen

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    Hay smell is notorious with a quick dry, I'm guessing a dehumidifier was used? Its so hard to resist trying to speed up the curing process, but having waited months, now isn't the time to lose patience. Chop a few branches down a week early so you can have a taste while your trimming....
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  16. Skunkenstein

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    I've been growing Indy Doms for years, and I believe, besides the Obvious proper trim and dry.Flushing your plants until serious yellowing occurs is one of the best things you can do.Force the plant to cannabalize all the available nutes stored in the Foliage.Certain strains will yellow right away and others will not give up the green.This being said..The bud will go through several different Phases of Odor as it cures, but the final smell should always end up..DANK!!
  17. chickenn

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    a quick dry will make hay every time. slow dry and cure is the way to go.

    and as was said, cut off the nutes a couple of weeks before harvest, and allow the plant to use up it's stores, especially nitrogen.

    running a plant high on N until chop day will make it " green" as hell on chop day. allow it to consume the nutrients you have been giving it all grow long, by flushing good once, and then feeding plain ph'd water for the last couple of weeks.

    the way you finish is as important as the way you start.
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  18. Dan K

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    I lost the hay scent with a particular strain, but never gained the fruity scent I lost... Even afater a 14 day dry and 2 month cure, the buds smelled "floral", and only when squeezed I smeledl the dank fruity i had in flower...
  19. pkuk76

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    What does Dank mean please?
  20. 420stayblunted

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    The Longer it dries the better the smoke..if it still smells like hay u probably chopped to early