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Wishbone’s Outdoor - Round 2

Discussion in 'Grow Diaries' started by Wishbone, Jul 17, 2018.

  1. Ran my first set of girls last year outdoor in CO, round 2 is underway. I have (5) 9#hammer x nightmare GSC clones and 7 from seed from last years crop, stardawg, mob boss and blueberry that were pollinated with unknown genetics. The 9#s are in 10 gal felt, and the rest currently in 2 gals, trying to sex them the. Ditch the males before upsizing. Running a no till soil made of a Coots tryout mix that started with my soil left over from the last round. All in prefab greenhouse.

    F9A677D4-F587-4913-948C-A49F76281311.jpeg 3CC0CCB4-B194-494C-848A-0EC5F8E25C45.jpeg A83266FE-BD2B-48FC-910A-349F5C902BF7.jpeg 9DE73F27-68FB-4AB8-B0D1-E9E26A2A94DE.jpeg 1461B6F7-672B-403A-A26C-60A8714DEC21.jpeg 379E0940-5C43-4749-A14E-AD0C57093035.jpeg AB4ECF56-5184-4A69-A37A-A726D8CCC44D.jpeg
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  2. Wow, all sorts of typos above lol, how do you edit a post? Coots is what I was trying to say, amended the soil with several Down to Earth products including Neem meal, azomite, blood meal, lagenite and oyster. Ordered 5 x 15 gal felt pots and the 7 from seed will be going into them, going to pick the 5 that look the best/least male and will go from there pulling the males once they show themselves and transplanting any females to the 15s if I choose poorly lol.

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  3. Also, supercropped the bunch from seed, still waiting on the 9#s to takeoff from transplant, they are starting to show some new growth and will hopefully begin to fluorish soon.
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  4. Very very nice dude. Cool grow house.
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  5. To edit use the menu bars at the bottom left of the post. Edits can only be made for 30min after posting, then they're set in stone. It flustered me when I first posted on this forum. Now I do all my editing immediately. I think someone said supporters can edit beyond 30min. Forum search it or ask a moderator.

    Anyone who's been on this site for any time is not going to give you a hard time about typos. We've all been there.

    Great start to your grow diary. Keep it up. Im following your thread now.
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  6. You should set up your avatar so people can easily recognise you.
  7. Thanks, I wanna say less than $100 off Amazon and on its second season doing great. I pulled the cover for the winter but left the frame together, and it went back together perfectly.

    Ok, I see that now, I edited some of those second posts right after, but didn’t look at the first one until the next morning and realized that auto correct butchered it. Thanks man, excited to be back on here on the reg.
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  8. Yeah I have been thinking about that, will do.
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  9. Pulled this over here to keep your log clean.

    So the GH does have “shading” built in, here are pics of the material and the shading compared to direct sun.

    A6D92496-A2FB-4870-AED0-61F982564D30.jpeg EADA8B54-D9A8-48BC-8D94-AFEB5FE32CCF.jpeg

    I didn’t have any fans going but threw a big box fan out there this morning. Do you feel it is more important to have the air on the plants or pushing hot air out?

    Temps have been insane in CO this summer, it has been above 90 almost every day since June, and probably 15 days of high 90s to 100+. The plants from seed seem to be doing pretty well, but the clones I picked up last week haven’t really grown at all, but aren’t showing any signs of distress. Ill grab some pics at peak heat today to show how they are responding.
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  10. If you don't mind my 2 cents,I'd say as long as the gh is breathable then I would prioritize airflow through the plants over pulling hot air out,alot easier done indoors than,my only other concern is the pots are black and the floor seems to be some kind of stone or cement?? All that attract and holds a bit of heat that could be worse for your plants roots than the hot air surrounding the vegetation.
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  11. The box fan should work fine for a very small GH. If both sides are open it works even better. I would place the fan in a location where it's in an opening so it draws fresh, cool air in. The same with a heat exhaust fan. Placed in an opening to pull hot air out. These locations guarantee you're moving 100% of the right air in or out and they make each other more effective when used in conjunction.

    It may not be enough shade for this kind of heat, looks like 10%. Maybe in one of your normal years when there isn't some crazy monsoon baking half the country. Blowing air over the plants I would consider the most important, though I don't think heat removal is any less important. They are both necessary but my priority would be airflow if I had to pick one to do first. I say airflow because it does several things; removes heat, promotes growth, removes O2 and Brings in fresh CO2, removes moisture so mold/mildew won't thrive, causes the branches to have better elasticity so they don't become brittle and snap from heavy colas, etc... There are so many more reasons, but at the same time excess heat can stunt growth or kill them.

    It doesn't take much to remove heat. A small fan blowing out from somewhere near the peak will do fine. 20% shade cloth is about perfect for the temps you are dealing with. We are in the upper 90'+ every year and it works well here. I'm not trying to pressure you but if the fans don't cut it then you'll need more options.

    @kansabis has a really good point about the stone floor. Stone and concrete hold heat. That's why greenhouses generally have dirt floors, with the exception of walking paths. Dirt is one of the best insulators because it likes to stay cool and moist dirt dissipates heat very well. Being able to hold moisture is a great weapon against heat. Concrete tends to be cooler than most stone because it's porous and holds some moisture.

    I don't trip as long as the person posting isn't being rude or trolling. I do that for other people too sometimes. Even though it doesn't matter to me I appreciate your consideration. I am my own worst enemy to my grow log. Somewhere back there I've got at least a full page on video games, VR, and custom gaming computers. It was the off season and I had nothing new about plants to post. So I went off, hehe.

    I hope this post isn't too disjointed. I can't find my reading glasses and my eyes are starting to strain and blur.
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  12. Thanks guys, greatly appreciated. Put the box fan up and it help to keep the temps closer to ambient outside, basically at the back pushing air out the door. Going to add a rotating fan over the girls as well. It is a stamped concrete floor, the greenhouse is sitting on the patio. It gets pretty hot on direst sun but is t too bad in the GH. I have some white plastic that I was using as a backdrop last year, but may throw that on the ground/around the pots. I have also been periodically spraying down the floor/pot sides for some extra cooling.

    Put 4 of the 7 from seed in 15 gal pots today, ran out of dirt for the last pot I had. I think I will leave everything as is until I know the sex then evaluate the potting situation and remove/transplant as needed, not ideal, but I want to stick with the no till soil, so store bought isn’t going to cut it this late, plus I kinda doubt I will have more than 4 girls, if that many. I am pretty sure I saw a pistil on one of the stardawg mutts, can’t tell on the other 6 though, time will tell.

    Here is the temps from today before the fan addition, we’ll see how tomorrow fares, also how the plants looked. They looked perky and well to me, but no doubt lower temps will be of benefit.

    531A16A0-C2D7-4C4B-A577-344093B13328.jpeg 3EA97BB0-D5A2-47AA-8DCB-8AE4F21E9273.jpeg C83C35C8-A48A-47BD-9CD4-F269B02DD6B1.jpeg
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  13. Yup, I can see your plant is a bit stressed in the second pic but not wilted. So that's good. The one in the last pic looks like it's handling the heat very well. My garden is the same. 3/6 don't do heat well but the others are thriving.

    I hope this heat wave breaks soon so your girls can bulk up before flowering.
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  14. I forgot to mention, I think you've done very well under the circumstances. 15 degrees cooler than the outside air, in a greenhouse, in these temps, with just a box fan, I'd consider a success. 112F is no joke.
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  15. Thanks, yeah me too, those 9#s are super scraggly and need to make some moves soon. Looks like the temps should break for a bit after this weekend.
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  16. Definitely not great, but working with what I got. Last year I didn’t get her greenhouse until September, so they spent the hottest part of the summer in open air, this has been a new challenge to deal with.
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  17. Very nice mate!
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  18. Last year was my first real garden and this year was my first tent grow (all these were started indoor). I have made a ton of mistakes and learned some great growing techniques (by study and by accident).

    Do you have a Cannabis Encyclopedia? If you've never read it you should check it out. The author, George Cervantes, is a bit too hippy-ish with some of his ideas but he's still a grow guru. I've helped with a lot of grows over the years but I found out I knew near nothing when I started my own. That book saved my a$$ several times before I was a member of this forum and had access to all the knowledge from journeyman and master growers on here.
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  19. I do not, but i’ll check it out, thanks.

    So here are today’s temps lol. Got them much tighter with the fan but still hot as balls. Ready for the cooler temps next week.

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  20. Oh, and I’m 95% sure one of the stardawgs are male, looks to be growing balls. I’ll get some pics tomorrow. The other 6 I still can’t tell.
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