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    That's funny. Now back to the battle of the warlike eagle avatars. Yall should chill. Call it a draw on human opinion.
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    What do you suggest Jfly. You need to protect yourself at these events. Protective eyewear, improvised body armor. The problem is that people actually think there is free speech without violence. Those cops love shooting rubber bullets and tear gas. They're cops man. They get off on that shit.

    I don't get sitting there in protest until cops peacefully drag you away. WTF is that? What's that doing for any cause??? In Europe they flip cars over if they're getting gassed.
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    I suggest peace. Cops use violence to protect the 1%. I suggest the government not use violence against people who are peaceful.

    Im sorry you dont get it. Maybe your too stoned? Its called peace.There are other ways to resolve things than violence.
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    no peace man I'm not too stoned. But you saw how it worked in Oakland. You need more people
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    Thats why i made this thread, to help get more people. I saw how it worked in denver too, same thing. I cant afford to get arrested right now, been on probation too many times already. I did feel the effects from the tear gas the denver cops shot off on broadway and 16 st mall. Wasnt expecting that. I think the people in DC are getting the message though.
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    Who pays for these police with there extra bills at these events? Wouldn't that be ironic if the tax payer pays the cop who gas' them at the peaceful demonstration? Funny how that works, huh?
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    - I totally respect what your doing. Next phase should be getting all the people from every city to converge on one city.
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    Just like we pay for cops to bust up for smoking a plant, and write speeding tickets. Thats why you gotta get that tax free dough. Im always accepting charitable donations to my nonprofit organization. The Religion of Jah Rastafari:sign0065:
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    That's exactly who pays them.

    Oakland was blatant excessive force, but par for the course there. A kid get's executed by some idiot on train platform who "thought it was a taser", and anyone thought something like this could go down with out them getting to exercise their aims with live targets?

    We've seen a lot of protests and movements lately, and we've seen many of them bring about huge changes. Sadly these are not our movements, but rather the movements of those far across the pond, who are exhibiting significantly larger balls than are on display at any "occupied" site. And when it gets cold enough, we'll all go home and have some hot chocolate, turn on the TV, and surf 49,354 high definition channels without moving our fat asses off the couch. It's the American way.
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    I saw that bart station shooting that was appauling. And I hear you on the american way thing. Skyhigh called it yesterday in Denver. Sad but true. It'll stay that way until people become united in anything in the United States. This land is divided. No common ground anywhere. Even on a ganja forum. Half these threads are people battling each other.
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    From what I read, Marine veteran Scott Olson was first shot in the head with a rubber bullet which came from a rifle fired by a nazi-pig. It gashed his head open. When people came to his aid a mother-fucking goon-cop threw a flash-bang grenade and it exploded directly by Scott. He is in ciritical condition with a fractured skull.

    This is just the beginning. You folks in the city better get the fuck out while you can.

    In all of history, has there ever been a peaceful revolution that was successful?
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    Just read this article and thought of you. It says around 2000 homeless vets just in Denver alone. That is a lot. I live in a town that barely has that many people in it. My dad was a senior master sargent in the military and he was an alcoholic wife beater. Sorry but military is not the best way to go, its last resort for those who cant afford or are not smart enough for college, or just like violence. I am not a violent person so i could never be in the military, and i think a lot of people feel the same way.

    I am patriotic to stand and march with homeless veterans to protect and express my rights and yours.
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    you got to ask yourself why these vets are homeless? do you think its because they didn't have a chance or is it something else. im not saying all these case are bogus but i bet soem are drug addicts. I'm not knocking any war vet though, im just wondering how they became homeless i guess?
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    I dont think it really matters to me how they became homeless. I dont think anyone in our country should be homeless, much less a veteran. There are people in jail who get better treatment than homeless people.

    I would guess its because the economy is in a depression, or the vets come home with PTSD from being in a war zone and cant function. Kind of like Rambo. Maybe its because the United States government doesnt care about their own citizens, much less its own soldiers? I chose all of the above.
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    This is the most subjective and opinionated thread around......not gonna go anywhere....IMO....haha. To each their own i always say!
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    The only reason i made this thread was to make people aware and help get other people involved with the movement. Also to show people that the occupiers are organized and focused. This thread has over 2000 views and 100 replies, so im sure it's working. I think we can all agree that the government is out of control. I do hate to see so much bickering and arguing. The people united can never be divided. The social evolution of society happens slowly is what im starting to realize. A lot of people are living in the dark ages, and you got people from the future, and then all the zombies in the middle.
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    right on J-fly.
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    Just as a herd of buffalo is only as fast as its slowest member, a good society is only as healthy as its sickest people and only as prosperous as its poorest people.

    America has the largest population of homeless people of any developed nation, if thats not a sign of our demise, I don't know what is.

    All the major pandemics, including the Bubonic plague, all started with the homeless first. If we don't take care of the homeless and starving, it could end us all.
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    Could it be that there are so many homeless vets because of ptsd?
    All respect to your family members Twist but I want to take issue with the statement about the military being in a country on the other side of the world defending my/our right to carry signs and protest. I will protect my own first amendment rights with my second amendment rights thank you very much. Please explain to my ignorant ass how the fuck this works. I didn't ask anybody to go and get their shit scattered and wrote 100s of e-mails to try to stop it from happening in the first place. You can say what you want to me at any time without military action. I mean no offense whatsoever.