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  1. Tumbleweed375

    AC INFINITY Giveaway! Controller 69 Pro+

    I'm growing some Durban Poison at the moment, but this controller would let me scale that up a bit! #acinfinity Thanks!

    How High Should You Hang Your Grow Lights?

    First-time growers often inquire about the appropriate distance between seedlings and LED grow lights. The answer can vary depending on the type of grow lights and the growth stage of the plants. We illustrate this concept using the AeroLight 100W as an example. We demonstrate the recommended...
  3. Average_Joegrow

    Ever Changing, Ever Growing New setup ✌️😊💚

    Ever changing, and ever growing!! I completely redid my grow room and have a bunch of new gear ⚙️ to use. I have 3 tents 🏕️ currently and they are a #ACINFINITYINC 4x4 Cloud ⛅️ Lab 844 Advanced Grow System, I have a #ViparSpectra 5x5 powered by a #fohse Pisces ♓️ 7 light 💡, and a 2x4...
  4. B

    Let's see your 2023 outdoor grow!

    It stopped right at 65 and staying there for now #Stabilized
  5. B

    Let's see your 2023 outdoor grow!

    A larfy lower nug I picked off of the weed I grew, got high from smokin a pinch hit but the taste was off and it seems to be pretty wet still..think my problem is I chopped it just 1 day after watering it Edit: not really wet just really sticky but you can tell it's not dried all the way yet...
  6. Week4Bytch

    TAsteBudZ Bubble Runtz... (4x2 & 4x4 Winter Grow)

    We're gonna be breaking in a spanking brand new Spider Farmer 4x4 tent. #GarageGrow. Undecided weather I'll have a raised 4x2 bed inside or four twenty gallon pots. To be determined.
  7. Bilber

    Jammin on it with a late/early start

    Pulled a few leafs from flowering...... After getting rid of the two bagseeds in flower, I had some extra room.....so I threw 4 solos in the flower.....2 more bagseed candidates and 2 Northern Lights #10s...... In flower we have 4 Skywalker O.G.s, 1 Sweet Tooth, 1 Tropicana Cookies Purple...
  8. B

    Let's see your 2023 outdoor grow!

    Outdoor growing made me go back to smokin crack #TheRelapse 😂 😂
  9. Johnlandy420

    What Are You Smoking?

    WTO#7 for lunch #Tengugear #gettingnewphoneforbetterpictures

    How to Clean the AeroLight Front Wind Guide

    Take a look at the instructional reel on how to clean the front wind guide on your AeroLight. Let us know if you have any questions. 😉🌞 #vivosun #aerolight #howtoclean
  11. JKash

    Phlizon August Giveaway is Comming!

    Whenever using any nutrient line whatever brand... cut the dosage in half Using a phlizon light is recommended for any grower.... I love my fd6500 #phlizon
  12. S

    Phlizon August Giveaway is Comming!

    Love your plants and they will love you back. Listen and they will tell you what you need. VPD! #phlizon
  13. hevvyeyes_grows

    Runtz Muffin (Barney’s Farm) / Cheech Biggums (Night Owl) - Earthbox

    Pretty blown away with these earthboxes and their ability to conserve water. Things have been running smoothly, I’ve only filled the reservoirs twice since I started bottom watering. I’ve added .5oz/gal of EM1 to the reservoir to help maintain some healthy anaerobes down there and to aid in...
  14. Captspaulding

    Says to reduce lighting in flower?

    I heard it in my head as I read it 😂😂😂😂 A happy tree, wait, that tree may not be so into it…… #treetoo
  15. Captspaulding

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

  16. Tumbleweed375

    Post your own shareable pics...

    Welcome to the club!
  17. ImpulsiveGrower

    For Sale 🍓🍨 🍭 Zlushiez # 7 (Raw 🧬 cut) 🍭🍨 🍓

    ‼️ 1 Zlushiez left!!! ‼️ This one is super exclusive who wants to snag it up? First come first serve who’s the lucky one?! 🚨 August summer blowout sale! Any clone order comes with a free pack from the new Trop cherry fem line 🚨 Tap in and let’s work! #EliteCutGenetics
  18. ImpulsiveGrower

    Second run; 🍇 Grape Gas ⛽️ + Trop Cherry S1 🍒

    Awesome! I’ll be following along for this one forsure! If you post on IG tag us @ELITE cut genetics and use the hashtag #EliteCutGenetics. Thanks again for your support!
  19. Stokes

    Phlizon August Giveaway is Comming!

    #phlizon Plants like water 🚿 💦 🪴
  20. Average_Joegrow

    Average Joe’s Grow Corner with ViparSpectra and AC Infinity

    Just realized that I forgot to post some pictures from my last harvest. This is the Mint Julep auto flower from #Twenty20 . Grown in the #ViparSpectra 2x4 with the XS 1500 Pro light 💡 ✌️😊💚
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