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  • Long-time follower. Would love more details on you cloning style. I'm curious about 3 things:

    1. do you use bleach or peroxide
    2. I've read more about 3 cycles times you use and curious what you've decided on using
    3. what ppm's do you run. I realize you run 250 cal/mag...but what's you total?

    CHeers, Coco.
    Hey heard you like brewing tea. I bought a vortex brewer and started using but I have had nothing but issues the plants locked up the leaves turned yellow and crispied up curled back and stated spitting at me when go in the room I use RO to make the tea I make 200 gallons worth in a 40 gallon brewer after 24 hours I put 160 gallons in the nutrient res and add the tea it drops the PH down to 5.5
    Thanks for all the great info. I truly am grateful for people like you who go out of their way to help out their fellow farmers. I spent the whole day plumping my bed to run the octa bubblers. I am really excited. I have gone about seting up drip systems before but none of them were to successful. This run is soil but next is gonna be the switch to coco... Its about time!!! thanks ...
    Jack Dug your last posting on ICMAG "3 weeks in Aptus" Changed over my whole game just cause of that thread. Did you like the new epaps? Got any pics of your current setup. Thanks again for everything.
    I've been following your work for over a year now and in respect for your time, my sincere and deep appreciation for all that you have shared so graciously - you've done a Lot of good for a bunch of us quiter farmers :)
    hi jack i have been watching you grow for a long time now both plant and a grower . I am a breeder of a medical state in the us and would like to chat with you . I am getting a forum going look it up check out a purple panther kush ive been working on for a few years .
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