Growing Cannabis Quickly - How Fast Can Weed Grow?

Growing Cannabis Quickly - How Fast Can Weed Grow?

Growing Cannabis Quickly - How Fast Can Weed Grow?

How fast does weed grow?​

When it comes to growing cannabis and growing it quickly, is there anything you can do to speed up the process? Does speeding up the growing process hurt the yield or potency of cannabis? These are all great questions frequently asked by a lot of people.

When it comes to growing cannabis and growing it quickly, it can be done. In fact, cannabis can be grown in as little as 60 to 80 Days or less. It all depends on the desired results you're after. If you're speeding the growth of your plant, you could end up stressing it. This could cause you to lose yield, affect potency, or, worst-case scenario, cause your plant to hermie.

"How long does weed take to grow?​

- 60 to 80 days or less."​

Sometimes it is not about how fast you can grow, but how much you can grow. It starts to even out if you can produce twice the amount of weed in the same amount of time. To increase your yields, learn what nutrients work best and how much and when to feed plants. Training techniques like low-stress training, aka LST or lolli-popping, can also help you get those yields up.

When it comes down to it all, the more you know, the better you'll grow. The only way to learn to grow cannabis is by running into problems, solving them, and learning to prevent them from happening again. By doing this, you will learn to avoid costly and timely mistakes that hurt overall results. Having a good IPM, quality cannabis genetics, and a clean and proper growing environment can give you an edge when it comes to growing weed quickly.

Outdoor Cannabis Plant Grow Timeframe​

When it comes to outdoor cannabis cultivation, there isn't much you can do to speed up the process. Beyond making sure that cannabis plants receive the right amount of nutrients, lighting and have an overall optimal outdoor growing environment, the rest is in nature's hands. That is because when growing cannabis outdoors, you rely on the change of season from Summer to Fall to switch plants from the veg cycle into the flowering cycle.

When the long summer days are gone, and the average daylight is 12 hours or less, cannabis plants will begin to bud. You will want your plants to have at least 6 to 8 weeks minimum in the veg cycle before switching to the flowering cycle outdoors to achieve the best results. For ginormous outdoor plants, plant them after the final freeze in spring, allowing them to grow through summer and into the fall. The typical outdoor harvest for cannabis happens in October.

Indoor Cannabis Plant Grow Timeframe​

Growing cannabis indoors is quite possibly the fastest way to get it done. When growing cannabis outdoors, you basically get one shot at it. Unless you're using special blackout cloths with hoop houses or greenhouses in places with a warm environment year-round.

Cannabis grow buildings, grow rooms, and grow tents have become the new norm for cannabis cultivation. Growing weed in a controlled environment indoors allows growers the benefit of manipulating nature and possibly speed up the process. They can change the intensity of light cycles on plants using higher wattage light spectrums. Growers can also give plants 18, 20, or 22 hours of light per day during the veg cycle. Steps like these can speed up the growing process along.

Of course, none of this is helpful without having the proper nutrients and growing environment. Cannabis plants thrive and grow much better when the pH balance of the water is at the optimal level. They also produce better and grow faster when the PPM of CO2 is at proper levels.

Do some weed strains grow faster than others?​

On top of all this, there are many cannabis strains that grow very quickly these days. Some varieties of cannabis have been bred with a ruderalis variety of cannabis that increases the plant's resistance to issues, and makes them grow faster. There are also varieties of cannabis that inherently grow quicker than others. Autoflowering cannabis seeds typically grow faster than others while only sacrificing a little in the area of yield.

"Auto-flowering weed plants typically grow faster than others"​

What are the fastest growing weed strains?​

Some of the fastest growing cannabis seeds are:​

  • Sour Crack Auto
  • Chocolate Skunk Auto
  • Chronic Ryder Auto
  • Candy Kush Express Fem
  • Royal Cheese Fem

Growing indoors using cannabis clones is another way to speed the process up by a few weeks. Clones can be purchased or acquired in the early stages, where they are very small or in the teenage stage. Getting your hands on teenage clones can help shave between 3 to 4 weeks off from your total grow time. Clones like this can be flipped into flowering right away or given a week to adjust to their new environment.

This means that you could have cannabis plants in the flowering stage practically instantly if you acquired old enough clones. In this instance, you could have buds ready to be cured in as little as eight weeks.

Realistically if you're looking to grow cannabis, it takes about 8 weeks in veg from seed and another 8 weeks in flowering before it's finished. Growing indoors from seed to harvest can be accomplished in 4 months with a wide variety of cannabis strains. This means you can get between three grow cycles or more in each year. With the proper planning, you can have plants ready to begin the veg stage the minute other plants are flipped to the flowering stage.

This could allow you a fresh cycle of cannabis every 4 to 6 weeks depending on how you time it. If you're looking to grow cannabis the fastest way possible, hands down, it's to grow cannabis indoors. By controlling things like the daily light intake (DLI), nutrient intake, C02 levels, PH levels of water being fed to plants, PH levels of runoff water from feeding plants, and temperature of the growing environment, you can give cannabis plants a super boost of grow-grow juice.

The more you grow, the more you will know about this rewarding process and about the quickest ways to grow weed.
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