The Beginners Guide To Auto Watering Cannabis

The Beginners Guide To Auto Watering Cannabis

Auto watering growing cannabis

Have you considered Auto-Watering for Indoor Cannabis Cultivation?

Automatic watering for indoor cannabis is a great way to quickly provide your plants with the life flow they need. Chances are, you have questions and are curious about automatic watering for indoor cannabis; you're not alone. The thought of being able to water your plants on an automated system sounds fantastic to many people. Could you imagine watering your plants without having to actually get up and water them? If you think this sounds too good to be true, let us assure you, it's not.

Could it really be as good as it sounds? What are the pros and cons of automatic watering for indoor cannabis? Is it expensive? How does it all work? There are many different questions that people ponder when considering trying an auto-watering system for indoor cannabis cultivation. We'll try to tackle them all. If you find yourself looking for more specific answers to your questions, we have a place for that. THC Farmer would like to encourage you to look for the answers to those questions in one of our many forums covering everything you could possibly want to know about cannabis.

One of the common problems many people who use automatic watering systems run into is bacterial infections. An automated watering system for cannabis cultivation still requires your attention. You will have to maintain and manage oxygenation, temperature, upkeep, and preventive maintenance to prevent bacterial infections.

Another concern with automatic watering systems for cannabis is fertigation (introducing fertilizers to irrigation water). The proper distribution of fertigation is essential to avoid nutrient burn. All of this might sound a little intimidating. Still, with the appropriate upkeep, an automatic watering system for cannabis could be just the thing you need to grow like a pro.

It may sound complicated, but there's an easy way to get this done.

THC farmer wants to help explore ways of doing this with you. There are many different ways of accomplishing the same task. Just make sure to keep your eyes on crucial steps in the process. A proper auto-watering system can help a grower fertigate (introducing fertilizers to irrigation systems) in the most efficient manner possible. Combined with good cannabis seeds or clones, you can produce very desirable results with the right automatic water system for cannabis.

Automatic Watering Systems for Indoor Cannabis Cultivation

An auto watering system for indoor cannabis cultivation can be an excellent idea if you take the time to understand it and set it upright. When it comes to automatic watering systems, there are basically three. There's a wicking system, a top feed, and a bottom feed system. There are add-ons such as recirculation or waste drain you can connect to the systems as well. Of these three systems, you will want to stay away from the wicking and bottom feed systems for cannabis fertigation.

Many of the wicking systems on the market do not work for cannabis plants. They are designed to provide water keeping the growing media moist but do not produce runoff. If you add nutrients to a wicking system, you will most likely find that it will burn your plants and clog your system up. Bottom feed systems are a bit of controversy, but in the end, they rely on a wicking system. Bottom feed systems feed to the bottom as they sound but run the risk of causing salt buildups on the top of the growing media due to lack of irrigation. This can lead to nute burn and the demise of your plants.

Top feed irrigation systems are the best for cannabis fertigation. Runoff when watering cannabis plants is extremely important. Without runoff, cannabis plants run the risk of getting nutrient burn. A top feed irrigation system lets you slow water cannabis plants with nutrients while achieving the desired optimal runoff of around 20%.

All the while saving you the hassle of bending and watering the old fashion way

There are many different DIY plans available online for building top-feed automatic watering systems for cannabis. For the most part, they are inexpensive and only require basic knowledge and understanding of directions in order to be made and used correctly. But they can become complex and costly using processes like reverses osmosis, multiple tanks, and expensive computers.

Another top feed watering system that is popular is drip irrigation. It can be very inexpensive and constructed relatively easy. These systems can help save fertilizer and water while producing excellent results. All of this, in return, helps save money which gives you more green to buy cannabis seeds online! Not to mention it helps take some of the labor out of hand watering plants.

  • Top Feed Auto Watering System for Cannabis​
  • Drip irrigation System for cannabis​
  • Bottom Feed Auto Watering System​
  • Wicking Water System​
No matter what type of automatic watering system you choose for cannabis cultivation, it is sure to be a good idea if it's done right. Choosing the right system for you when it comes to an automatic watering system for cannabis is important. You have to look at the amount of space you have, whether you are growing indoors or outdoors, and your budget.

Automatic watering systems for cannabis have to have temperatures maintained to prevent freezing or from becoming too hot. Nutrients can also lead to the clogging of lines, so regular maintenance and upkeep are essential. Preventing the growth of bacteria is another crucial factor for any automatic watering system. This can be done using products like peroxide or various other products available on the market.

There's an abundance of information out there regarding any type of automatic watering system for cannabis you are considering.

If you're ready to take the next step and start using an automated watering system on your cannabis grow, we have you covered. Visit THC farmer forums to make a list of what you need and exactly how to use it. With a little bit of planning and learning, you could be using an auto watering cannabis system for your next grow. To learn how to build a top feed or drip irrigation watering system for cannabis, visit here.
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