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What chemical based fertilizer should I use?

Green Air Products offers a high-quality nutrient line called Genesis Nutrients. This 4-part product system is designed to provide the necessary nutrients for every stage of plant growth. It is concentrated to reduce shipping costs and provides the actual dissolved elemental ppm of your final solution, which is a more accurate representation of nutrient content compared to traditional N-P-K numbers. Let's explore the benefits of using Genesis Nutrients for your plants.

Micro Base: Nurturing Clones and Seedlings

The Micro Base is a nitrate-based, chelated micronutrient solution that contains adequate N-P-K for general use. It is an excellent all-around product for young clones or seedlings, providing the essential nutrients they need to thrive. Using the Micro Base ensures that your young plants receive the proper nutrition for healthy growth and strong root development.

Part 1: Encouraging Compact Growth

Part 1 is a nitrate-based grow solution that uses calcium nitrate to encourage compact growth. It supplies high levels of calcium, magnesium, and nitrate form nitrogen, which are essential for robust plant development. By using Part 1, you are setting the stage for strong, healthy plants that can support bountiful yields.

Part 2: Rapid Vegetative Development

Part 2 is an ammonium-based grow solution that uses ammonium nitrate to promote rapid development. It is excellent for encouraging fast vegetative growth and speeding up rejuvenation. With Part 2, you can ensure that your plants have the energy and nutrients they need to grow quickly and produce lush, green foliage.

Part 3: Boosting Bloom and Flower Production

Part 3 is a potassium-based bloom solution, which utilizes potassium nitrate and potassium phosphate for excellent burning properties. It supplies high phosphorous levels, which are crucial for flower production and overall plant health. By using Part 3, you can enhance your plant's flowering potential and significantly increase your yield.


Genesis Nutrients from Green Air Products is a comprehensive, high-quality nutrient system designed to provide the necessary nutrients for every stage of plant growth. By using this 4-part product line, you can ensure that your plants receive the proper nutrition they need to thrive, resulting in healthy plants and bountiful yields. Give Genesis Nutrients a try and experience the difference in your plant's growth and productivity.
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