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I've been transitioning one of my girls outdoors and she's about to get the next 90 days in a mostly outdoor environment..
Idk thinking of giving her another 45 days and then switching to flower so she's done before the rains get back n start of fall/winter.. the others are all just stuff I'm playing with for now...

Got my colloidal silver and going to be hitting one of my OG Kush clones with that so I can put it in a tent with another OG Kush, an ice 🍨 Cake clone, Bruce Banner x Kali Mist cross clone, and I finally got a stubborn ass Sour Diesel CBD seeds to pop.. I was literally throwing it on soil I didn't want to yet throw out since I just ripped a clone out of it .. already tried popping like 9 of the fuckers in 3 rounds so .. I was gonna be tossing both the soil and the seeds if not sprouted 🤣...
Can't wait... The other big plant is the Bruce Banner x Kali Mist one of her cuttins is gonna be my winter grow main mother's for most of my clones and breeding and I think 🤔 I'm getting her down pretty well so 🤷🏻‍♂️... I think she's gonna be alright... 😉

I'll probably do another unconventional mainline with the Bruce Banner x Kali Mist like I did with this mother so I can create all those different 10" - 16 inch legs... I've literally had better results woth my juveniles just cutting dipping and going straight into soil compared to trying to use the cloners this year... My dogs have eaten probably 6.. I fucked off about 6 and even chose to throw away about 6 more... 😯🤨. That's an odd number then ain't it ... 🤣😂🤣😂. WTH ...
But anyways I just straight soak my grow plugs, cut those in half and put some solution inside... Then I close it off around my cutting and wrap it for about a week... After that roots or not... Going into soil because in another week or so maybe more 🤷🏻‍♂️ done deal.. but I did it too without the plugs just dippin n stickin now cloner as well.. that's shit was brutally beating my not so super experienced but good enough to get some nice shit ass... 🤣

Anyways I haven't posted in a while so I was just gonna show off some pictures..
Screenshot 20220608 001050
Screenshot 20220608 220049
Screenshot 20220608 215705
Screenshot 20220607 235504
IMG 20220607 102406
IMG 20220607 0832073
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IMG 20220508 223837
IMG 20220420 063428
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