1000 watt HPS/ Mazar-I-Sharif/ Ebb & Flow

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Howdy. I'm new to this forum and new to growing as well. Humbly i ask the wise minds of this fine establishment for some advice.

My set up is a 12 3 gal. bucket ebb and flow. This morning i just planted 12 mazar-i-sharif clones. I'm running a 1000 watt HPS light 3 feet above them. Currently installing the fan and I'm still figuring out the general air temp and humidity. Accept for the top of the room the space is fully enclosed in white plastic sheeting. Its about a 5x6 space i think.

Here are my questions:

1) A lot of my clones seem to have little white pistil like hairs coming out from the nodes. Does this mean i have clones that came from a flowering mother or is this a common trait of normal vegetative clones?

2) I'm uncertain as to how i should prepare the plants. I was hoping that someone might have experience with the mazar strain. Should i top them or should i fim them? Should i prune the bottom branches or not? If i should top/fim them, how many times? i know this is a strain specific question so, yeah.

3) If i should top/fim them, when? about half of them are 3 branches high. the other half only 2.

4) Since they are at different heights how should i arrange them to produce even growing? If at all.

5) I'm running the standard general hydroponic 3 bottle nutrients. Will this be enough nutrients through out the whole veg/flowering phases, or should i look into adding more specific nutes at various points.

6) I think that my strain does not need a long veg period, that said when should i flower them? 1 week or 2 weeks? Basically I want to get as much yield out of these suckers as possible. Obviously. So if i veg them for 2 weeks will i get more yield out of them? Or is that not needed. Or is it simply a matter of how quickly i want to be able to harvest them?

I was also wondering if anyone could give me a rough estimate of how many potential oz i could get out of each plant.

Thats all for now, many many thanks to those who are able to take the time to read this and give me some feedback!

Toke on.


for even growing you want your tall ones at the sides ant the short ones under the light it seems like you got a good idea

if you veg in 3 gallons you could possibly get 30 grams per plant in ok conditions most like ly 40 grams per plant with a month veg

i would buy 2 4 foot t5's so you can veg with the 1000 on for 15 hours and then let the t5;s keep the girls awake YAH NOE ELECTRICAL COSTS MONEY YOU DONT WANT TO SPEND

you seem to have a good idea of what to do

flower them when they are a foot tall if you only want like 1.5 oz per plant


on ? 1, your clones was took off a mature mother

on ? 5, gh 3 part is fine, thats all i use and get great results..

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