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10kw of lighting
36,000 BTU A/C
8" fan for row of lights
RO 200 gpd
Gen2 co2 running from natural gas line
12" + carbonfilter moving air
4 osc. fans, 1 stationary...getting 4 more, atleast.
(2) 74 pint dehumidifiers

Jack the Ripper @ Day 61
OG Kush & Original Sour Diesel @ Day 28

Word up to Cavegrower :boogie:


Hey dude.
The jack is overwhelming, smells totally sativa-like, super lemony cleaner like..like a huge breath of fresh air.

The OG is really starting to get SUPER frosty. She reeks of lemon cleaner as well with a hint of fruity pebbles + skunk..

The Sour Diesel...well, I cant even tell you...If you happen to brush your arm on ANYTHING with resin on it, you will literally be overwhelmed with the most outrageous diesel skunk funk in the world..

The Sour Diesels are the TALL girls that are less-mature. That is 20 days veg, and the OG Kush in the center of the less-mature is BUSHMASTERED, thats why they are shorter. 20 days veg as well.

Any questions feel free to ask.
Thanks for looking :afroweed:


damn are those 3 g pots??

nice set up! how do you veg/clone? how long and under what kind of lights?? how many total times do you transplant?

straight inspiration right there. god if i had 10K watts hahaha.


That is by far the best Horizontal grow ive ever seen, nice job on your lollipoping Hannaman im sure you were glad to have that job done.
Dirty White Boy

Dirty White Boy

Incredibly good job man!


Bad asss bro.. my kind of style right thurr!! I hope you have small army on deck for all that trimming...lol Big ups!!


Looking good brotha looks like your gonna be reaping the rewards from all your hard work real soon!! Keep on keeping on, DaWiz!


Very nice!!! I like how you staggered your harvest. Love them JTR cola's too.

How the hell did you water them girls?


Hey everybody!

Thanks for the kinds comments...All I can suggest to anyone is, if you've dreamed it, it's possible.

They are 5 gallon nursery pots which are equal to about 3.5 gallons.

Cloning --> transplanting process.
I root my cuts in regular RW 1.5 inch cubes. Once they have more then just the tap root showing through, I throw it in a 4" RW cube....usually roots in 3 days, then directly into the pots with rockwool croutons.

I am vegging under 3x600w MH conversion

I have (2) 55 gallon drums with float valves that I use for storage water. I have an RO unit that keeps these drums full. I have a pump in each drum on a switch that I can fill up my 55 gallon res. with.. I fill my res to where I want, mix the food. I also have a ECO1500 pump IN the res, attached to a 50 foot long 1/2 tubing with a 48" outdoor watering wand. I hand water as much as I want, when I want....super super fricken easy, with no issues. I water once a day in the flower room.

Thanks for the interest!


Dude, you are totally rocking 10k making it look like a piece of cake. Mad props to you got it dialed:animbong:


Hey thanks you two! The hand watering is very convenient, effective, and suits my style well considering I started in dirt.

I noticed in the past couple days, the JACK is really starting to fill out, and the Sour D and OG is really starting to take off.

I started using CALMAG and they seem to respond great. The Sour D's are big bitches but seem to have stacked there nodes well. We'll see..

I'm going to take the Jack 9 more days, I believe. Longer the better I figure with this strain...she continues to spit out white hairs galore.


DAMN!!!! very sick man tons of fat colas,wish i could use 10k,how much do you think you will yield??

Goodluck with the ladies!!!


Looks good man, JTR is hands down my favorite strain sub has done. People love it.

Got quite the line up, haha wish I could run 10k watts. I need to move.


LOL. Two full JTR's fell over tonight. Plus I clipped some just for fun. We'll see how they dry out, hopefully bomb.

The OG is looking rock hard for day 30, im rather impressed with her,,and i'm lovin the Sour D as well.

The JACK is frustrating me. She seems to be inconsistent bud formation, some are flushing well while some are holding plenty of nitrogen, one hermied, etc.

But the nugs that came out RIPE are AWESOME. I'm wondering if the plants were just TOO big?

Anyways, plants wont be vegged that long again so no worries there.. I'll try to get some photos soon.

Thanks for stopping by everyone.
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