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Hello Growers,

I've been growing for almost a year now. I started off with a 4x4 tent and a 1500w blurple, which was an interesting grow as I thought they were autos and 2 months into the grow I realized they were not. Definitely way to much plant for a single blurple, but I got a harvest of over 140gm. My second grow were 4 autos (this time really autos) with the intention of starting them all off in the tent, move one outside after a week, a second one outside once it starts flowering, and the two others were to stay inside. I was amazed by the power of the sun with just a few days of one being outside, so 5 days later I stuck the second one outside. A day later my blurple died so they all ended up outside. I also had a photo vegging inside that I had intended to flower after this grow. That one went outside as well. Defintely risky in my part of the world, but the lockdowns were perfect timing. I ended up harvesting near 600g.

I now have 4 x 240w QB 3000k in the tent waiting for flower, and 2 x 240w QB 4000k in the tent which are currently turned on. I also just got a 2x2x5 tent which I will use for veg after these plants go into flower, and later it will be used drying and curing.

After my current grow is harvested, I will be setting up a much larger flower tent. My current 4x4 tent will become the veg tent. I will be ordering a 2x2x2 tent for clones. The plan is to have clones sit in the clone tent for a month under T5, move to the veg tent for 1 month, and then into the flower tent.

I plan to have a custom tent made that is 8x9x8, or a 10x10x8. This depends on if I move or stay in this house. If I stay here here I have a room that is 9.5x11.5x11, which barely allows me to fit the tent inside. It will be a sealed environment and I will be running c02. Inside the tent I will be running a 4x8 grow for each cycle - allowing me a 4x8 harvest each month.

For flower lights I already have 4 x 240w qb for one 4x4, and I plan to get strips for the other three 4x4 sections. As I will be running c02, how many watts should I get to max out? As you can see with my other light setup - i prefer overkill for awesome coverage and I just dim them down. I know 640w strip lights will cover the area, but would I benefit from 1000w lights?

For AC I plan to install mini-splits. I will have to install a 1hp in the 4x4 myself if possible. For the flower tent I could use some help with my btu requirements. I've read 3btu for every watt in the tent. Four 1000w lights would already require 12,000 btu, and that doesn't include all other gear in the tent. Is this a correct way to look at it? So I would need a 1.5hp 18,000btu AC? I will have the condenser outside installed by a pro, and I could have a pro install it on the wall inside and later cut a hole in the tent for the AC to slide in (tent will be against the wall). The other option is to install it on the inside of the tent myself. I've seen some videos where people have done this, but no guides on how to do it. Is this difficult? My veg tent will also have c02 and require an AC. Is it better to go with a split system with a single condenser outside...... Or two mini-splits with their own condensers?

What size dehumidifier do I need? If I run 10 plants per 4x8 and water them 5L per day with 20% runoff being collected and removed (hand watering in coco) that leaves 40L still in the tent. So does that mean I need a dehumidifier that removes 40L per day? I've read its good to go overkill on this to be safe. How much overkill? In removal capacity or watts? How noisy are these things? If I change to a hydro system like RDWC will this change the dehumidification requirements? I do plan to move away from coco as money allows - to much work watering them and handling the runoff.

I know how to calculate an exhaust fan and carbon filer for a non-sealed room, but as I will be running a sealed room do the same numbers apply? I will have the carbon filter and fan in the tent scrubbing air but not exhausting it. Or in short, how many CFM do I need for a 10x10x8?

For C02 I can either go with tanks or a burner. A 4 burner I believe is the smallest available, and is more than enough for a 10x10 correct? I have space outside the tent where I can mount the burner and run lines to both my veg tent and flower tent. For this size setup, would you recommend a burner or tanks? If I run the burner in the room mentioned above, will the room get hot? Do I need to exhaust that room?

I have been looking at Opticlimate systems. The manufacturer on Alibaba has quoted 1800usd without shipping. This would take care of the AC. Does it also handle dehumidification? They look kinda cool but at 1800usd without shipping that is a lot of cash - probably way more than I need to spend. Anyone have experience with these?
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