1st grow ever - please help

Hey guys, total newb here. Auto Lemon Haze from MSNL, FFOF/perlite 70/30, 600 watt LED (budget amazon version) on 18/6. Aprox 78 degrees with lights on and avg 45-50% RH She’s on day 16 above ground. How’s she look? Also, I can’t afford any nutes right now. With the FFOF I’m good for 3-4 weeks right? I did get my hands on a couple packets of Jobes Organic Vegetable and Tomato granular plant food 2-5-3. I dunno if I’d be better with or without. And I have no clue how to use em if in fact they’d be beneficial. Help please guys!! Thanks!! Really looking forward to learning and eventually sharing knowledge with everyone.🌲 🔥💨

Jack og

Staff member
I’d say looking good so far.
Fox farm soil s/b good for a few weeks
That jobes stuff is ok in a pinch, look at some fish emulsion, very cheap, and better for the macro nutrients it will provide.
Into flower u will wanna find something with a higher PK values
N= nitrogen
K= potash or potassium
The latter 2 is key in flower