1st Grow in 15 years AC Infinity 4x4 Cloud Lab kit with Controller 69

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Wedding Cake 🎂 is coming along rather nicely. To think 🤔 that this was the runt and I almost tossed it 🤦‍♂️
84CA1835 195C 4924 8825 557D3C79BD97
F9E0CDAE 501C 4941 9D56 847E8DE4AF97
BD5DEA99 BE2C 4B36 A2C7 8160EA3B7453
1163D5E6 6F8F 4A9B 9A4C DA24B73561C0
448D74AE 4D6F 4E23 89E0 CA356151A687
CD7893CC 3F6C 4DD1 BFA0 1FE3831F6848
8F5B1A23 C8BB 4A9D 979B 61417720F00D
6D7903A0 E1F8 4FB9 9CF4 58768D1C43A5
A330A958 B6C6 4606 95FE 57170F3D1459
1F81E808 5ECF 44D4 AC36 5EE0DD2D948E
91FB5027 2F8C 4BBC 8D0B 2BCF9B4DBB8B
3297897B F1A8 4357 AA89 CC36ADA2A446
317C4602 82AA 4FC4 BE0E 7DC8C3E7D617
184C5F6E 3991 4A4F AE16 AA2869514FD6
AD6142D6 4E4C 4629 8389 45193DF2538F
AA718FFD 7AE4 4477 9EF1 FAC2CB8D5A78

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