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I have been researching and reading up on growing for the past month now. I have also consulted close friends who are experienced growers. I have purchased the following equipment so far off of various people:

600w Lumatek Ballast
6" Vortex inline fan (450 cfm)
6" Yield Master II Supreme AC Reflector

I plan on buying a 3.3'x3.3' tent & 600w HPS & MH bulbs.

I am curious as to what size carbon filter I will need. I was considering a 6"x12" Phat filter. Do you guys think that will suffice? or is it too small or big?

I will be doing this in a bedroom on the third floor of a townhouse. I plan on having the tent right next to the large window in the room. What will be the best way to vent the air to the outside? The room is AC most of the time, AC is ran 24/7 during the summer. I was planning on doing filter-->fan-->hood-->vent which would lead to the window to go outside. I have figured out most of my grow and the supplies needed, I am just a little confused as what the best method of ventilation would be. We do rent, so no major construction work can be done in the room.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Welcome to the farm. All you need to do is figure out your tent CFM (LxWxH) and then get yourself a filter with that CFM rating. "When in doubt, over-build and over conceal." It will save you money in the long run. Especially, if you want to expand you grow later, because you'll will already have a larger filter.

I'm not sure about the exhaust. Everyone setup is different. I rent, but I just don't give a shit about cutting holes in the walls or ceiling. I exhaust mine into the attic. I don't like anything visible from outside because I live in suburbia . For example, I used to run a window AC but got rid of it because a friend asked why I run AC all day long! "um well… my house gets hot?" Trial and error! You'll figure it out.

Good Luck,



look into water cooling/chillers more efficent and allows you to keep a sealed room..


hi the phat filter will do the trick they are the best also just wonna say ya gonna be in a rented prop? bedroom? near window? just make sure ya light tight mate n keep door locked dont wont some nosy visitor poking nose in do ya? that window could do with blankink out with somthing am sure yal think it out firstn good luck


Yep, i would definately watch for the nosey neighbour if your putting your grow tent next to your window


I grew in a 4'x4' tent in an apartment a couple years back and the way I did it was to have my 4" inline fan pulling air from inside of my tent, out of the tent and out the window which i had basically sealed off other than the hole for the exhaust, that way none of the warm air was making its way back through the window into the room or tent. And I also had A/C running set at 74-75 for the whole apartment.

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