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What's up everybody, this is my first post and first indoor grow. She's about 5 weeks old and has been growing inside 6 in plastic planter. I think its starting to reach its limit in there but i'm afraid of repotting because of the LST. My setup right now is a 30gal tote with four LED light bulbs and two LED strips. So far the plant has been super healthy. The soil i am using is miracle grow (all the was available at my local store at the time) and i do not use added nutrients, just filtered tap water. I just bought a 2x2x4 tent and will be moving her in there in a few days, with carbon filter etc. I'll increase the lighting on my next grow but for now i want to see what the outcome will be.

Any thoughts or suggestions about the repotting and LST? The seed details estimate about a month till harvest.
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