1st time grower- please help

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Im using fox farms but Ive been reducing the amoutns because IM running out. I guess I will have to buy more asap.

I have a moisture meter but it seems pretty bad. I think Ive done pretty good with the watering schedule though.

Lack of phosphorus can cause purple leaves.


Damn ok that is a lot of issues, but I really appreciate the response.

Do you have any suggestions on alternatives to neem oil? Im already going to purchase more nutes, a pH meter, and likely some pH up and down, so I don't know if I can get myself to spend any more money on pest control unless its absolutely necessary. So i was leaning towards the neem oil.

I've read a spray of 9:1 water: alcohol can work. Anyone have experience with that?

It seems a lot always on the first grows. But once you get your pH pen, be sure to pH the water going in and catch your run off. Then test that as well, also a good idea to get a ppm meter to keep a eye on everything going in and out. Gives you a better idea of where your soil is. As far as the pest control I use Green Cleaner, it is not cheap but I have nearly no issues on my outdoor this year, minus the one or two damn caterpillars.
And if worried about residue from pest controls you can always do a wash to be sure your buds are clean.


FWIW I used neem oil to control an infestation of fungus nats and while it didn't kill them entirely it helped to keep them under control so I do believe in its effectiveness, however I didn't use it at all in flower because like others said you don't want that stuff on your nugs haha

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