1st time topping, did I do it correctly

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Man, I hope my bad luck training didnt pass to you ! I lost two limbs (main manifold) which is why my plant looks so mangled. If I were you I'd use a net to start tucking those long branches down. (after she heals of course)..Not sure if ts too late to do this but I think you could.

Plant looks healthy, a little lankier than I like but that may be the strain. Without a net she may really start reaching for the heavens soon.. (super stretch week 1-4 of flower. If you have the vertical space no worries, but plan for x2 height after flipping flower.

Here is an example of a scrog net being used to weave the nodes vertically so that they are close to equal height. This is week 9 (week 4 flower) one plant, one of my newbie grows. I wound up with 2.5 ounces with less than 100 watts of light and the bud is amazing !

Notice the flat top of all foliage and flowers instead of a pointy Xmas tree with one big cola. In my opinion, this is key to getting the best quality from all of your flowers.
Dude this is goals right here! The canopy looks filled in and even
👏 👏 👏
Can we get a pic of what it looks like under neath


I have messed up and split limbs while training I have fallen on some plants I have dropped pots that landed on the top of the plant with the weight of the pot coming down on it.

I can tell you from having too much experience that your broken limb should be ok. Cannabis is a tuff plant when it comes to broken limbs surviving. As long as you got the two of broken tissue touching each other and holding still with tape it will heal. I have taken a branch that broke all the way off in high wind and put it back together with straws for support wrapped with duck tape and it healed right up. It's that Cannabis plants grow so fast that helps them heal. Good luck bud.
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