1x blue + 1x red LED in 40x40cm Tent

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Hello. I've recently started indoor growing again in a 40x40cm tent, this time with higher quality 40w LED from German brand Growking. The lamp has the following light spectrum:

They sell this lamp as full spectrum, and it shows great results for my first try to far. I'd like to buy another 40w lamp for the same box, but I'm not sure if the same one is best or the alternative, which is a blue spectrum light with also 40w:

I'm growing autoflowering strains (currently lowryder) and would like to raise the efficiency without getting a bigger growbox.

Would it be advisable to keep the blue light hanging over 1 younger plant and the other over the flowering one? So I could harvest like every 30 days for a strain that takes 60 days total. I kind of have to keep it conceiled so smaller harvests would be prefered, primarily because of the olfactory aspect. Or would the additional light not even matter that much because of the space?
I'm pretty new to this but I've had some brief learning experiences in the past.
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Not sure I am following completely but I don't think you will overdue it with an additional 40 watts if you can fit it and the heat isn't so bad.
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